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I’ve been in the mood to make original drabbles lately, and here’s the start! I’ve added a couple descriptions about these two boys who I’ll be continuing with.

(side note: I know residency for doctors doesn’t start until at LEAST 26, but in my drabble world it starts at 23 ;))

Arjun: 23 years, completing his residency to be a doctor, sweet, Hindu, allergic to cats, likes taking care of people, 6’0

Elijah: 22 years, works as a bartender and is an alcohol connoisseur, agnostic, isn’t a very good people person but loves animals, very susceptible to illness and dust, 5’9


Arjun was running five minutes late to his blind date. Granted, the delay was not his fault because a child had come into the hospital with a broken wrist, and the dutiful resident had to stay behind and assist, but he still felt immensely guilty for his lateness. The patient been a little seven year old boy who‘d had bad luck with his third time riding a bike without training wheels. Luckily, few tears remained after Arjun began letting him play with handmade latex-glove balloons. 


On this dreary, cold Tuesday evening, he was meeting up with, what his nurse friend Sunny had described as, “a cute, delightful little bartender who dresses like every Pinterest-savvy girl’s dream man”. He looked down at his unbefitting green woolen sweater, which had been a gift from his grandmother three years ago. It didn’t look bad on him, per se, but it wasn’t any high-quality, New York fashion style sweater either. Maybe he should’ve changed, but it was too late now.


The location? A sandwich shop downtown, which many of the nearby college students frequented for its vast range of healthy to fried sandwiches, with cheap alcohol to complement it. Elijah had suggested it when they first made plans over text, saying “I’m hankering for a grilled cheese and a cider”.


Less than a block away, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened up the conversation with Elijah’s unsaved number (what was the point of saving a number from a date that may fail? Maybe that was a bit pessimistic), and began to type:


Hey! Sorry for being late, trouble at the hospital. I’m a minute away.” 


As soon as he hit send, the text bubble appeared on Elijah’s end, and he had just enough time to read:


No problem, I’m sitting on the left side by the window : )” before he crossed the intersection towards the restaurant.


Arjun scanned the restaurant for Elijah as soon as he came through the doors. Though he’d never met him in person, Sunny had shown him plenty of pictures. Luckily for Arjun, the shaggy-haired bartender looked just like his pictures. Elijah sat comfortably in the promised booth by the window. Shit, he really did dress nice. His date was too absorbed in his phone to notice Arjun enter, thankfully, but the resident feared he was texting Sunny about his rude date who had kept him waiting). Despite Elijah’s clean appearance, Arjun was able to make out a pinkish tint on the bartender’s nose and cheeks. Had he had that in his pictures? Maybe it was the cold air. 


Gathering his wits and nodding to the hostess, Arjun began to stride towards his date just as Elijah whisked a tissue out of his pocket and muffled two wet, quick sneezes into it, “Hh.. h’tSshju! H’ischue!!” 


Uh oh. Maybe the pink nose and cheeks hadn’t just been a fluke after all. 


As he approached what now looked like a sickly date, he put on his best doctor smile and said warmly, “Hey, Elijah, it’s nice to finally meet you.” 

Thankfully, Arjun wasn’t afraid of germs or the handsomely ill.



Comments and feedback are much appreciated ^_^

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15 hours ago, Juno said:

(side note: I know residency for doctors doesn’t start until at LEAST 26, but in my drabble world it starts at 23 ;))

Just let him be some kind of genius who skipped classes and was fast with his studies and it's possible. ;)

Looks like an interesting start. Curious to read more about these two. :thumbsup2:

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16 hours ago, Hedgehog said:

Just let him be some kind of genius who skipped classes and was fast with his studies and it's possible. ;)

Looks like an interesting start. Curious to read more about these two. :thumbsup2:

Haha very true, I was hoping to make him a natural genius! Thank you! :) 

14 hours ago, helyzelle said:

I want to see where this leads, I like the start :)

Thank you so much!! I hope you like how it turns out

9 hours ago, Alabaster said:

oh this sounds great! I'm excited

So glad to hear it, thank you for the comment!

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Kind of a longer post (whoops) but I felt I should give their first date some justice! Comments and feedback are lovely as always!

