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This story, written be me, is fictional. However, the main female character is somewhat inspired by the wonderful SneezyKateM who told me a lot about her allergies on her blog and at our countless chats. Moreover, she did me the favour of proofreading the story which was a big help as English isn't my native language. Therefore, I dedicate the story to her.

Please don't confuse it with starpollen's Tommy and Hayley – this story is about another Hayley. 😉





"Hello, this is Ha... Ha... HATCHEEEWWWWW!"

"Bless you!"

"Ah, thank you ... *sniffle* ... well, this is Ha … Ha … Ha … HATCHIEEEAWWWWWW!"

I looked at my phone with some amazement. What was going on here?

"Bless you!"

"Oh, thank you ... *sniffle* … well, this is Hayley. I'm calling because of your ad offering private tutoring in maths ... *sniffle* ... and I'd like to ask whether … ha … ha … HATCHEEEOUW!"

"Bless you!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I have terrible ha … ha … HATCHIEEEAWWWW!"

"Bless you!"

"Thank you ... *sniffle* ... well, I have terrible hayfever ... *sniffle* …that's why I'm sneezing all the time … sorry for that … *sniffle* …however, as I said, I am calling because of your ad in which you offer private tutoring in maths. Are you still interested in … HAKCHIIIEEAOUWWW!"

"Bless you!"

"Oh, thanks, but you needn't say 'bless you' every time I sneeze, otherwise you would have to say 'bless you' all the time ... *sniffle* ..."

"Ok, no problem."

I still couldn't believe what I was hearing. Who was this incredibly sneezy girl at the other end of the phone line?

"Well, are you still interested in getting new pupils for math tutoring? Because ... *sniffle* …I urgently need some help in maths ..."

"Yes, of course, I'm interested!"

'This is unbelievable', I thought. 'This sneezy girl wants tutoring from me.'

"Oh, that's nice ... *sniffle* ... but if you give me tutoring lessons, you have to take into account that there will be a lot of disruption because of my ha … ha … HATCHIEEEAWWWW!"

"Bl ..." In the middle of the word I remembered that she didn't want me to say "bless you" every time.

"... because of my hayfever ... *sniffle* …I hope that won't annoy you too much ..."

"No, don't worry, I think I am considerate enough to be able to handle that."

"Oh, that's nice, thank you! *sniffle*"

I saw that my hands were shaking. Without any doubt, there was something very special going on here. A girl with terrible hayfever wanted to take tutoring lessons from me. I was excited like I hadn't been for years. Could there be something more thrilling than having such a sneezy girl sitting next to me and watching her sneezing and sniffling all the time? Well, right now we hadn't yet agreed anything, but I felt that there was something very, very exciting going to happen.

"Now please tell me", she continued, "how much do you charge for one lesson?"

"Well, if we say, fifteen Euros for an hour, would that be okay for you?"

"Of course! That's very fair! *sniffle*"

'For you, I would do it for free', I thought. 'I'm just charging the money so that you don't realize how much your sneezing and sniffling turns me on.'

"Well, until a few weeks ago I had another tutor", she explained, "but he had to cancel his service because he left town ... *sniffle* …and therefore I'm looking for someone else now ... *sniffle* …"

'What a wonderful sniffly voice', I thought.

"... it's not that I'm strictly bad at maths, but I often have difficulties following the teacher's instructions ... *sniffle* …because of my hayfever ... *sniffle* …and I'm in twelfth grade now, so the stuff has become quite difficult ... *sniffle* …sorry, I have to blow my nose, could you please hang on a moment?*sniffle*"

"No problem, of course!"

I heard her putting the phone somewhere, and then she started a long, loud nose blow. She wasn't honking, but it was loud though, sounding as if she would press lots and lots of snot through her nostrils with much power. She blew and blew, it seemed like it would never end. It sounded so intense, it was simply wonderful, absolutely lovely. My hands were shaking even more, it became difficult to hold the phone. Finally she stopped blowing and took her phone again.

"Sorry, but this was necessary. I was so snotty, I couldn't wait longer."

"No problem at all, don't worry."

I was even more thrilled. Not just that she was sneezing, sniffling and blowing her nose, she also talked about that. And I loved, absolutely loved it when sneezy girls talked about all that. I was in heaven.

"So may I ask when you ha … ha … HATCHIEEEAWWWW … have time for the first lesson?"

"Hmm … what about tomorrow?"

I couldn't wait to meet this sneezy girl. The sooner, the better.

"That's fine! The sooner we start, the better!"

My heart was pounding. It all felt like a dream, like the most wonderful dream I ever had.

"What time do you suggest?" she asked.

"Well, what about six o'clock in the afternoon?"

"That's good ... *sniffle* …do you want me to come to your house?"

"Yes, that would be nice."

"So what's your address?"

"It's 301 Ragweed Avenue, a little white house at the end of the street."

"Okay, fine. So I'll be there tomorrow at si … HATCHEEEOUW … six o'clock. And once again ... *sniffle* …please have some understanding, I'll be a sneezy mess ... *sniffle* …it's ha ... ha ... HAKCHIIIEEWWW … hayfever season, with high pollen count."

"I'll be as considerate as I can."

"Okay, thank you, see you … HATCHEEEWWWWW … tomorrow!"

"Yes, see you tomorrow!"

I laid the phone on the table and sat down. I still couldn't believe what just had happened. I had talked to the most sneezy person I probably had ever talked to. And tomorrow she would come to my house, stay here for an hour and try to do some math exercises. And probably she would sneeze and sniffle all the time, she had announced this herself. And not just that she was extremely sneezy, she seemd to be a quite nice person too. I was literally exhausted from excitement. I felt one of the most exciting days of my life coming.


to be continued

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21 hours ago, sneezomania said:

"It's 301 Ragweed Avenue, a little white house at the end of the street."

The address gave me a little chuckle...looking forward to the next part.

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On the next day, about a quarter to six o'clock in the afternoon, I prepared the tutoring lesson a bit. I emptied the table where I would sit down with Hayley, I put a waste paper basket under the table – I guessed she would need some place to dispose of used tissues – and I closed the window. I didn't want to have too much pollen flying around in the room. Of course more pollen would make the whole thing more enjoyable to me, but after all Hayley would come here go get some maths tutoring, she would pay money for that, so I thought it was reasonable to make it a bit more convenient for her. And after all, I simply didn't want to treat her badly.

A few minutes to six, I heard something from outside.


'She's already there', I thought. I was getting nervous.




Then there was a moment of silence.


I recognized this sound instantly. She was blowing her nose. It sounded the same as on the phone the day before. Again it took quite a while, and after one more short moment of silence, she rang the door bell. I went to the door. My heart was pounding. I tried to make my hands not shake too much and opened the door.

"Hi Rob, I'm Hayley."

"Hi Hayley, welcome to ..."


My heart started beating even faster. Seeing her sneezing was even more fascinating than "just" hearing her sneezing on the phone. It was so loud, so intense, so wet, I couldn't believe it. She covered her mouth with her left hand while she sneezed, then pushed up her glasses which had slipped down her nose while sneezing, and then wiped under her nose. "Sorry", she said.

"No problem", I replied. "Come in, please."

She came in, and while we walked to the room where the tutoring was to take place, she wiped under her nose again. We sat down at the table, and she took her bag and started unpacking her things for the tutoring.

'What a fascinating girl', I thought. You could actually see that she was suffering from bad hayfever. Her eyes were red, bloodshot and watery, and while she was pulling her maths book out of her bag, there was a tear running down ler left cheek – probably an allergic tear. Her cute little nose was red too, and its tip was quite sore, it looked like being plagued by constant noseblowing and wiping. Her nice cheeks were red as well, but it looked quite unhealthy. I had never seen a face which looked so much like hayfever, at least I couldn't remember.

But all this didn't make her appear ugly to me, it was rather the opposite: That look made her even more fascinating. And certainly, apart from the hayfever issue she was a really cute girl. Although her eyes were read and bloodshot, you could see that their basic colour was blue, a wonderful light blue. She had smooth blonde hair of chin length, and their was a pair of eyeglasses with silver, medium-size rectangular metal frames sitting on her red nose. And as I liked girls with glasses as well as sneezy girls, seeing this made me even more happy. I estimated the power of her glasses' lenses being something around minus four diopters, which meant that Hayley was nearsighted and certainly needed her glasses to see properly. The white t-shirt she was wearing had a bunch of flowers printed on it which I found a bit funny – it would have been nice to know whether there were flowers among them she was allergic to. Finally she was quite slim and had a very nice figure. I was impressed by all this – certainly she didn't match the usual beauty standards because her face looked so hayfeverish, but for me this made her appearance even more enjoyable. My heart was still pounding heavily.

"Did you find my house without problems?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was … HAAATCHIEAAWW … it was okay", she replied and pushed up her glasses which had slipped down her nose while sneezing again. "I had a bit difficulties reading the house numbering ... *sniffle* …"

I was surprised because I found the house numbering very easy to read from the street.

"... because my eyes are watery from my hayfever, and then seeing is blurry ... *sniffle* …but as you told me that it's a little white house at the end of the street, I found it ... *sniffle*" She looked at me and smiled.

I was melting inside. Seeing this hayfeverish girl actually smiling, immediately after having told me about one more problem with her hayfever, touched my heart in a way I couldn't believe. It was clear that here was something going on which was beyond any description.

Meanwhile she had finished unpacking her things and put her bag on the floor. I looked at what she had unpacked: a maths book, an exercise book, a pencil case and a big box having printed "200 tissues" at its side.

