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Elaine’s allergy attack


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Elaine went back  to school to carry luggage on that day. She had severe allergies, so she put on a mask, though it will prevent her from sneezing like crazy.

As soon as she entered the dormitory ,she found that the room where no one lived for many days is now covered with dust and even mold.Elaine’s  sensitive and fragile nose is still affected even though it is covered by a mask. "Ah...my nose is itchy..." She rubbed her red nose and started packing. 

After five minutes, Elaine’s  nose kept running, and her nose became more itchy. "Hehh…  my God..." With the faintly red nose under the mask, she blew her nose and continued to clean up.  
After another five minutes, she couldn't bear the itching in her nasal cavity. She saw her cute little nose twitching, pinching her nose and letting out a cute stifled sneeze "hehhtch!" Elaine knew that the allergy attack was about to happen, she had to pack her bags quickly to avoid the deterioration of the allergy symptoms, so she speeded up the pace of cleaning up. 

 However, due to the dust flying due to moving things, she still couldn't resist the itch after all”I have to hold it back…heheh…” Her red little nose twitching,started sneezing ”hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! Hehhtch…hehh..hehhtch!” Her chest bounced with the sneezes. “ Oh…stop….sniff…”However, the itch hadn’t subsided.”Oh no..heh..hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch!” After sneezed for dozens of times, Elaine’s cute little nose turned bright red,tears burst out from her eyes,she was in so much pain.

 Because of constant itch and sneezes and wearing a mask, Elaine felt a little lack of oxygen and dizzy, "Uhhhhhhhhhhh...what to do..." At this time, she was carrying a heavy object. And unfortunately,she fell and knocked over the dusty cosmetics box she hadn't used for a long time.”uhh..it hurts…wait…hehh..don’t sneeze…” She felt an unprecedented itchy sensation in her nose. She knew very well that the sneeze would  not stop, so she stretched out her hand and pinched her nose tightly to avoid it”Hold it back…hehh…..don’t…”Her red nose kept twitching, and finally she couldn't bear it anymore “No…hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch!hehhtch!hehh..stop sneezing… hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch!”Cause Elaine always stifled,the itch in her nose wouldn’t came out, it just built up and became more itchy”hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch! hehhtch!” Elaine sneezed so rapidly that she was gasping for air, with her breasts bouncing up and down  leaned on the wall with one hand and pinched her nose with another.

  After nearly a hundred sneezes,she realized that she must let the itch in her nose get released,so she just let the sneezes go “hechew! hechew! Hetchew! “After another hundred of sneezes,it finally subsided.”Uhhhh…my clothes..” Elaine’s clothes was snotted, her face and nose were dark red,and she got breathing difficulties. The mask was also wet with snot and tears , so she chose to take off the mask.

No one knows how hard it take Elaine to just dust up her dormitory.



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This is really good!! Love the description of her breasts bouncing, and the sneezing whilst talking! If you're looking for points of improvement, then I'd maybe recommend italicising the sneezes so they stand out a little more? I'd love to see this continue 

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Part 2 

After that crazy sneezing fit, Elaine’s nose became more sensitive, and her mask was totally soaked with snot and tears.Without the mask, she can only pinched her cute red nose with one hand to stop the sneeze inch, and kept on dusting with another.

At first, this method was effective that Elaine didn’t sneeze for over ten minutes.But then she notices that if she want to move the huge dusty box in front of her, she could only do it with both hands.She knew that if her poor little nose sniffled it, she would sneezes at least hundreds times. So she decided to hold her breath, and moved it to the door.

However, the lack of air caused by holding breath made her so dizzy that she bumped into another dusty box her roommate had.Looking at the dust all over the room,Elaine knew she had to kept held her breath. But people needs to breath after all, so she took a breath….

Right at the moment she inhaled, the unprecedented itch hit her fragile nose. Before she couldn’t react, she began sneezing crazily” Hehhtch! Hehhtch! Hehhtch! Hehhtch…no…Hehhtch…stop…heheh..hehhtch,tch,tch,tch,tch,tch,tch…can’t breathe…hehhtch,tch,tch,tch…..” The endless sneezing came again, Elaine could do nothing but just sitting there, sneezing rapidly. Her painful face turned red,, snot and tears were everywhere, soaked her clothe again. Her breast also started bouncing more fiercely with the violent sneezing, and two of the there buttons on her chest had been shaken off, the plump breast was about to jump out. In order not to let this happen, Elaine held her bouncing breast with her hands, tried not to let the last button to shake off. 