Part 2, Date End



Elijah wearily looked down at his phone, fidgeting in his seat with both nerves and fatigue. He felt awful. Between late nights at work and the cold weather, he’d managed to catch a cold from hell. 


He should have canceled this date, in hindsight, for fear of either exhausting himself or disgusting his date. But Sunny did say he was a resident, so he shouldn’t care if I’m a little congested...


Luckily, he’d had a few extra minutes to mentally prepare himself. The time he’d gained with Arjun’s late arrival had allowed him to try and clear out any congestion in his sinuses and give the cold medicine more time to kick in. In truth, he wanted nothing more than to curl up in his tiny studio apartment, turn on the space heater, and knock out for 14 hours. Maybe he could do that, since he had tonight off. For now, though, Elijah truly had no idea what to expect for this date. Would he like Elijah? Would he hate how he dressed or think he was just a lowly bartender? What if there wasn’t sparks at all?


Worry consuming him, Elijah stared down at his phone, hoping a little social media would calm his nerves while he sniffled and sneezed. Ugh, he really wished he was home –


A voice as smooth and lovely as honey made him look up in surprise when it sounded above him look up in surprise (oh, how he’d love some honey for his throat). 

“Hey, Elijah, it’s nice to finally meet you.” 


And how nice it was to meet him too! He had lovely dark brown eyes, and a bright, shining smile. The brunet suddenly felt very out of place and more nervous than before.


“Arjun, hi, it’s great to meet you too.” He replied with a shy smile, standing up for what he would assume to be an awkward handshake. Expected handshake turned into Arjun pulling him close for a unexpected welcoming hug. Huh. This felt... nice.

After their greeting, they sat down and exchanged pleasantries, which of course had to be interrupted by a one or two excused coughs on Elijah’s part. He hoped his date wouldn’t comment on it.


“Soo... how do you know Sunny?” Arjun eventually asked, swirling his straw around in his cup. “She told me you were a bartender?”


Elijah smiled and nodded. He wasn’t embarrassed to be a bartender, far from it. He loved alcohol and everything about it. Exposing his career choice, though, often made him feel judged since it wasn’t regarded in the same light as a reliable 9-5. 


“Yes, I am. And I met Sunny in college.” He paused, taking a quick sip from his water that relieved the scratch in his throat for a moment. “And as a bartender, it’s my job to ask before we continue this date... Hh.. hang on..” Ducking away quickly, Elijah tilted his face into the crook of his elbow, and released two sneezes that did little to abate the constant tickle in his nose. “Hh’tShgk!’HnGkt! Sndf.” Rubbing his temple, he turned back to Arjun and gave a meek smile. Stifling always gave him headaches, but he simply couldn’t allow himself to be unsightly in front of someone as handsome as Arjun. “‘Scuse me. What’s your favorite drink?”


Whether it was the question or the sneezes, Elijah earned a quizzical look from Arjun before the resident broke into an embarrassed smile.


“Bless you. And, actually... I’ve never drank alcohol before. I know, I know, I’m a nerd.” 


Elijah had to stop his jaw from dropping. Wait, what? How could Sunny not mention this? Everyone had their preferences, obviously, but it was like a football fanatic meeting someone who’d never watched football before. 


“So you’re telling me... Ugh, one moment.. Hgk’tshuh!.. Not one sip? Are you devoutly religious or just hate it or...?” How could someone, a 23 year old at that, have never drank before? It seemed impossible. Surely someone as good looking as Arjun was popular enough to be invited out to bars.


The tips of Arjun’s ears became pink. “Bless you again. But no, I mean, I am Hindu, but I’m not that religious. I just never really felt the desire to. Although, maybe if I had someone experienced like you show me the ropes, I may try it.”


Oh, hell yes. Elijah beamed. “Yes, one hundred percent. I would love to introduce you to it. Take your alcohol-virginity.” As soon as he said it, Elijah wish he hadn’t because it sounded super weird. But Arjun only laughed, agreed, and gave Elijah an adorable smile that could make puppies jealous. A feeling grew in Elijah’s heart that made him never want the date to end, even though he did feel horribly sick.