"Sorry, but before we start ... *sniffle* … I have to blow my nose ... *sniffle* …"

"No problem", I answered. I was happy that now I could watch her blowing her nose, as hearing her doing that on the phone had already been quite thrilling. And indeed, it turned out to be quite a ceremony, certainly worth watching in full. She took off her glasses, laid them on the table, took a tissue from the box, unfolded it, buried her nose in it, closed her eyes and started blowing. And it looked as intense as it sounded. She seemed to try really hard to get as much snot out of her nose as possible, and there seemed to be lots and lots of snot in it. I sat there, watching all this, feeling my heart still pounding like a steamhammer and holding my hands under the table to hide from Hayley how much they were shaking. Finally she stopped blowing and asked me: "Can I dispose of the tissue somewhere, please?"

"There's a waste paper basket under the table."

"Oh, thank you", she said and threw the tissue in the basket. "No we can sta … HAAATCHIEEAAAW!"

She pushed up her glasses once more, wiped unter her nose and then took her maths book. "Okay, I'd like to show you which exerci … ha … ha … HATCHIEEAW oh, I'm so sorry, this is so awkward … *sniffle*" While she pushed up her glasses again, she blushed. She seemed to be very embarrassed about all the sneezing.

"Don't worry about that", I said.

"Okay", she replied and opened her maths book. "Oh god", she said, "I can't read the page numbers because my eyes are so watery again. Sorry, but I need to wipe my eyes before we start."

"I see", I answered.

She took off her glasses again, took the next tissue out of the box and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Oh dear, my eyes are itchy like hell … *sniffle*", she moaned. I didn't reply anything, I simply didn't know what to say. So I watched her crumbling up the tissue, throwing it into the basket, rubbing her eyes with both hands for a moment, then putting on her glasses again and turning a few pages in her maths book. "Okay", she said, "here are the exercises I would like to … ha … ha … HAATCHIEEAAAW!"

I still didn't say anything. She had told me that I needn't say "bless you" every time she sneezed, so I didn't do.

"... here are the exercises I would like to do with you." She pointed at one exercise at the top of the page.

"Okay", I said, "do you have an idea how to solve this?"

"Yes, I think ... *sniffle* … I'll try ... *sniffle* … but I'm not sure ..."

"Well, I'd suggest that you start doing it, and when ..."


I looked at her stunned. What a wonderful sneeze.

"Oh, I'm so sorry ... *sniffle*", she said.

"Hayley, you needn't be sorry about that ..."

"Oh, I hate it when I interrupt someone by sneezing. So what did you want to say?"

"Errm ..."

I laughed. "I've forgotten what I wanted to say!" Indeed, I was so excited about her sneeze that I didn't remember what I wanted to say.

"There you are", she said. "That's one of the reasons ... *sniffle* … why I hate interrupting someone by sneezing. That happens to me so often … *sniffle* … people forget what they want to say."

"Don't worry about that", I replied. "You're not sneezing on purpose."

"Okay, that's right."

Now I remembered what I wanted to say. "Well, I'd suggest that you start doing the excercise, and when you have a question or don't know how to progress, just ask."

"Okay. *sniffle*"

She took her exercise book and a pencil and started copying the mathematical function given in the exercise. Meanwhile she sniffled and wiped under her nose with the back of her left hand every few seconds, obviously her nose was terrible runny. I still was in heaven.

The exercise told to find out the first derivative of the function. The function consisted of a fraction with a numerator and a denominator, so you had to know a few things to find the derivative. It seemed that Hayley didn't have an idea how to progress – after having copied the function, she looked at the paper, sniffling and wiping her nose, seemingly thinking about how to continue. After a while she said: "Well, I think I have an idea how to do it ... *sniffle* … but first I have to blow my nose again."

My heart kept pounding.

She put the pencil on the table, took off her glasses again, pulled another tissue out of the box and started blowing. I was blissfully happy, like I hadn't been for years.

"Ok, let's conti … HA … HA … HA … HAAA … HAATCHIEEEEAAWWWW!"

'What an unbelievable sneeze', I thought. Indeed, of all sneezes from her I had witnessed until now, this was the most intense, the most powerful, overwhelming one. And her facial expression added to this. She looked to exhausted, so desperate, as if she wanted to say: "Help! Take me out of this hayfever hell!" And her glasses slipped down to the tip of her nose, I almost feared that they would fall down off her face, but they didn't. No doubt, this sneeze was a moment I would never forget in my whole life.

She hastily pushed up her glasses, wiped under her nose and blushed again. She seemed to be very embarrassed about that sneeze. I felt like being in heaven.

She continued doing the exercise, and it turned out that she indeed had the right idea how to find the derivative. And as we continued with other exercises, it became obviuos to me that she wasn't really bad at maths, she just needed a bit of help here and there. The biggest problem for her was something quite non-mathematical: her hayfever. She was sneezing again and again and again, every few minutes she had to blow her nose, wipe the tears from her eyes, moreover she was sniffling constantly, wiping her nose, and rubbing her eyes every now and then. That meant that she had to take off her glasses countless times which certainly wasn't too convenient as she already had more than enough to do with her hands. After having watched all this for about a quarter of an hour, I tried to estimate how much of the time Hayley and I would spend together would be wasted by her dealing with her hayfever instead of doing the exercises. And my guess was that at least half of the time would be spent without productivity because of that.

And now I could understand what she had told me on the phone the day before: "It's not that I'm strictly bad at maths, but I often have difficulties following the teacher's instructions because of my hayfever." Now she had demonstrated me how disruptive her hayfever was when she tried to concentrate on maths. It frightened and thrilled me at once.


After we had sat together for nearly an hour, she said: "Rob, I would like to … HATCHEEOUW … to end it for today. *sniffle* We haven't done all the exercises I wanted to do, but ... *sniffle* … I'm no longer able to focus on the stuff. Please have some understanding ... *sniffle* … it's really hard to concentrate when I have to fight with my hayfever all the time. *sniffle*"

"No problem, of course we can end it now", I replied.

"I have to blow my nose once more before I leave ... *sniffle*"

"Okay." I was happy to witness her noseblowing procedure onve more. 'What a nice ending of this unbelievable tutoring lesson', I thought.

After having blown her nose, she said: "May we agree a date for the next tutoring lesson now?"

"Of course! What would you suggest?

"Well, as we haven't done all exercises I wanted to do today, I would like to …

HAAATCHIEEAAWW … to do the next lesson as soon as possible. Would you have time for me tomorrow?"

"Of course!" I was delighted that I would meet her so soon again.

"Six o'clock again?"

"Yes, that's ok."

"Okay, thank you." She started putting her things in her bag. When she took the tissue box, she said: "Oh god, I've nearly run out of tissues ... *sniffle* … I guess I should get new ones on my way home."

She took her purse and gave me the money for the lesson. When I took the money, she looked at me and said: "I thank you a lot for the lesson." I looked in her eyes, and seeing her looking at me with her red, watery eyes made me melt inside again. ' I never knew that hayfever can be so cute', I thought.

We went to the front door. "Ok, bye Rob, see you … HATCHOOUW … tomorrow!"

"Yes, bye Hayley!"

She walked outside, and I closed the door behind her. After that I heard four more thunderous sneezes from her, a few sniffles and then one more long nose blow. Then she walked away, and I went back to the room where we had done the lesson, sat down at the table and took a deep breath.

I still couldn't believe what I had experienced. Without any exaggeration, this had been one of the most exciting hours of my life. What a nice girl, and what an unbelievable scene of sneezing, sniffling and noseblowing. Yes, I had met various people suffering from bad hayfever, but noone suffering that bad, by far. This was a new dimension of hayfever for me. And as much as I regretted for her that she was suffering so badly, as happy I was that I could witness all that. And that I would witness it again tomorrow.


to be continued

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On the next day, about a quarter to five in the afternoon, the phone rang.

"Hi, it's … ATCHEEOUW!"

"Oh, hi Hayley!"

"Yes, it's me of course. *laughs* *sniffle* But Rob, I'm sorry, I have bad news. I ha … ha … ha … HATCHIEEAWWWW ... *sniffle* … sorry ... *sniffle* … I have to cancel our lesson today. My ha … ha … ha … HATCHIEEEAAAAWWWW ..."

'Oh no, what a disappointment', I thought.

"My hayfever ... *sniffle* … is so bad today that it doesn't make sense at all. I'm just sneezing and … HATCHIEEAWWW ... and sniffling and blowing my nose nonstop ... *sniffle* … and it's been like that since early in the morning. *sniffle*"

"Oh dear, Hayley, that sounds ..."


"... that sounds like it's even worse than yesterday ..."

"Yes, it is. Much worse. *sniffle*"

"And to me it seemed that it was already pretty bad yesterday ..."

"Yes, certainly, it was. But today it's even ... *sniffle* … even worse."

"Well, okay, if you think that it's useless to do a lesson ..."

"It's absolutely useless ... *sniffle* … sorry, I urgently have to blow my nose, would you please hang on a moment?"

"Yes, of course!"

I sighed. Now, after having been looking forward so much to having the next lesson with her, I had to accept now that it wouldn't take place. And yes, she seemed to be such a sneezy and sniffly mess that, as disappointing as it was, I could understand that she wanted to spare herself the lesson. While these thoughts were running through my mind, I listened to her blowing her nose. And yes, at least this was enjoyable. An astonishingly long and powerful nose blow.

"Oh dear", she said, "I'm so terribly snotty today, I could blow my nose nonstop, just taking a break when I'm sneezing."

I felt my heart starting to beat faster. At least I had a wonderful phone call with her again.

