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Which is worse?!


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Shout out to @Sneesee for the brilliant idea of a fun game!

You create two scenarios... Which would be the worst scenario to sneeze at? The next person who comments had to answer which is worse in their opinion, and then they create two NEW scenarios! 

I shall start. 

Sneezing in a crowded library... Or a crowded movie theater? 

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I'd say sneezing in a library is worse, as in a movie theatre, it'd be too loud for anyone to hear you.

Which is worse:

Sneezing once whilst performing a speech in front of a large group of people


Having a sneezing fit during an interview

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OMG sneezing fit during an interview... I would be so embarassed. 


Okay... Which is worse? 

Having a lot of frustrating false starts on a first date? 


Trying to hold back a huge sneeze while building a mansion out of cards? :lol:

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@HideAndGoSneeze Thanks for starting this game!!! Hooray!!

Ok, I would say a lot of false starts on a first date. That would be the worst!!!!

Which is worse...

Sneezing while eating?

or Sneezing while drinking?

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Definitely sneezing while driving. It's way too easy to die or something, especially if it were a fit. Yikes. 


What's worse: 
Sneezing with a cold or Sneezing with allergies?

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Knowing both, sneezing with allergies. 

What's worse? 

Loud Sneezing fit in an apartment with REALLY THIN WALLS


Loud sneezing fit at work in your cubicle? 

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Sneezing at work in my cubicle is worse! Like, really embarrassing for me.


What's worse?

Sneezing in front of your family or sneezing in front of someone you admire?

Might be a little too easy, but, oh well! :razz:

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6 hours ago, facet said:

Sneezing in front of someone I admire would be worse... or it could be hot


What's worse:

Sitting a few seats away from a sneezing stranger or sitting right next to your sick sneezing friend?

Sitting next to your sick friend would be worse for me.


lets see now...


what's worse:

A super wet sneeze that's covered in your hands. Or a spray filled sneeze that's uncovered. Both in public.

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ticklish stuck sneeze I hate those


what's worse  

having a cold but you can't find any tissues or handkerchiefs or

or having a big dose of chhiniki up your nose but you have to hold in all of the sneezes

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boss i'd die I  mean that's you boss they're in charge of you

what's worse?

your friend making you sneeze or having to blow your nose all the time (i mean like it's your job)

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Blow your nose all the time is worse....


What's worse?

All your family with sneezy allergies for a day or all your friends with sneezy colds? 

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friends. definitely.

Whats worse? Painful stifles(like when u stifle too much) or stuck sneezes?

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Stuck sneezes suck for me.

What's worse, having a wet sneezing fit in the middle of class or to have to blow a really snotty nose at your desk?

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Wet sneezing fit in the middle of class.. because you have no idea when it will end :o 

What's worse, being accidentally sneezed on (a) by your friend, on/near your face, or (b) by a stranger, but only some spray on your arm ?

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Stranger...they could have the plague.


what’s worse, sneezing all over someone during a first date (spray and everything), or having a huge sneezing fit the first day of a new job?

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I'm gonna go with a huge sneezing fit the first day of a new job -- that's embarrassing as hell!!


What's worse, one of your parents having a very sneezy cold, or literally everyone in your office having allergy fits all day while you are trying to get stuff done?

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that’s a hard one but I’m gonna go with the second (especially sincs I don’t live near my parents haha - but still, those fits would maybe be too much if I’m trying to work)

next...what’s worse, being unable to cover wet sneezes in public, or having to sneeze into something already sneeze-soaked (hanky, tissues, etc)

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Ugh, being unable to cover wet sneezes in public. 

What's worse: having an conversation about sneezing with family members or getting snot on your sleeve after you sneezed in front of a crush?

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Ugh...snot on the sleeve!  I can usually get out of sneeze conversations with my family (had plenty of practice; they're all allergy sufferers who seem to enjoy talking about it cringe)

Which is worse..... sneezing when you've food in your mouth OR sneezing so hard/many times you get a nosebleed?

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the second one for sure! nose bleeds are no fun at all 😐

which is worse - your friend talking to you about your sneezes (or noticing that you never sneeze), or a family dinner where everyone at the table is sneezing every few minutes?


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