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Kalanchoe vs. Chhinkni - advice and strategy thread


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Since I first heard of kalanchoe used as a sneezing agent and read up about it, I've been curious to try it. I know there was a thread about it, here, but it doesn't seem like many of us here have experience with it. I believe that's mostly because kalanchoe appears to be native to Africa and popular in Russia and Eastern Europe, while most of our community is based in North America and the UK. Nevertheless, I wanted to solicit any advice we might be able to collect groupthink-style before I venture out and try it. If anyone cares to follow along and perhaps wants to try kalanchoe with or after me, this can serve as our hub for discussion ^_^

First thing: I've stopped saying kuh-LAWN-cho. It's apparently kal-un-KOH-ee :lol: 

What I've read is that you need to pound some kalanchoe leaves, squeeze its juice out, mix that juice with water 1:1 and use an eyedropper from there. I live in the US, where kalanchoe plants are not readily available, and I found seeds for sale online but planting the thing and squeezing juice out sounds like a ton of work for me to have a few jollies :bleh: 

But I've come upon this extract. https://www.amazon.com/Kalanchoe-Bryophyllum-Alcohol-FREE-Glycerite-Supplement/dp/B074L5HD8L/ref=sr_1_1_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1521140716&sr=1-1&keywords=kalanchoe%2Bdrops&th=1 

Now I haven't ordered it yet because I figured I'd ask around on here. If you've used it before, have you used a prepared extract like this or do you do all the leaf-crushing work? More to the point, is this the correct extract? The description sounds like what I'm looking for, but I'm also aware that there are several species of kalanchoe and I don't want to stick the wrong thing up my nose and cause myself pain, or worse :lol: 

Let me know if you know something I don't and help the community out, if you can! Thanks!

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Hey, yes

23 hours ago, gryffin said:

Mm... interesting! I’d like to see how this goes ;) 

The person to ask on all things kalanchoe is probably @ukrsneeze

We do use it in Ukraine to sneeze, it helps really well! we just make juice from that leaves and put it into our noses. Old method from the USSR :P 


We have plants and yes, we do all the juice-making stuff by ourselves. I remember my mom sneezing from it out loud a lot of times... it did irritate me actually as I'm not really comfortable with my relatives sneezing.

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