"Just before I called you", she continued, "I tried to do a math exercise, but I couldn't focus on it at all. I just was sitting there sneezing, sniffling, my eyes tearing like crazy, and when it's that bad, I get dizzy from all the sneezing and my ears being clogged ..."

"Ears being clogged? Does that have ..."


"... does that have ..."


I stopped talking, listening whether there were more sneezes to come.

"Oh ... *sniffle* … I'm so sorry that I interrupted you with all my sneezing again ..."

"No problem. What I wanted to ask: Does it have to do with your hayfever when your ears are clogged?"

"Yes, it does. The thing is: When you have hayfever as bad as I have, it's not just the symptoms like sneezing and runny nose, which are visible to others. *sniffle* There's lots of other things: My eyes are terribly itchy, my nose is itchy, the roof of my mouth is itchy, my throat is sore ... *sniffle* … and yes, my ears are clogged, and all this makes me feel dizzy. And tonight I couldn't sleep because of all that, so I'm terribly tired ... *sniffle* … yes, today is a bad hayfever day, a horrible hayfever day."

My heart was still pounding, and my hands were shaking. I was glad that she couldn't see that.

"And under these circumstances it's absolutely impossible to do some … HA … HA … HAA … HATCHIEEAWWW ... math exercises. *sniffle*"

"Oh dear", I said, "I wish you didn't have to suffer that badly."

"Don't worry", she replied, "perhaps it will improve soon. May I call you again when I feel able to do the next lesson?"

"Yes, of course!"

"Okay, then I'll HATCHIIEEAAAAWWW ... call you HATCHIEAWWW ... when it has improved. *sniffle*"

"Yeah, that's a good idea."

"Okay, bye Rob! *sniffle*"

"Bye Hayley!"

Once again I sat down and took a deep breath. What a disappointment. How much had I been looking forward to seeing her again. On the other hand, I could understand her completely. The day before I had already been surprised about her being able to focus on the exercises despite her terrible hayfever, and if it was even worse today, it wouldn't be surprising that she didn't feel able to do a lesson. Now all I could do was hope that her hayfever would improve soon.


About a week later she called me again. "Well ... *sniffle* … my hayfever ist still pretty bad, but I think it's time to do the next lesson. And if I try hard enough, I guess I'll be able to focus on the stuff somehow. Moreover, the pollen forecast isn't too bad, so I'm confident that HATCHIEEOUWW … it'll be possible. What about tomorrow?"

"Yeah, that's good."

"Six o'clock again?"


"Okay, see you tomorrow!"

"Yea, bye Hayley!"

'How wonderful', I thought.


In the evening I went into a bar I visited every now and then to see whether I could meet some friends there. After I had walked in and ordered a beer at the bar, I heard a familiar sound.


I turned my head around and yes, there was Hayley sitting at a small table. When she saw me, she waved in my direction and smiled. But to my surprise, she didn't have her glasses on.

I went to her. "Hi Hayley, nice to meet you here!"

"Hi Rob, yes, nice to meet you too. *sniffle* Would you like to sit down at my table?"

"Yes, of course! Thank you!"

I sat down at her table and asked her: "Don't you wear your glasses any more?"

She laughed. "I still wear them. I just don't wear them tonight, I have put my contact lenses in instead. *sniffle*"

"Ah, I didn't know that you have contacts too ..."

"Well ... *sniffle* … I don't usually wear them. But today there's a special reason for wearing them, I have a date HATCHIEOUW … with a guy called Steve on which ..." - she blushed a bit and smiled - "... I have a crush on. And he doesn't like to see me with my glasses on, so I left them off. *sniffle*"

"Ah, I see."

She rubbed her left eye. "Well, wearing contacts isn't really comfortable when you have hayfever. My eyes are itchy like hell anyway, and with the contacts being in ... *sniffle* … they itch even more … so I just wear my contacts when there's a very special reason fot it. And Steve is such a reason." She smiled again. I looked into her eyes, and there were very red and bloodshot.

"Hmm … does Steve know that it's uncomfortable for you to wear contacts?"

"Not strictly, I guess. He knows that I have hayfever, but I think he doesn't know how painful it is for me HATCHIIIIEEEOUW … to wear contacts. But he needn't know … I do that for him. He's such a nice guy, I do every favor for him ... *sniffle* … I can do."

I wasn't sure what to think about that. If Steve knew about the problem with wearing contacts while having hayfever, would he want her to do though? I didn't know, and actually it wasn't my business. It was Hayley's job to decide what to do and what not to do. But I found it a bit strange though.

"I'm a bit surprised that Steve doesn't like your glasses", I said. "I like them."

"Oh, thank you *sniffle*", she replied and smiled again.

"When Steve arrives, I'll leave you alone. I don't want to disturb your date."

"Oh, you needn't leave immediately HATCHIIIIEEEOUW … when he arrives. At least you may finish your drink without hurrying. *sniffle*"

"Oh, thank you, that's nice", I answered.

"Sorry, I have to blow my nose. *sniffle*"


A few minutes later Steve arrived. He hugged Hayley, then he shook hands with me. "Hello, I'm Steve."

"Hi, I'm Rob."

"This is the guy who started giving me math lessons", Hayley explained.

"Ah, nice. And does it turn out well?"

"Yes, it does", she replied. "Until now, we had just one lesson, but that was good, and we'll have the next one … Hh'gnXT … tomorrow."

I starlted. Hayley had stifled a sneeze. It was the first time I saw her doing that. Until now she had let out every sneeze I saw from her, and if I had observed it correctly, she never even had attempted to stifle a sneeze. Why did she do it now? For me, there was only one explanation: It was because of Steve. (it’s)possible that he didn't just dislike Hayley's glasses but also her sneezing. And if this was the explanation, there were two things now in which Steve and I strongly disagreed: I liked her glasses a lot, and I absolutely didn't like to watch her stifling her sneeze.

"Do you still have your annoying hayfever or whatever it’s called?" he asked her.

"Yes, I have", she replied and nodded. To me it seemed that she was ashamed about having to tell him that she still had hayfever.

"Isn't there anything you can do for that?" he continued.

"Well, I do everything I can", she answered and wiped her nose with the back of her left hand. "I take medicine, I try to avaoid the pollen as well as possible, but sadly it's impossible to … H'gnXT … to suppress it completely."

She stifled her sneeze again. I tried to hide my disgust.

"And how long will it last?"

"As long as the pollen is flying, probably October. *sniff*"

It was the shortest and most silent sniffle I had heard from her until now, and it was the first sniffle since Steve had arrived. Obviously she didn't just try to suppress her sneezing but also her sniffling.

"October?" He raised his eyebrows, seemed to be quite shocked. "That's a long time to go ..."

"Yes, it is", she replied. Again she seemed to be ashamed about what he asked her.

For me, it was clear now that there was something going on here which I didn't want to see any longer. It was obvious that Steve didn't just have a problem with Hayley's glasses, but also with her hayfever. She tried to suppress her sneezing and sniffling as well as possible, but of course she couldn't hide it completely. And the way Steve reacted to all that clearly showed that there was a problem. I felt bad for Hayley, it was obvious that she liked him a lot, and she tried everything to make him feel comfortable, but without any success. He was clearly disgusted by her hayfever.

I decided to finish my drink as quickly as possible and then leave this ugly scene. I wished I could help Hayley somehow, but of course there was no chance. Whatever happened between her and Steve wasn't my business.

"Sorry, Steve", she said, "I know you won't like it, but I urgently have to blow my nose."

Steve looked away, saying nothing. I took a big sip from my drink, it was time for me to leave.

After she had blown her nose, I said to them: "Okay, I'll leave now. I wish you a nice evening."

"Okay, bye Rob", Steve said.

"Bye Rob, see you tomorrow at the lesson", Hayley replied.

"Yes, see you tomorrow."

I left the bar, wishing I hadn't witnessed this meeting. Actually I could understand Steve somehow, I knew that he wasn't the only one who disliked watching someone sneezing and sniffling again and again. But I felt so bad, so terribly bad for Hayley. Did she have any chance to win his heart if he was so disgusted by her hayfever? I doubted that.

But, seriously, if I tried to be honest to myself, did I really want her to win his heart? Hadn't I already vaguely speculated about winnig her heart myself? Well, I didn't know much about her, and she was considerably younger than I was, but I already knew that I liked her a lot. Not just because of her hayfever but also because she was a really nice girl, and a cute one as well. But despite all that, the thought of her being rejected by Steve because of her hayfever made me feel sorry for her. I had seen the glance in her watery eyes when Steve had arrived, I knew she wanted him, and for her I would be happy if she would win his heart. But remembering how disgusted he had been when he turned away from her when she blew her nose made me doubt that there was any chance for her.


to be continued

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On the next day, she came to my house for the next lesson as we had planned. When I opened the door, she let out a very powerful sneeze and then pushed up her glasses. I was happy to see this.

After having unpacked her things, she said: "Please understand ... *sniffle* ... when I have difficulties to focus on the exercises today ..."

"You mean, because of your hayfever?"

"Yes, because of that too, but today it's mainly because ... *sniffle* ... my date with Steve yesterday was a disaster HATCHOOOOUUUUW … and I'm still quite depressed about that. *sniffle*"

"Oh … may I ask what has happened?" Basically I had an idea about what had happened and why, but I hoped that she would be willing to tell me what actually had been going on between her and Steve after I had left the bar.

"Yea, of course, I'll tell you ... *sniffle* ... but before I do, I have to blow my nose."