“Oh god…heheh…hehhtch,tch,tch,tch,tch…” After ten minutes of this sneezing hell, her classmate, Eric, walked passed by that time. ”Hi Elaine…oh shit! What happened to you?” He saw Elaine leaning on the ground,sneezing helplessly, snot and tears had totally soaked her clothes. ”Hehhtch,tch,tch,tch…I..tch,tch,tch,tch,tch…heh.. please help me..hehhtch,tch,tch..hand me a mask…tch,tch,tch,tch,tch,tch,tch…” Elaine could barely say a full sentence” What? I don’t understand.” Eric couldn’t knew her exactly. “ Hehhtch,tch,tch,tch..I said…hand me…hetchoo choo choo…the…hehhtch tch,tch,tch…mask…” “ The mask? Okay!” Eric found a mask and spray some perfume on it, thought it would help Elaine to stop sneezing. “Here you go!” Eric said. “Hehhtch…thanks..hehhtch,tch,tch,tch…” Elaine took the mask on, but only found here were smell of perfume on it, which she also allergic to. And of course, Elaine started sneezing more rapidly than before “ Why does it smell like per..perfume ..heheh..hehhtch,tch,tch,tch,tch,tch,tch,tch…” Countless sneezes burst out more quickly, and her painful red nose wrinkled. Elaine wanted to take off the mask, but she had to keep her bouncing breast from jumping out. Eric was totally stunned, he had never seen a girl sneezes that much before.

After sneezed over 200 times, Elaine decided to take off the mask. Once her hands left her breast, the last button bounced off, now she was sneezing only with her bra on. Her breast start bouncing more fiercely than before. But anyway, she took the perfume mask off, the sneezing would subside eventually, Elaine thought. She also stopped stifling, let out her sneezes and started spraying on her almost naked breast.

At the same time, Eric pick up the perfume again and walked towards Elaine…


(to be continued)

(I wonder if this can be post here, but I can promise that there’s no R-18 contents in this, PG-13 maybe)










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Part 3

Since Eric was young, he has been obsessed to sneezing. Especially female sneezes. So being a classmate of Elaine was such a wonderful thing in his life. He counted her sneezes everyday, sprayed perfume on himself and get close to her to make she sneeze… there were so many things that Eric has done due to his fetish.

But this time, his crush, and the most allergic girl he knew by far, was sneezing uncontrollably and was almost naked. Sometimes people get unconscious, and they may do things that are hard to understand, that’s what Eric was going to do.

Hehhtch! Hehhtch! Hehhtch! tch! tch! tch! “  While Elaine was sneezing non stop, Eric picked up the perfume bottle and walked towards her”Hehhtch!Oh…why…hehhtch!”  Because of the rapid sneezes, Elaine could barely breathe and of course she couldn’t see anything, including what Eric was trying to do.

Eric sprayed some perfume right on to Elaine’s poor little nose” Sorry Elaine…” “Hehhtch! Hehhtch! Hehhtch! tch! tch! tch!  What…?” At first she didn’t know what Eric was talking about, but just a few seconds later, Elaine felt a unbearable itch coming up, and it was by far the itchiest one  “What have you done….Hehhtch! tch! tch!  Why…Hehhtch! tch! tch! Hehhtch! tch! tch! Hehhtch! tch! tch! Hehhtch! tch! tch! “ Elaine began sneezing like crazy, there’s literally no time for to breathe in between each sneezes, they just came out one after another  “ Hehhtch! tch! tch! Hehhtch! tch! tch! Hehhtch! tch! tch! Please stop already… Hehhtch! tch! tch! Hehhtch! tch! tch! “   Eric was stunned again, he always wanted to make Elaine sneezes, and now his dream came true! 

Without a second thought, Eric sprayed the perfume again, and this time he didn’t stop spraying “ Hehhtch! tch! tch! How dare you did…did that….Hehhtch! tch! tch! Hehhtch! tch! tch! Hehhtch! tch! tch! Hehhtch! tch! tch!  please…no more…Hehhtch! tch! tch! Hehhtch! tch! tch! “  Elaine was exhausted, messy hair, her nose was bright red and snot all over her almost naked breast. She wanted to stop sneezing, but with Eric kept spraying that perfume, she would only sneeze more than before.

Few minutes later, Eric came up with a new idea. He left the room and closed the door, so there was no one but just Elaine, still sneezing so rapidly “He’s finally done…” She thought Eric had done torturing her poor nose, so she stood up and walked slowly towards the door  “Hehhtch! tch! tch! Hehhtch! tch! tch!  I must get out of here first…Hehhtch! tch! tch! ”  But when she tried to open the door, she found that it was locked from outside. Elaine’s mind collapsed, she had sneezed over 500 times, and she was literally a mess. 

Obviously, the tragedy hadn’t finished yet. What would Eric do to Elaine next…?


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