The date had gone phenomenally well, Arjun had thought. Aside from the fact that his date had been obviously ill, he could not have found a better person to want to go on a second date with. He was so easy to talk to, so interesting... he’d finished college with a bachelor’s in finance, but chose to work as a bartender instead of going on to become an accountant. His dream, he’d said, was to own his own wine or whiskey distillery. Much, much different from Arjun, who just hoped to work as a doctor for the rest of  his life and help people.


As they walked out of the restaurant, Arjun turned to hopefully give Elijah a parting hug and an offer for a second date, but his sickly date was preoccupied with what looked like another sneeze. He watched as the shorter man frantically tried to get a tissue out of his pocket, but had only gotten it up halfway before his body pinched forward.


“Hh’GktSshih! Huh.. h’ngktsh! HgnXt! NgktSsh! Ugh, sorry, it must be the cold air..” He blew his nose, which had only turned redder as the evening progressed, and turned towards Arjun.


The resident wasted no time in pushing his hand up onto Elijah’s forehead, not at all embarrassed to be feeling for a fever after an evening of flirting and getting to know you’s. It was his job, after all, and it wasn’t like he had a thermometer. “Elijah, you didn’t have to come out if you were sick.” He said, pulling his hand away from the bartender’s warm forehead. “And bless you, by the way.”


The brunet shook his head. “Pssh, I’m fine, seriously. Just a small cold, I’ll get over it by tomorrow.” Elijah sniffled as a shiver seemed to course through him. It was far too cold for him to be out here.


Though Arjun didn’t completely believe him, he let it slide and moved a little closer, feeling his stomach tighten with nerves. “Well, if you do recover soon, would you... like to go out on another date with me? I mean, totally fine if you don’t, I just thought tonight went well and maybe- maybe we could try out drinking...” he looked back down, afraid to see Elijah have a bad expression, but he was only meant with a beaming, flush-cheeked smile.


“Yes, of course. I’d love to. And I happen to know all the good bars around here.” Elijah replied, rubbing his cold hands together. 


Arjun felt glee warm him from the inside and pulled Elijah in for a parting, tight hug. “Then it’s a date.” 

Before he completely let nerves take him over, Arjun leaned down to plant a kiss on the warm, pink cheek below him. Oh, too be young and in love! The fleeting cheek kiss left his heart hammering as he smiled once again and turned to go home before he could see Elijah’s equally happy smile. 


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This was sweet. Just a bit sad this was a first date; and poor Elijah must go home alone and sick now. Good, he has the cheek-kiss and looking forward to the next date to feel happy about. ;)

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this is so cute and good!! i love how you write out the sniffles too its rly great! id love to see more from you at some point

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On 3/17/2018 at 4:47 AM, Hedgehog said:

This was sweet. Just a bit sad this was a first date; and poor Elijah must go home alone and sick now. Good, he has the cheek-kiss and looking forward to the next date to feel happy about. ;)

I know, poor Elijah. He does get to have his fun in the next part though! :wink1:


On 3/17/2018 at 7:37 AM, striderlicious said:

this is so cute and good!! i love how you write out the sniffles too its rly great! id love to see more from you at some point

Thank you so much!! I really like writing out as much as I can :)

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So my inspo for this came from that episode of drunk history where one of the interviews involved a guy talking about Stetson Kennedy and just drunkenly sneezing on the floor, if anyone knows about that episode. Figured Arjun could reflect that pretty well ;) This second date is a bit of a two parter as well.

03, Second date part 1


The following Friday, Arjun and Elijah made plans to meet up at one of the bars downtown for a second date. Arjun was practically jumping with excitement as he took his place down at the bar, waiting for his companion. As promised, they’d agreed to meet now that Elijah had recovered, mostly in part thanks to Arjun. All week he’d been texting him to apply cold compresses, drink lots of liquids, and to use vaporub or turn on a humidifier. Who knows what he would’ve done without Arjun’s caring reminders? Probably just take cold medicine and tough it out.


He grinned with joy when he saw Elijah enter, a scarf wound around his neck and a warm hat tucked onto his head. Good, he took my advice about warm clothes. Arjun thought to himself, pulling out the bar stool beside him for Elijah to sit. “Hey, you.” 


Elijah took off his hat and smiled, rubbing his red-tinged hands together. “Why, hello. I don’t suppose you’ve ordered a round already?” He asked cheekily. “I thought you could get started off slow, like a margarita? Mojito? Gin and tonic?”