She took off her glasses, grabbed a tissue and starting blowing. But for the first time I couldn't enjoy this ceremony because I badly wanted to know what she had to tell about her date with Steve. So I waited impatiently for her to get through her noseblowing. After a while which seemed endless to me, she threw the tissue into the basket under the table. But just as I expected her to put on her glasses and start telling me, she took another tissue and continued blowing. It became more and more difficult for me to hide my impatience. 'Please, finish your noseblowing and start telling me!' I thought.

After a time which felt like an eternity for me, she finally started talking. "Well, to keep it short, he doesn't like me because of my ... HATCHIOOUUWW ... hayfever. I tried to suppress the symptoms as well as possible, but of course I couldn't hide it completely. He said he was extremely grossed by my runny nose, and the sneezes although I stifled them, and the constant nosewiping and all that … so after about half an hour he left me and said he didn't want to date me again. He said that I would be very attractive if is wasn't for my hayfever, but because of it, I wasn‘t."


"Yes." She nodded and looked very, very sad. "I still can't get over it … he doesn't want me because I have hayfever! I'm totally devestated … I don't know what to do … I don't ..."

Suddenly she started to cry. She took her glasses off hastily, buried her face in her hands and cried. I saw the tears running down her face, but this time they weren't allergic tears. I sat there and didn't know what to do or say.


After a moment, she calmed down a bit. She took her hands from her face, wiped away her tears, looked at me with her red eyes and said: "Now you know … *sniffle*"

"Hayley, I don't believe that", I replied. "I cannot imagine that he rejects you just because of your hayfever. I guess that this is just a pretext because he doesn't want to tell you the real reason why he doesn't want you."

"No, I believe him ... *sniffle* ... it was clearly recognizeable that he was grossed by my hayfever symptoms. And, to be honest, Rob, I can understand him. Many people don't like it when someone sneezes and sniffles and blows her nose all the time."

"Well, okay … maybe he was grossed by all that. But I still don't think that this is the only reason. If he really would like you as a person, he wouldn't reject you because of your hayfever."

"Hmmmm ... *sniffle* ... I don't know … I'm still impressed that you take this so easy … when I remember our first lesson, I was sneezing and sniffling like crazy … wasn't it difficult for you to tolerate this for an hour?

"No, it wasn't difficult at all."

She put on her glasses and looked into my eyes. "Really not?"

"Yes, really not."

'If she only knew that I actually enjoyed all that, and how much I enjoyed that', I thought. But – should I tell her? How would she react if I told her that seeing her fighting against her hayfever felt like heaven to me? I didn't know how she'd react. Perhaps she would be shocked, perhaps she would ask for an explanation, who knows. I decided not to tell her, at least not right now.

"That impresses me", she said, "you're a very tolerant person.*sniffle*"

"Thank you."


"Wow, that was powerful!" I said.

"Yes, it was", she replied and laughed. "And I have to blow my nose again.*sniffle*"

I sat back and watched her noseblowing ceremony. And this time I could enjoy it in full again. Now I knew what had happened between her and Steve, I had done what I could do to concole her, she seemed to be glad that at least I didn't have a problem with her sneezing and sniffling. And now she sat there and blew and blew, it was wonderful.

At the end of the lesson she asked: "Would you like to ... HATCHIEOOUUWW ... meet me in the bar again?"


"Yea. I'd like to spend an evening there with someone who doesn't mind me sneezing ... *sniffle* ... and wearing my glasses."

"Oh, yes, of course!"

Now I was really excited. After her disaster with Steve, she wanted to meet me at the same place. Whatever she might intend with this, whether she just wanted to spend a nice evening with me there or thought about something else, anyway I was incredibly happy about having been invited by her.


to be continued

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On the next day at about ten minutes to eight, I entered the bar. Hayley and I had agreed to meet at eight, and as I wanted to be there in time, I appeared a bit early. Just as I had closed the door behind me, there was the familiar sound again.


I turned around, and yes, there she was, sitting at the same table at which she had dated Steve. I went in her direction, waving and saying hi to her.

"Rob, is it you?" she asked.

"Yes, it's me", I answered. I was a bit surprised that she hadn't recognized me.

"Sorry, my eyes are so watery and puffy... *sniffle* ... so I couldn't recognize you clearly."

"Ah, ok, I see." I sat down at the table and watched her taking off her glasses and wiping her eyes with a tissue.

"My hayfever … HATCHIIEEAAWW … is terrible today ... *sniffle* ... If we had planned a math lesson today, I would have had to cancel it again, but ... *sniffle* ... as we just want to talk a bit … HATCHIIEEAAWW … I guess it'll work somehow. *sniffle* "

I felt my heart pounding.

"Sorry ... *sniffle* ... I have to blow my nose ... *sniffle* ..."

'This is gonna be a very nice evening', I thought.

After she had blown her nose, we started talking. However, for everyone who couldn't enjoy her hayfever as I could, it would have been a quite annoying conversation because Hayley had to interrupt it continuously because of her hayfever. She kept sneezing and sneezing, blowing her nose every few minutes, and when she wasn't busy with that, she was wiping her nose, wiping her eyes, rubbing her eyes, and all this was accompanied by her constant sniffling. For me, all this was pure heaven, and I enjoyed every time she had to interrupt her talking because of some hayfever symptom.

After a few minutes I realized that here, sitting in the bar and talking, all this was even more enjoyable than during the math lessons. And there was a simple explanation for that: I didn't have to focus on some math exercises, check the formulas she wrote down, instead of that I could look in her cute hayfeverish face the whole time. And so I didn't miss a single one of all these hayfever-fighting hand moves, her allergic tears running down her face when she missed wiping them away, and of course her sneezes from the start-up to the actual sneeze, followed by the pushing up of her glasses. And I realized that this hayfever scene went on with no real breaks. There were hardly fifteen seconds of nothing happening. It was an endless flow of sneezing, sniffling, tears running and all those hand moves, it was so wonderful that I could hardly believe it. It felt like a dream.

"Does it annoy you when I'm sniffling so much?" she asked me.

"No, not at all", I replied.

"Ok, fine. *sniffle* Otherwise I could blow my nose more often, but when I blow it too often, it gets irritated, and then ... *sniffle* ... I sneeze even more than I do anyway ..."

"No, don't worry, it's all okay."

"Oh, thank you. *sniffle*"

'This is interesting', I thought. 'I could ask her to blow her nose more often, and then I could see her sneezing more.' But I decided not too, one reason being that I liked her sniffling as well as her sneezing and noseblowing, and the other reason being that I simply didn't want to influence the way she dealt with her hayfever, but rather let it happen. And no doubt, I enjoyed it immensely the way it happened.


Suddenly, after having taken off her glasses for the umpteenth time, she started rubbing her nose with both hands. "Ugh, my nose is terribly itchy", she said.

"There seem to be more intense hayfever symptoms than I thought", I replied.

"Yes, well possible", she answered. "Did I tell you that when my hayfever is bad, I almost always have a constant feeling like I need ... *sniffle* ... to sneeze?"

"No, you didn't."

"Yes, it's true. Today I feel like I need to sneeze the whole time, even when I don't have to sneeze."

"You mean, you always feel like you're gonna sneeze in a few seconds, without any interruption?"

"Yea. *sniffle* "

"Even when you just have just sneezed?"

"Yea. No matter how much I sneeze, that feeling of needing to sneeze is still there."

"Oh dear ..."


"So … it's there right now?"

"Yes. *sniffle* "

She started rubbing her nose again. 'This is terrible and wonderfu at once', I thought.


A few minutes later she said: "Oh, I feel a giant sneeze com … Ha... Ha... Haaa …




And then something happened which I already had feared to happen at many of her sneezes: Her glasses fell off her nose and landed on the table.

Her face turned to dark read immediately. "Oh no, this is so embarrassing!" she said, took the glasses and checked whether they had got damaged. It seemed that they were okay, and so she put them on again.

"Please excuse me ... *sniffle* ..."

"No problem."

"Seriously, this is so embarrassing ... *sniffle* ... the same thing happened to me a few days ago at school, and the whole class burst out into laughter ... *sniffle* ... I nearly cried for embarrassement ..."

"Hopefully the glasses didn't get damaged", I said.

"No, these frames seem to be quite solid, gladly … *sniffle*", she answered.

"Ah, good."

I was glad that she didn't know how much I had enjoyed this embarrassing scenery.

We kept talking and talking, and I was so impressed that she was so talkative altough it wasn't easy for her considering all her hayfever hassles. "A few weeks ago I had an extremely embarrassing hayfever experience", she told me, "do you want me ... *sniffle* ... to tell you?"

"Yes, please!"

"Well ... *sniffle* ... I had to leave school early because my hayfever was so bad, so I was on my way home, and it was quite busy where I walked along … HATCHIEAAW*sniffle* ... and I didn't have many tissues left because I had been terribly sneezy and snotty at school … *sniffle* ... and then I had a long fit of really snotty sneezes, and the snot was running down my lower face and dripping on my shirt and my hands, and my eyes were tearing, I looked like I had been crying ... *sniffle* ... and I desperately tried to find some tissues in my pockets, but without success … so I was standing there with the snot running and running ... *sniffle* ... I was a mess, and everyone could see it, and I heard some people laughing, and some others were turning away from me ..."

"Were they grossed by all that?"

"I don't know, I couldn't recognize their faces … HATCHIIEAAAWW because my eyes were so watery ... *sniffle* ... but I guess they were. I'm sure I totally blushed from embarrassment … I'll never forget that, it was one of my worst hayfever moments ever."

"Yes, I believe that", I replied. Once again I was glad that she didn't know how fascinated I was about that story.


We kept on talking for hours, and she told me much about her hayfever experiences. The more I learned about her hayfever, the more conflicted my feelings were about it. I learned that she suffered much more from it than I had thought, that virtually everything she did, including simple things like eating and drinking, could become difficult when her hayfever was bad. On the other hand I enjoyed all that – what I saw and what she told me – so immensely that I didn't know whether I should regret or admire it, or perhaps both at once.

Around midnight she told me that she wanted to go home. We payed for our drinks and left the bar. As she had to go in another direction as I, we agreed the date for the next math lesson and said good-bye. "Rob, I ... *sniffle* ... thank you for this nice evening."

"Hayley, thank you as well. It was wonderful." I hugged her.


On my way home, my head was virtually bursting from all the thoughts which came to my mind. But one thing was crystal clear now: I had fallen in love with Hayley. Not just because of her hayfever, but because she was such a nice, charming girl. All these hayfever hassles hadn't prevented her from telling me lots of things, answering all my questions patiently and being incredibly nice. I was sure I would never forget the look of her red, itchy, watery eyes behind the lenses of her glasses when she said: "Thank you for this nice evening."

I couldn't sleep that night.

When I had my breakfast the next day, I thought about how I should deal with all that. Should I tell Hayley how I felt about her hayfever, how much I enjoyed it? I wasn't sure. I didn't have any idea about how she would react. Would she be shocked, or rather confused, would she ask some questions about that, or would she perhaps even be glad that I wasn't grossed by all that? I didn't know. I decided not to tell her until I was sure it would be a good idea.


to be continued

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At the end of the next math lesson, she asked me: "Would you like to go jogging with me ... *sniffle* … tomorrow?"

"Oh yes, of course!"

I was a bit surprised at her question because I imagined it to be quite uncomfortable to go jogging while having hayfever as bad as she did. But I was quite excited about that idea.

"Well ... *sniffle* … I haven't been jogging … HATCHIIEAAAWW for quite a while because, as you certainly can imagine, it can get quite difficult when my hayfever is … HATCHIEEEAW bad ... *sniffle* … but I'd like to give it a try at least. So if you … HA-HAA-HA-HATCHIIEAAAWW want to join me ... *sniffle* … that'd be nice."

"Yes, certainly! Great idea!"

"Ok, fine! But please understand one thing: We will … HATCHIEAW have to stop every few minutes so that I can blow my nose. *sniffle*"

"No problem, that doesn't surprise me."

"Okay", she said and smiled. "Oh, speaking of noseblowing ..." She took off her glasses, grabbed a tissue and started one of her lovely endless nose blows. I was looking forward to having a very enjoyable jogging time with her.


The next day was a dry, sunny, windy day. I already knew what that meant for hayfever sufferers. On my way to the city park where I would meet Hayley some sneezy, sniffly people crossed my way. I felt something very special coming.

When I reached the gate to the park where we had agreed to meet, Hayley was already standing there, holding her glasses with one hand, rubbing her eyes with the other one, and sniffling. "Hi Rob", she said when she saw me. We hugged each other, and she put her glasses on again. We walked through the gate, talked for a moment, and then she said: "Before we start jogging ... *sniffle* … I have to blow my nose." She took off her glasses, held them in my direction and asked: "Could you … HATCHIIEAAAWW please hold these for a moment?"

"Of course", I said and took the glasses.

She took a tissue out of her pocket and started blowing. Meanwhile I looked at her glasses in my hand and realized that it was something special for me to hold them. It wasn't some random pair of glasses I was holding, it was a pair of glasses owned by a girl suffering from terrible hayfever. And that meant that these glasses, when being worn by their owner, were sitting on a red, sneezy, snotty nose, with a pair of red, watery, itchy eyes looking through their lenses, and their vision often being impaired by the allergic tears. They were glasses which had to be taken off countless times by their owner to do some hayfever-related things. Because of all this, I felt these glasses being an integral part of this whole hayfever scenery, and it really thrilled me to have these glasses in my hand. I felt very close to Hayley's hayfever in a very special way, and I felt my heart pounding heavily.

Hayley stopped blowing her nose and threw the tissue in a dustbin. I expected her to take her glasses back, but instead, she took another tissue and continued blowing. Her nose seemed to be even more snotty than I knew from my other encounters with her, and that meant quite a lot.

I looked at her glasses in my hand again, and I saw that they seemed to be a bit out of shape, the two arms were not exactly symmetrical. Then I remembered that I had seen them sitting a bit crooked on her nose various times. Not too much, just a few millimeters, but certainly a bit crooked. And there possibly was a very simple explanation for them being out of shape: They were taken off and put on again for countless times because of all that hayfever action, moreover they slipped down Hayley's nose again and again when she sneezed, with being pushed up afterwards every time, and all this moving of the glasses could well be the reason for them getting out of shape. And finally, when they fell off her nose completely as they had done when we met in the pub (like they had done a few days before in class according to what she had told me), that certainly didn't make it easier for them to stay in shape.

While all these things flew through my mind, Hayley stopped blowing her nose, threw the tissue away, took her glasses back saying "thanks for holding them" and put them on. And yes, they were sitting a bit crooked on her nose again.

"Ok, let's start jogging", she said.

We started jogging, and it took less than ten seconds until she sneezed again. She pushed up her glasses and continued jogging, just as if nothing had happened. It went on like this – she sneezed again and again but went on jogging regardless of that. I was a bit impressed, it seemed to me that she was quite accustomed to this. And I remembered that she had told me that she went jogging every now and again, even during pollen season, and just had stayed off it during the last weeks because her hayfever had become too bad.

However, after a few minutes she stopped and said: "Sorry ... *sniffle* … I have to blow my nose again. *sniffle*"

She asked me to hold her glasses once more. It wasn't as thrilling again as it had been the first, but it felt very nice again to hold them and watch her blowing her nose, pressing lots and lots of snot through her nostrils. This time she finished after one tissue. "Ok, let's continue."

We continued jogging, and after a minute or so we were approaching a direction sign. "What does the sign ... *sniffle* … say?" she asked. "I can't read it … HATCHIEAW because my eyes are so watery. *sniffle*"

"It says, turn left to the lake", I answered.

"Oh no, I'd like to stay … HA-HAKCHIIEEEAWW off the lake ... *sniffle* … there are always so many people, and I'm always so embarrassed about my ... *sniffle* … hayfever... *sniffle* … when there are so many people around me. *sniffle*"

"Ok, no problem", I answered, and we jogged straight through, not turning left to the lake.

About a minute later we had to make another noseblowing stop. This time she needed two tissues again. 'Her hayfever seems to be especially bad today', I thought. It seemed to me that she sneezed and sniffled even more than she had done at other occations. She certainly blew her nose more, and the allergic tears ran down her face with hardly any interruption. Her nose was dark red, her cheeks were much more red than they used to be, and judging from how long and intensely she rubbed her eyes after having blown her nose, her eyes seemed to be terribly itchy.

There probably was a simple explanation for that: Today was the the first time that she and I met outside. When we had met to do some math exercises or drink some beer, it had always been inside, and now I met her at a place where there was pollen all around. Considering how many trees, flowers and lawns were surrounding us here at the city park, it wasn't really surprising that she was suffering more here than at my home or at the bar. It seemed to me now that all I had witnessed until today had been the relatively moderate level of Hayley's hayfever and today I got shown the "real" thing, all her allergy hassles in full flight. It really impressed me that she took the challenge of jogging under such conditions.

"Ok, let's continue", she said.

It went on like it had begun. Every two or three minutes we had a noseblowing stop. And after about twenty minutes I realized that I started to get a bit exhausted from jogging. It seemed that my physical condition wasn't the best, but that wasn't surprising as I hadn't done any sports for several months. Hayley, however, seemed to be in quite good shape – despite all the hayfever plight she didn't show any signs of getting weary. I remembered her telling me at the bar that sometimes she got exhausted from all the sneezing, and so it was quite surprising that she kept on jogging while sneezing every few seconds. Myself I was glad now that we stopped every few minutes, so I could use these noseblowing stops to rest a bit from all the jogging.


After jogging for about half an hour, we reached a bus station at the east end of the park. Hayley stopped, and while I expected her to take off her glasses for the next nose blow, she said: "Sorry, Rob ... *sniffle* … but I have to stop for the day. My hayfever … HATCHIIEAAAWW is so terrible, I can't stand it … HATCHIEAAW any longer ... *sniffle* … I'll take the bus home, I need to take a shower ... *sniffle* … change my clothes ... *sniffle* … and stay inside … HATCHIIEAAAWW for the rest of the day. I'm so sorry, but … HATCHEEEWWWWW HATCHEEEOUW ... *sniffle* HAKCHIIIEEAOUWWW …"

She broke into a non-stop sneezing fit which went on for about two minutes. I was shocked and fascinated at the same time, as I had never seen her sneezing so much in a row. When she finally stopped sneezing, she hugged me, saying "sorry once more", then she turned around and walked to the bus station.

I stood there and didn't know what to think of all that. When I turned around to walk home (it was the opposite direction, away from the bus station) I realized that I felt bad about Hayley's hayfever for the first time. I regretted that she had to stop jogging because of her hayfever. She had been looking forward to jogging with me, she had told me that she loved jogging and would do it much more often if it wasn't for her hayfever, and now she had to get home with the bus instead of jogging as long as she wanted. I felt sorry for her. And because of that, I was even more unsure whether I should tell her about my special feelings for her hayfever.


to be continued

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You know with the way Hayley acts, being uncomfortable sneezing in public but wanting to be with someone who doesn't mind her sneezing, it's almost like she has a fetish herself and feels uncomfortable about it.

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Thanks to you all for your nice feedback. :) The next chapter will be posted in a few hours.