Arjun felt his mind race. To take it easy and get a girly drink, or try his best at impressing Elijah and go hard. “Oh, shots aren’t allowed?”


That earned a laugh from Elijah. “Maybe later, I think that would scare you off alcohol completely. Even I’m not that fond of shots. How about a gin and tonic, and if you don’t like it, I’ll drink it?” 


Turns out, Arjun did like gin and tonics, and a mojito, and a screwdriver, and a sex on the beach. Forget what he’d thought about girly drinks, they were wayyy better than the whiskey and Guinness Elijah had ordered. Elijah even let him take a shot called a “dirty nipple” which had made Arjun tipsily giggle behind a nearly finished mojito. 


“You know, Elijah...” Arjun slurred, leaning in close. They’d been here for nearly two hours now.. or three? Four? How long had they been here? He just hoped Elijah was feeling as drunk as he was, otherwise this would be really embarrassing. “I didn’t think... y’know, alcohol could be so... so..” Just then, a ticklish sensation spidered down his sinuses, and he quickly aimed down at his lap, too drunk to remember to cover. “H’hgSshh!... ugh, I was trying to say.. Hihh! Hpt’iSsshue! HhitSshjuh! Snff! Ugh..” He picked up a napkin off the table and wiped his nose, wondering why the tickle in his nose wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t like there was a cat in the bar.


Elijah laughed, patting Arjun’s knee. “Bless you. Maybe we should swap that last mojito for a water? Your face is getting a little pink.” It was true, the alcohol had flushed his face and turned Arjun into a smiley, giggly mess. 


“Maybe, heh. Did you know I’ve never been drunk before, Elijah?” Arjun’s head fell on his date’s shoulder.


“Yes, I did know that. I also now know you have little to no alcohol tolerance,” Elijah was smiling the whole time as he gave a comforting pat to Arjun’s thick, black hair, and pushed his glass of water closer to his date. “Because I told the bartender to make those drinks super light, and you’ve only had about four, with a couple sips from mine. Have some water.”


“Well, I’m enjoying ihh.. it-Hgt’Sshihh! HgSshhue! Heh.. huh.. sndf! Ndevermind.. Thought I was godda sndeeze again but..-Hih’TsShh!” Ugh! He hated when they snuck up on him like that. This time he at least managed to catch the sneezes in his elbow, though he was very well aware of the awkward looks he was getting. At least Elijah didn’t seem to care. He was so sweet.


“Bless you again. I think we should leave soon, before you sneeze your head off in here.”


“h’Ghtsshu!.. Ah’tssch-uhh! Huhh.. H’tschjuh!




Well, that confirmed it. At least Arjun was too drunk to care that he’d been helplessly sneezing, and that they were getting stronger by the minute. Before he could do it again, Elijah pressed a few napkins into his palm and waved the bar tender over to pay their tab. Drunken sneezing fits sometimes happened when Elijah worked, and while it could be annoying, he couldn’t help but find Arjun’s endearing. Here was his poor, adorable date, drunk for the first time and sneezy. 


As soon as he’d paid, Elijah placed his hat atop Arjun’s head and wrapped his scarf around his date’s neck before leading him outside. He wasn’t even the slightest bit tipsy, and the two hours they’d spent in there, plus the bar food had allowed the alcohol to settle in fine.


“I’m gonna give you a lift home, okay, Arjun?” He asked, wrapping his arm around his date to help him up. Arjun gave him a big smile and learned into him as they left the bar.


“Mmm, okay, but one problem...” The drunk boy frisked his pockets, moaning in frustration as he went. “I mayyy have... Ah’tSschue!’tsshhiu! Hh.. sndf! May have left my keys in my apartment - H’tschjuh! - and my roommate is asleep and wouldn’t wake up even if a bomb went off.” He gave Elijah an apologetic glance, and rubbed his nose into the scarf. 


For most people, they’d be incredibly irritated for having to care for an intoxicated person while dealing with something as important as forgetting keys, but years of bartending had given Elijah plenty of patience with these kinds of things. And besides, he was basically signing himself up for babysitting when he had promised to take Arjun drinking for the first time. Well, at least he’s really cute, and he did help me out last week when I was sick.