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A few days later I received an e-mail from Hayley. She wrote:

Hi Rob, I'd like to plan a date for out next math lesson. My hayfever is still terrible, but I'd like to try to do some exercises anyway. What about next Saturday, 3 pm? Bye, Hayley

P.S.: I'm contacting you by email this time to spare you hearing me sneezing nonstop on the phone …

'What a pity', I thought. 'How wonderful would it have been to talk to her on the phone.' I wrote back:

Hi Hayley, yes we can do our next math lesson on Saturday, 3 pm. That's fine. Btw: Please feel free to phone me any time you like, I have no problem with hearing you sneezing. Cheers, Rob

About half an hour later, her answer reached me:

Thanks for "allowing" me to phone you. But right now emailing is simply easier for me. Talking is difficult when I'm sneezing every few seconds. Well, typing is difficult too with all the sneezing and runny nose and teary eyes (even writing a short email like this takes some effort), but it's not as difficult as talking. I'm a sneezy mess today, I hope it will improve a bit by Saturday.

'Wow', I thought.

We met on Saturday, and it became the sneeziest math lesson we have had. She didn't get many exercises done, as most of the time was wasted with her hayfever. When we finished, she said: "Sorry for … ATCHIEEEEW … visiting you in such a terrible state... *sniffle* … but one reason was to prove to myself... *sniffle* … that I'm not totally unable to function. HATCHIEEEW"

"That's all ok", I replied.


The next day I decided that I should do something to make the math lessons a bit easier for her even if that meant that I wouldn't enjoy them as much any more. So I sent her the following e-mail:

Hi Hayley, I'd like to offer you to do our math lessons at your home instead of mine. So you could spare yourself coming to my house and being exposed to all the pollen on the way. What do you think about that?

She answered:

That's nice of you to offer me that, but sadly at our house there's no suitable place for our math lessons. The only table we have which would be large enough is the table in our kitchen, and my parents are always using it for other things. So it's better if we keep doing the lessons at your home. Although it would be nice indeed if I wouldn't have to walk or cycle through all that pollen inferno. Thanks and read ya soon, Hayley

P.S.: Can you imagine that I sneezed 14 (!) times while typing these few words? Off to blow my nose again now ...

'Reading her emails is exciting somehow', I thought. Even if I didn't see and hear her sneeze while reading the mail, the imagination was certainly there.


At the end of our next math lesson, she said: "May I ask you to ... *sniffle* … cross your fingers for me tonight? I have a date … HATCHIEEEEAW with a guy who has bad hayfever ... *sniffle* … himself. So he certainly won't be annoyed by my hayfever ... *sniffle* … as Steve was."

"Okay, what time is the date? Just to know when it's time to cross my fingers ..."

"Thank you ... *sniffle* … it's at eight o'clock."

"Okay, good luck!"

"Thank you … HA-HATCHIEEAW that's nice", she said, took off her glasses and started blowing her nose.


When she had left the house, I sat down and started thinking. Being honest to myself, I had to admit that I didn't like the idea of her going on a date. I still was in love with her, and I still hadn't told her. Now there seemingly was the danger of her being taken by someone else. But what could I do? The only thing I could do was hoping that the date wouldn't be successful, although I felt a bit bad about that. When it was close to eight o'clock, I was getting quite nervous. I didn't cross my fingers for her, but as I didn't believe in the power of crossing fingers anyway, I thought that it didn't matter whether I did or not.


The next day I was even more nervous. I badly wanted to know how the date had been, whether Hayley was "taken" now. The next math lesson was set for next Saturday which was six days to go, and I didn't want to wait so long to learn what had happened. But how to find out earlier without appearing creepy to her? I decided to phone her with a little pretext and then use the opportunity to ask her.

"Hi Hayley, this is Rob ..."

"Oh, hi Rob ... *sniffle* … nice to have you on the phone... *sniffle* …"

I was surprised. Usually she didn't welcome me like that on the phone.

"Yeah, nice to talk to you again too ..."

"I'm glad that there's someone who … HATCHIEEEEAW who is willing to talk to me ..."

"Oh, how do you mean that? Have you met someone who didn't?"

"Yes ... *sniffle* … please wait a moment, I'll tell you ... *sniffle* … after having blown my nose ... *sniffle* …"

'Now it's getting really exciting', I thought. Did she refer to her date with that?

I listened to her blowing her nose, and once again it felt like an eternity. I badly wanted to know what she wanted to tell me, right now. I couldn't enjoy her noseblowing at all although it was a wonderful long, wet, powerful noseblow again. I was just impatient.

When she stopped blowing, my heart was beating at double time at least. But instead of starting to talk, she continued blowing. Obviously she had taken another tissue. It became more and more difficult for me to keep patient.

Finally, she took the phone. "Well, it was … let's say … ATCHEEEOUW unsuccessful. Paul and I were talking for a while, and it wasn't easy for us to talk because we both had bad hayfever, and his voice was very stuffy because his nose was totally congested, and so … HA-HA-HAA-HAKCHIEEEEAW it was difficult for me to understand what he was saying. And my ears being clogged from the hayfever didn't make it easier, everything sounded muffled for me. And I was sneezing and sniffling nonstop ... *sniffle* … and had to blow my nose again and again, so talking was difficult for me as well. So after a few minutes, he sent me a text message saying that he wanted to text with me instead of talking ..."


"Yes ... *sniffle* … I told him that I wanted to actually talk with him instead of texting, even if it was difficult … AKCHEEOUW but he sent me a text message again saying that he found it too exhausting to talk with me ... *sniffle* … I told him that I hadn't agreed the date with him to exchange text messages, and that it was possible for us to talk ... *sniffle* … even although it certainly was difficult … HA-HATCHIEEEAW … and it went on like that for some more minutes, with him texting me something and me replying by talking ... *sniffle* … and he insisted on texting, and finally I wished him all the best and left the bar."

"Oh dear, what a desaster ..."

"Yes, indeed ... *sniffle* … well, I know that it can be difficult to talk with me when my hayfever is bad, but I … ATCHIIEEEOUW never experienced someone behaving like that before ... *sniffle* … so I'm glad that I can actually talk to you now."

"I'm glad that I can do you that favour", I replied.

We kept talking for a while, and once again I enjoyed her sneezing, sniffling and even the noseblowing as there was no reason to wait for something impatiently any more. And I was glad that I even didn't have to use the pretext I had prepared for the phone call. I had planned to ask her whether we could postpone the next math lesson for two hours, but that hadn't been necessary.

And being honest to myself, I was happy that Hayley hadn't been "taken" at the date. And I thought that it was about time to tell her my feelings.


to be continued

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I’m really excited for the next update I love this epic story and keep up the amazing work 

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The fact that hayley wanted to date someone else with terrible allergies makes it seem even more likely that she has the fetish

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At the beginning of the next math lesson, Hayley yawned. "Sorry", she said, "I'm really tired today ... *sniffle* … I didn't get much sleep tonight because ... HATCHIEAW … my hayfever was so bad, it took me until about four o'clock in the morning ... *sniffle* … to get some sleep ... *sniffle* … and then I had a terrible hayfever nightmare."

"Oh, may I ask what is was?"

"Yes, of course, I'll tell you ... *sniffle* … but please be warned, it's really horrible ..."

I listened closely.

"... I was at the park, together with Sheila, a friend of mine ... HATCHIEEAWWW … and we were both sneezing a lot because she had a bad cold and I ... *sniffle* … had hayfever of course. Then there was a long rope lying in the grass which someone seemingly had forgotten there, close to a tree ... *sniffle* … and then Sheila suggested we make a bet. She said we should count our sneezes for the next five minutes ... HATCHIEAWWW … and the person who sneezes the least wins, and then the winner would tie up the loser to the tree for an hour."

"What a silly bet", I remarked.

"Yes, of course ... *sniffle* … that was completely silly, I never would agree to such a bet in reality, but it was a dream ... HATCHEEEWWWWW ... and so I agreed, and I was quite confident that I would win the bet because she was sneezing more than I was; I had more trouble with runny nose and itchy eyes ... HAAAATCHIEEAAWWW ... so she set her phone’s timer for five minutes ... *sniffle* … and each of us started counting our sneezes to make sure that there was no cheating ... *sniffle* … and after the first minute she had sneezed eight times, and my score was just three, so it started off very well for me ... *sniffle* … sorry, I have to blow my nose, I'll continue after that."

'This is exciting', I thought. 'It's complete nonsense, but it's exciting.'

After a long nose blow as always, Hayley continued. "After four minutes, it still was a winning race for me. I had sneezed 21 times, and Sheila ... HATCHIEEEAAAAWWWW … was at 32. But then I got an enourmous sneezing fit which made me sneeze about 24 times in a row, it was so fast that it was difficult ... HAAATCHIEEAAWW ... to count them, but it must have been 23 or 24 times, and to be fair towards Sheila I counted them as 24 ... *sniffle* … and when the five minutes were up, Sheila was at 39 sneezes, and I was at 45, so I had lost the bet. Sheila took the rope ... HATCHIEEAW ... and tied me up to the tree ... *sniffle* … turning the rope four of five times around the tree so I couldn't move my arms. So I was standing there ... *sniffle* … and of course I sneezed again, and my nose was running like crazy, and I couldn't wipe or blow it, and so the snot was running down my lower face and dripping on my shirt, and I ... HAAATCHIEEAAAW … couldn't do anything to deal with it, and my eyes were itchy like hell and I couldn't rub them, and Sheila was standing there and grinning ... HAATCHIEEEEAAWWWW ... and then I sneezed some more, and my glasses slipped down my nose, and I couldn't push them up ... *sniffle* … so I tried to move them upwards by moving my head and crunching my face, but that didn't work … then I wanted to ask Sheila to push them up for me, but in that moment I sneezed once more, and then ... *sniffle* … my glasses fell down on the grass, and I asked Sheila to pick them up and put them back on my nose, but she said that that wouldn't make sense because they would fall down again anyway ... *sniffle* … and of course she was right, so I asked her to pick them up and keep them to make sure that nobody steps on them, and she did. So now I couldn't see properly any more, everything was blurry because I didn't have my glasses on ... HATCHIIEEAAAAWWW … and my eyes being all watery made my vision even more blurry ... *sniffle* … and then some people were coming, but I couldn't recognize their faces, but some of them I could identify by their voices. There was Steve who asked me whether I had my contact lenses put in, and I said no, and then he said that it was nice to see me without my glasses, but all the sneezing and snot was totally annoying..."

"Oh dear", I replied.

"Yes ... *sniffle* … it was all so stupid, I should have realized that this was a dream, but I didn't. Perhaps because it was all so realistic … I could see beautiful colours from the flowers around us although everything was blurry, and I could hear the birds singing and the wind blowing although it was a bit muffled because my ears were clogged. And the hayfever symptoms felt all so realistic too … the sneezing, the runny nose, the itching of the eyes, everything."

"Okay, then what happened?"

"Then someone else came, saying "Hi Hayley, nice to see you again". It was Paul's voice, the guy whom I had dated last week. He took his phone and started texting me again, but of course I wasn't able to get to my phone and read his message ... *sniffle* … and then you came ..."

"Me? Really?"

"Yes ... *sniffle* … but don't worry, you didn't do anything bad." She smiled. "You came to me and wanted to loosen the rope ... HATCHIEEOUWW ... but Sheila told you not to because it was a bet, and then you asked us what the bet was, and Sheila explained it. Then you said that you would wait until the hour was over ... *sniffle* … because you wanted to talk to me under more convenient conditions than such a weird bet. Then some more people came, people I didn't know, and they were laughing about me, making silly jokes ... *sniffle* … taking photos and videos of me, it was all so embarrassing. I asked Sheila how much of the hour was over already, and she said it was 13 minutes, so there still were 47 minutes to go, and it was all so horrible ... ATCHIIEEEOUW ... then suddenly it started to rain, and after a minute or so it had turned into a real cloudburst, and Sheila put her raincoat on, but I couldn't change my clothes of course ... *sniffle* … and I hadn't taken any rain gear with me anyway, so I was getting totally wet, and I kept sneezing and started to freeze, and I thought that now I would get a bad cold on top of my hayfever. And all the people ran away because they didn't want to to stand in the rain ... *sniffle* … the only one who stayed was you, and Sheila of course. And then ... *sniffle* … sorry, I have to blow my noce again."

While she blew her nose, I thought about what she had told me. And being honest to myself I had to admit that I would have loved to witness such a scene. And I regretted that there was nothing like two people sharing the same dream.

"Well, after it had started to rain", she continued, "I started to sneeze more and more, even more than I had done during the bet, so I was standing there, freezing and sneezing, and after a while I became dizzy from all the sneezing, and then ... ATCHEEEOUW … even my ribs and stomach muscles started to feel sore because of all the sneezing ..."

"Wow", I replied. "Does that actually happen in reality?"

"Yes, it does ... *sniffle* … when my hayfever is extremely bad, for instance during ragweed season, that happens."

"And you didn't ask Sheila to loosen the rope?"

"No, I didn't. We had done the bet, and I wanted to keep the promise. But suddenly there was some thunder and lightning, and one lightning bolt hit a tree which was just a few yards away from where we were, and then Sheila said that this was getting too dangerous and started loosing the rope. But then the next lightning bolt hit the tree I was tied up at – and then I woke up."

"Oh my god, what a nightmare."

"Indeed. I was incredibly relieved that it had been just a dream. But I still was sneezing like crazy, and my eyes were itchy like hell … but I was able to rub my eyes and blow my nose … I was so glad that the hellish dream was over. Then I tried to get some sleep again, as it was about five o'clock in the morning, but it didn't work because my hayfever was so bad and that nightmare still was on my mind quite clearly. And so ... *yawn* … that’s why I'm so tired today. *sniffle*"

I didn't know what to say.

"I hope I will never experience something like that in reality", she added. "This nightmare made me aware again how badly ... HAKCHIIIEEAOUWWW … I need my hands to handle my hayfever."

We did our math lesson, and then she went home. I decided not to tell her about my feelings towards her because I thought that with this nightmare still being on her mind it wouldn't be a good opportunity.


to be continued

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A few days later I was walking down the sidewalk when suddenly I heard a familiar sound, plus something else.



"Sunny! Shut up!"

I turned around, and there was Hayley standing, pushing up her glasses and then wiping her nose with the back of her hand. And beneath her stood a big black dog looking at her. I went to her, said hello and hugged her, and then asked her whether it was her dog.

"No", she replied, it's ... *sniffle* … the dog of a friend of mine. She asked me ... HATCHEEEWWWWW ..."


"Sunny! Shut up! You needn't start barking every time ... *sniffle* … I sneeze!"

She turned around to me and continued: "Well, my friend asked me if I could take him for two days because she is out of town. *sniffle*"

"Ah, okay. Are you allergic to him?"

"No, thankfully I‘m not ... *sniffle* … then I wouldn't have taken him. My friend asked me that too, but ... *sniffle* … sorry, I have to blow my nose. Can you hold my glasses?"

"Of course", I replied and took them. She took a tissue and started blowing her nose, and the dog sat down, watching her blowing her nose and looking as if he didn't understand what was happening. As always, her noseblowing took quite some time while the dog sat there watching her patiently and silently. When she finally finished the blowing and took her glasses back, the dog stood up again.

"My friend also asked me if I'm allergic to dogs, but ... HATCHIEEAW ..."


"Sunny! Please stop barking every time I sneeze!" She looked angrily at him, and he looked at her, once again as if he didn't understand what was happening.

"... but I'm not allergic to dogs. I had an allergy test just a few months ago, and ... HAAATCHIEEAAWW ..."



"... and it turned out again that I'm terribly allergic to all kinds of pollen, but not to animals. And Sunny is a real nice dog ..." She stroke him, and he waved his tail. "... the only problem is that every time I sneeze he … HATCHEEWWWW ..."


"Sunny! … there you go – every time I sneeze he barks."

"Ok, I see", I replied, just to say something.

We talked for a few minutes, and indeed every time Hayley sneezed, Sunny barked. She told him every time to stop it, but without success. After a few minutes, she had to blow her nose once more, and again Sunny sat down when she started blowing. After a minute or so she took the tissue away from her nose, and Sunny stood up. But then she took the next tissue and continued blowing her nose, and Sunny sat down again.

'This is strange', I thought. 'Every time she sneezes, he barks, and every time she blows her nose, he sits down. Okay, perhaps he sits down because he knows that they won't continue walking as long as she blows her nose, but I've no idea why he barks every time she sneezes.'

When she was ready with noseblowing, she said: "Okay, I have to go, it was nice to ... HATCHIIIEEEEAW ..."


"Sunny! Stop it! Rob, it was nice to run into you. See you Saturday for the next math lesson!"

We hugged each other, and then she and Sunny walked away. I kept standing there, watching them for a while, and indeed, every time Hayley sneezed, he barked. After a minute or so, they turned around a corner, and I couldn't see them any longer. But I heard her sneezing one more time, him barking one more time and her telling him not to one more time.

'I wish I was that dog', I thought while I walked back home. 'I wouldn't bark every time she sneezes, I would just silently enjoy it.' Then I wondered whether there was something like fetishism among animals.

to be continued

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On the next Saturday, when I opened the door, Hayley was standing there, with her left arm encased in a plaster cast which was held by a sling around her neck.

"Hayley, what has happened to your arm?", I asked.

"It's ... *sniffle* … broken", she replied.

"How did that happen?"

"I'l tell you ... ATCHIIEEEOUW … when we've sat down. *sniffle*"

After we had sat down, she continued: "Ok, I'll tell you. But first … *sniffle* … I have to blow my nose. *sniffle*"

She took a tissue and started blowing her nose. Due to her left arm being broken, she had to do it with one hand, and it looked a bit ungainly, like she wasn't accustomed to do it with one hand. Until now she had always used both hands to do it, and now it looked as if she didn't know how to hold the tissue with one hand.

"Ugh, it's not convenient to blow my nose with one hand", she confirmed when she had finished the blow. "Especially as there's always... HAAAAATCHIIIIIIIEEEWWWWWso much snot coming out of my nose."

"Yea, I see", I replied, just to say something.

"Okay, now for my arm", she continued. "It happenend last Tuesday, when ... HATCHOOUW … I was riding my bicycle. Well, I know it's not a good idea to ride my bike when my ... HATCHOOOOUUUUW … hayfever … ... HAAAAKCHIIIIIIEEWWWW … is bad ... HAAAATCHIEEAAWWW … but I hadn't done it for weeks because my hayfever … *sniffle* … had been so bad all the time … *sniffle* … and I wanted to take a little ride so bad, so... HAA-AAAATCHIIIIIEEWWWWW*sniffle* … I took my bike and started riding. But after a few minutes … *sniffle* … sorry, I have to blow my nose again … *sniffle* … then I'll tell you … *sniffle* … I promise."

She took another tissue and started blowing, and again it looked quite ungainly.