Elijah gave Arjun a squeeze. It was a little hard to hold up someone taller than him. “No problem, you can just crash at my place. I just hope you don’t feel awful when you wake up in the morning.” If Arjun was this drunk now, the hangover would be brutal.


Arjun sniffled and nuzzled his cheek against the top of Elijah’s head as they walked towards his car. “Aww, Elijah, you’re the best. I owe you big time. Best second date ever.”


Smiling to himself and feeling his heart warm, Elijah showed his date to his car and helped him get in before they set off towards the brunet’s apartment.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Another installment! I believe I mentioned that Elijah had a studio apartment, but I thought he deserved more than the reality of what someone his age can afford without a roommate, so I gave him a one bedroom instead! Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone noticed it changed :) 

This one gets a little more touchy between them and I hope you like it! Comments and replies are also very much appreciated always!! They definitely keep me inspired to post more often for you guys :) 

Part 04, Slumber Party


Elijah was lucky he’d decided to tidy up his apartment earlier that day, otherwise he would’ve been devastated if Arjun had seen how it usually looked. Not that it mattered, anyway, since his date seemed too drunk to even find his way through the apartment without Elijah’s help.


“Okay, there’s a step here, watch out for the plant - here, hang on, I’m gonna help you take off your shoes.” It was like directing full grown toddler around, but Elijah didn’t mind. The closeness was definitely a perk. He hadn’t been this touchy with Arjun yet, and just holding his arm to stabilize him made Elijah burst with butterflies. His date was so warm, so strangely muscular beneath his coat. When did a resident have time to hit the gym?


Arjun stood still very nicely while Elijah helped him out of his shoes, then his coat. “Oh, Elijah, you’re such a darling. I’m going to feel so embarrassed in the morning, I can already.. Hhgnxt!.. hih’Gktsh! Tell.” The sneezing had yet to abide either, and if Elijah had learned so far tonight, Arjun was due for a third.


“Bless you, bless you, and bless you.” He said in advance. 


“H’hgSshhuh!” Right on cue. There was no doubt that his date had very noticeable sneezes. Each one seemed to take all of Arjun’s energy and move his whole body. They were also far from inconspicuous, and had made everyone turn to look at the bar (luckily Arjun had been too drunk to notice tonight). “Ugh. I don’t know why I’m sneezing so much. They’re so loud and gross. You probably think I’m gross.” 


“Of course I don’t. It’s not like it’s uncommon for this to happen, though I guess you’d had no idea, since you’ve never drank before,” he stood up, ready to show him towards the bathroom or couch, and was instead met with Arjun leaning into him with cheek nestled atop his head. Elijah tried not to blush at the closeness.


Slowly, he wrapped an arm around Arjun’s side, letting him lean his weight into Elijah more. It was so peaceful. But while he would’ve loved to stand there forever, listening to Arjun’s breaths and holding him, it was getting late. “We ought to get you to bed, huh? With some water. My couch is insanely comfy, probably more than my bed–“


Arjun pulled back with a frown. “Aw, don’t make me sleep on the couch. I’ll get lonely.” Something about those big brown eyes with dark eyelashes that seemed to extend for miles tugged at Elijah’s heartstrings. How could he say no to such begging eyes?


He wasn’t, however, expecting Arjun to be so forward about sleeping together. “Oh, well, I mean-“ He stammered, pushing his brown hair back. “I don’t mind, I just thought you’d be more comfortable on the couch, but if you’d rather–“


“I would! I call left side.” Before he could be stopped, Arjun took his own lead and headed towards the bedroom. How he seemed to know which was the bathroom and the bedroom, Elijah didn’t know.


The bartender felt his head spin. He was about to have a hot doctor in his bed, who he was dearly affectionate for. It had been so long since he’d dated, how was he meant to act?


Elijah shook his head to himself. No need to worry, he’d had plenty of friends pass out on him completely drunk before in college, but none of them had been Arjun. It was too late to argue with himself about it, considering his date seemed pretty set on sleeping wherever Elijah slept. Before heading into the bedroom, he filled a glass of water for soon-to-be Hungover Arjun and brought it back to his room.


To no surprise, Arjun was sound asleep in the middle of the bed (the left side dibs must’ve been a ruse), snoring softly and wearing only his boxers and undershirt.