"Well, while I was riding, I had to sneeze every few seconds, so I decided not to ride too fast because, you know, when you sneeze, you shut your eyes for a second or so, and that can become dangerous when you ride too fast ... HATCHIEEEAWWWW … but I felt quite safe because there wasn't much traffic and I know the route quite well. But after a few minutes, I felt a giant sneeze coming … *sniffle* … and just in the moment I sneezed, the front wheel of my bike hit something, a stone or whatever, and so I fell over to the left and crashed on the street."

"Oh no..."

"Well, I tried to prevent my body from crashing on the street by holding out my left arm, but that failed terribly, with the result that my arm broke. *sniffle*"

"Oh dear ..."

"Gladly someone... HATCHIEAW ... called an ambulance, and they took me to the hospital where they x-rayed my arm and then decided to put it in a cast. They said that I was lucky that no surgery would be necessary, but... HAATCHIEEEEAAWWWW … I would have to wear the cast for a few weeks. *sniffle*"

"So it could have been worse ..."

"Yea. But it was so embarrassing … while they x-rayed the arm and made the cast, I was sneezing nonstop, and my nose was running like crazy, and they asked me what was going on, and I said it's hayfever, and then they asked me some questions about it, but I had difficulties answering them because I was... HATCHEEEWWWWW … sneezing so much... HAAATCHIEEEEAAAWWW … so I was glad when it all was over and they sent me home."

"Yea, I see … and what about your bike?"

"That wasn't a problem ...*sniffle* … my dad picked it up and took it home. But I decided not to ride it again when my hayfever ... HATCHIIIIEEEOUW ... is so bad. Okay, that's the story, now ...*sniffle* … I have to blow my nose again. *sniffle*"

She started blowing again, and I realized that it wasn't fun to watch her blowing. It looked so ungainly, so unsure, completely different to when she had done it with both hands. Until today I had always enjoyed watching her blowing her nose, now I couldn't enjoy it any more.

"Ugh, my nose has been terribly snotty these last few days", she said.

"Isn't your nose always snotty during pollen season?" I asked. I know that this wasn't a polite question, but I enjoyed it so much when she talked about that, so I tried to encourage her to continue.

"Yes, of course", she answered, "but the last few days it has been even worse than I'm used to. Sometimes it felt like ... HAKCHIIIEEAOUWWW … I could blow my nose all the time, without any ... HATCHIEEEAAAAWWWW … interruption … *sniffle* ... yesterday evening, when I was watching TV, I was sitting there and literally doing one blow after the other, going through dozens of tissues within an hour or so … *sniffle* ..."

"Oh dear", I replied.

"... and this morning, when I was sitting in the bus, I got a phone call from a friend but I couldn't take it because I was busy blowing my nose again … *sniffle* … and of course I couldn't use my other hand to answer the phone, so I called her back when I was home. But I was sneezing and sniffling most of the time, so it was rather … *sniffle* … her talking to me than me talking to her. *sniffle*"

"That doesn't sound good ..."

"Indeed. I tried to reduce ... HATCHEEEOUW … the need of noseblowing by sniffling as much as possible, but that didn't really work, and sniffling in public isn't a solution anyway because it's gross … *sniffle* … sorry, Rob, but I have to blow my nose once again."

"No problem."

After she had blown her nose, we started to do the math exercises. And it turned out that now, with her left hand being out of function, this was even more difficult for her as it usually was because now she had to do everything with one hand. For instance, I had noticed frequently that she had been rubbing or wiping her nose with her left hand while she was writing down something with her right hand. Now this wasn't possible of course, now she had to do all the hayfever-caused hand moves with the same hand as she used for writing. Which meant that it took considerably longer to finish an exercise than it had been before. And the fact that she had to blow her nose again and again, much more often than in previous lessons, made it even more struggly.


After twenty minutes or so, just having sneezed four of five times in a row, she held her glasses a few inches away from her eyes and said: "Oh, they're completely dirty … *sniffle* … from all those allergic tears again." Then she looked at me and said: "May I ask you to clean them for me? This is extremely difficult to do with one hand."

"Of course", I said and took them. She gave me a tissue, and I started cleaning them, trying to do it as properly as possible. As I wasn't a glasses wearer myself, I didn't have practice with that.

"Thanks", she said. It's certainly inconvenient to be allergic … *sniffle* … nearsighted ... HAATCHIEEEEAAWWWW … and one-handed at once. *sniffle*"

'Indeed', I thought. 'With one of these things missing, I wouldn't be cleaning her glasses now.'

While I was cleaning them, she used the time for another noseblow. I didn't regret that I couldn't watch her this time (because I was busy) as it had already turned out that it wasn't much fun to watch her blowing with one hand.


After about an hour and a half, we finished the lesson. We hadn't got much done because of all the hayfever hassles and her onehandness, but she was glad that we had done a few exercises at least. Once again I decided not to confess my feelings towards her because I thought that this inconvenient scenery didn't make the right time for that. I decided to do it once her arm was healed.


During the next few weeks she had to wear her arm in the sling, and our math lessons kept being quite chaotic because of Hayley being one-handed and her hayfever not losing any degree of its terribleness, rather getting even worse. But at the end of one lesson which had been pure chaos, she said: "The doctor told me that next Monday ... HATCHIEEOUWW … I can probably throw away the sling and use my left hand again. I'm really happy about that, I've had enough of blowing my nose with one hand all the time. *sniffle*"

It seemed that the time had come to tell her about my feelings.

to be continued

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During the days before our next math lesson it was raining heavily. I was a bit happy about that because I thought that this would ease Hayley's hayfever a bit, and this would be good for the lesson in which I finally wanted to confess my feelings towards her. I hoped that it would be possible to tell her my story without her fighting with her sneezing and runny nose nonstop during that.

Moreover, it would be the last lesson before the summer holidays, so there was one more reason not to wait any longer with what I wanted to tell her.

On Saturday when the lesson was to take place, it was still raining. And I was nervous. The day to tell her had come.

At three o'clock the door bell rang. I opened the door, and there she stood in the rain, covering herself with an umbrella held in her right hand. Her left arm was back in working order, there was no sling any more.

"Hi Hayley!"

"Hi ... HAAATCHIEAAWW … ATCHIIEEEOUW … Rob! *sniffle*"

She came in, put the umbrella and her bag on the floor, then took a tissue and blew her nose. I started to doubt that her hayfever had actually eased.

"Ugh, my nose is terribly snotty today", she said after finishing her noseblow.

"Well", I replied, "I thought your hayfever might improve when it's raining so heavily?"

"Yes, it has, but I've caught ... ATCHEEOUW … a bad cold. So now my nose is running... HATCHIEEAWWW … for two reasons."

"Ah, okay, I see ..."

"If it was just another lesson today, I would have thought about cancelling it, but as it is the last one before the holidays, I ... HAATCHIEEEEAAWWWW … decided to come, to do some exercises before the long break."

We walked into the "lesson room", and after we had sat down, she blew her nose once more. She said she was happy that she could do it with both hands again, but I was unhappy that now I would have to tell her my story under quite inconvenient circumstances.

"I'm glad that this is only my first cold during this summer", she told me, "I usually get colds much more often."

"You mean – during summer, when you have hayfever?"

"Yeah. In winter I have colds pretty much all the time, and ... HATCHEEEOUW … in summer ... HA-HA-HAA-HAKCHIEEEEAW … I usually have a cold every few weeks, on top of the hayfever."

"Oh dear ..."

"Last year in August I had an evil cold while my hayfever was terrible. That was really nasty. I was just sitting at home those days, not being able to do anything except ... HATCHIIIIEEEOUW … sneeze and wipe my eyes and nose. It was … *sniffle* unbelievable!"

I didn't know how to reply.

"My sister made a video of me because she found it so spectacular. Do you … *sniffle* … wanna see it?"

"Errm … yes ..."

I was unsure whether it was a good idea to watch such a video, but I was incredibly curious.

"Okay. *sniffle*" She took her phone, opened a video and gave the phone to me. I took it and started watching. And indeed, there was Hayley, sitting on a couch in a room I didn't know, sneezing every few seconds and desperately trying to blow or wipe her nose – which was running like crazy – between the sneezes. What I saw there clearly topped everything I had seen from her during all those months we had met for the math lessons and other occasions.

"This is … I don't have words for that ..."

"Yea, I don't know how... HAAAATCHIEEAAWWW … to describe either. *sniffle*"

I noticed that she didn't wear her glasses in the video. So I asked her: "Didn't you have glasses last year?"

"Well, I already had glasses, but … *sniffle* … I didn't wear them those days because I wasn't able to do anything which required good vision ... HATCHEEOUW … anyway. They just would have been in the way with all that wiping and blowing. *sniffle*"

"Ah, I see."

I continued watching the video, and she used the time for another noseblow. The longer I watched that video, the less I could believe it. This was without any doubt the worst allergy scene I had ever seen. Not just that she was sneezing and fighting against her runny nose all the time, on top of that her nose and cheeks were dark red, her eyes were red as well, and there were streams of allergic tears running down her cheeks.

While I watched all this, I was getting more and more nervous. This video excited my in a way I hadn't expected, and I started to fear that Hayley would notice that. My hands were shaking, my forehead began to sweat, and I started to feel like I had a fever. I saw my face reflected in the screen of Hayley's phone a bit, and it looked like my face was getting red. I laid the phone on the table in front of me and buried my shaky hands under the table to hide them from Hayley. But a few seconds later, being sure that Hayley must have noticed something, I decided not to watch the video any longer.

So I stopped it and took the phone to give it back to her. But as my hands were so shaky, it fell out of my hand and landed on the table.

"Rob, what's wrong with you?" Hayley asked.

to be continued

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