“Oh, Arjun, you mess.” Elijah said to himself, chuckling lightly as he pulled the blanket over the resident after placing the glass down. Hopefully there’d be enough room for him after he changed and brushed his teeth.


Once his nightly duties were done, Elijah returned to find Arjun turned onto his back, still taking up as much space as before. How could someone look so cute when they were sleeping? 


He climbed into bed, letting his eyes pass over Arjun in the pale lamp light. Elijah couldn’t help but notice his prominent collarbone and toned biceps. How the hell did I land a super hot doctor, seriously?! He thought, pulling the blanket over himself and trying his best not to disturb or move the sleeping bear.


He’d planned on leaving Arjun alone, worried that cuddling or spooning might make things weird, but he didn’t have to worry. As soon as he laid down he was met with the warmest hug he’d ever known, and a head tucked on the spot between his shoulder and chest. This surprised him; Arjun didn’t look much like a cuddler, he looked more like a brainiac who would get too embarrassed to even hold hands. But Elijah couldn’t deny how natural and pleasant this felt. Simply stroking Arjun’s hair seemed to quiet his already soft snoring, and every rub of his shoulder or back had him squirming to get closer to Elijah.


A puppy. I’m dating a puppy. Elijah thought to himself with a smile. He could get used to this.

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On 4/12/2018 at 7:16 AM, Juno said:

A puppy. I’m dating a puppy. Elijah thought to himself with a smile. He could get used to this.

This is ridiculously adorable. :wub:  I can’t wait for more!  

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On 4/11/2018 at 6:16 PM, Juno said:

A puppy. I’m dating a puppy. Elijah thought to himself with a smile. He could get used to this.


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On 12.4.2018 at 1:16 AM, Juno said:

How the hell did I land a super hot doctor, seriously?! He thought, pulling the blanket over himself and trying his best not to disturb or move the sleeping bear.

Interesting to see how their relationship develops. :) 

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On 4/14/2018 at 10:37 AM, starpollen said:

This is ridiculously adorable. :wub:  I can’t wait for more!  

Oh man, thank you so much starpollen! I’m so glad you enjoy it:hug:


On 4/15/2018 at 1:51 AM, Arty said:

"Im dating a puppy."  


I’m glad you both like that line! Arjun is indeed puppylike :) 

On 4/15/2018 at 11:42 PM, Hedgehog said:

Interesting to see how their relationship develops. :) 

Thank you! I can’t wait to show you guys more:D

4 hours ago, jawzzbubblez said:

I love these drabbles and can’t wait to read more!!

Thank you so much!! I hope you guys like these next two pieces!

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No sneezing in this part, just a little wrap up to their second date! I promise the next part will have more sneezing and caretaking ;)  Hint: Arjun gets caught in the rain

Part 05, The Hangover Cure

The next morning, Arjun awoke with an awful splitting headache and an unsettling nausea that made every movement seem dangerous. He opened his eyes cautiously and stared at the white walls around him. This wasn’t his apartment, this place was far too organized. Where was he?


Curiosity trumped his hangover as he rolled his head to find Elijah’s head tucked onto his chest, his breathing still soft and slow. His stomach tensed with worry, though he didn’t stop himself from laying a hand on Elijah’s back and giving it a few rubs. This was real, so what had he done last night?


He could only remember everything somewhat clearly up until the end of his drinking, when Elijah had cut him off, but then it had been a blur. He silently prayed that they hadn’t done anything more than cuddle last night, which seemed to be the case considering they were both wearing clothes, and the sheets weren’t too rearranged. This must be Elijah’s apartment, if the expensive silky sheets were any indication.


Arjun needed to use the restroom, badly. But Elijah was so comfortable and sleeping so soundly that he didn’t dare to disturb him. Besides, the headache and sick feeling that accompanied it urged him to never move from this bed again.


Luckily for him, Elijah began to stir and moved to gaze his beautiful, half lidded green eyes up at Arjun. If he didn’t feel so nauseous, he would’ve been absolutely smitten.


“Morning, Arjun. How are you feeling?”


Talking hurt. The light from the window hurt. Even listening hurt. “I’m... dying?” He sure felt like he was. He was torn between wanting to ask a million questions, but also between wanting to strap some IV fluids into his veins. “What did I do last night?”


Elijah settled up onto an elbow, fixing his perfectly messy bed head. “I misjudged just how low your tolerance is, and after about four drinks you were way too drunk to make it home alone, or even get into your place, so we came back here.” Elijah replied, reaching up to move a strand of hair across Arjun’s face. “We didn’t have sex, don’t worry. Although, I really didn’t expect you to be a cuddler.” A playful grin slipped across his face as he sat up and tucked the blanket back around Arjun. He felt his heart tear to have Elijah go, but also, now he got the whole bed to himself. 


“I’m going to get you some aspirin and Gatorade. Are you hungry?”


The very thought of food made Arjun’s stomach churn as he sunk deeper into the bed and pulled the blanket up over his eyes. There was too much light. “Not at all. You wouldn’t mind if I hung out here all day, until I get over this hangover, would you?” If this is what drinking did, he never wanted to do it again.


Elijah bent down to pull the blanket away from Arjun’s head. “Of course. I’d enjoy your company, and taking care of you, too. It is somewhat my fault that you’re feeling so awful.” He pushed back some of Arjun’s thick black hair off his forehead, beginning to rake his fingers across the top of his head.


The warmth and care that accompanied Elijah’s tone almost made the hangover totally worth it. Arjun could definitely get used to this mini head massage, too. He closed his eyes as the soothing sensation took over and laid a hand on Elijah’s thigh. “You’re too kind. Hopefully you can cure this hangover faster than I could on my own.”


Though Elijah didn’t reply, he did press a gentle kiss to Arjun’s head before standing up and leaving the room. Warmth settled through his body, from the spot of the kiss all the way down. His absence Arjun plenty of time to gush over how nice that felt, and think of ways to get some more throughout the rest of his stay.

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Part 06, Rain

Only a few days following his and Elijah’s last date at the bar, Arjun came down with the worst cold of his life. It had started out as a sore throat, then sinus headaches, and then endless coughing and sneezing fits that left him exhausted. The doctor overseeing his residency had sent him home the second he’d walked in. He was contagious, he’d said, and no amount of sanitation would keep him from passing it on to patients or staff. 


This wasn’t terrible news, though. Elijah was off today and they had made plans to order dinner together at his place. If only he hadn’t been so sick, it would’ve been perfect. He’d just have to keep it under wraps as to keep Elijah from worrying. 


Pulling out his phone as he made his way out of the hospital, he shot his date a text:

Hi Eli, I forgot that residents didn’t need to come in today so I’ll be there soon. Is that OK?

Elijah: Sounds perfect. I just woke up anyway. See you soon :-)


It wasn’t like Elijah would need an exact explanation why he’d gotten off, so he should be able to downplay his cold some. That may be next to impossible, however, considering the deep coughing fits he’d had this morning, the fever, and overall sickly appearance he’d failed to take note of this morning. Still, he wanted to see Elijah and be in his arms again.


Just as he left the building, the rain had decided to suddenly break through the clouds and pour down on his way to Elijah’s. He’d sat shivering and wet in his scrubs and a light jacket on the bus ride while trying his best to keep his sneezing under wraps. His body seemed to be fighting him today and doing its best to embarrass him on public transport. Everybody had their fair share of offended looks as Arjun sniffled and sneezed multiple fits into his jacket sleeve. 

At long last and with a painful headache, he made it to Elijah’s, dripping wet and in desperate need of a hot shower. 


He knocked twice, just as a tingly sensation spidered down his sinuses. The wet rain did nothing to abate the tickle that had been bothering him all day. “Huh’hh.. Hgk’tSSshuuhh! Heh.. ih’hSshyiuu! Ugh, please s.. hh.. stop-H’tschjuhh!! Sndf..” Each wet, congested sneeze nearly snapped him completely forward, forcing him to catch himself on the wall of the building to steady himself. Even slightly trying to stifle his sneezes just made them all the more worse, but considering how loud and obtrusive they were, he always tried his best to make them less noticeable. Sniffling and wiping his nose on his sleeve, Arjun straightened himself and waited for Elijah to open the door, hoping he hadn’t heard anything.

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Love the hangover and the worry about what he might have done. Yay for Elijah taking care of him. Hope it continues, poor baby!

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