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"Doctor, Patience, Relationships" (m) - (8 Parts)


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Author: Me

Title: "Doctor, Patience, Relationships"

Fandom: House

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters and make no profit. Like to torture for fun.

Pairing: House/Wilson implied.

Summery: When House gets sick, can Wilson take care of him without House driving him mad?

Authors Notes: For those that watch the show this is set around season 2 when Wilson was living with House. I'm not entirely certain in what direction this is going, so I may change the title and the summery if I need to.

Feedback: Is a treasure! Especially since this is the first time I've done sick House. I hope that his isn't out of character.

Gregory House stumbled out of bed to the noise of pots and pans clanging. Each clink and clonk pounded in his head. He grabbed his cane, popped a couple Vicodin and decided that whoever was making all that racket was going to get shot. If only he could remember where he left his gun. Either that, or what would be more expedient, they would get his cane shoved so far up their ass that they wouldn't be able to sit comfortably for a week.

"Good morning," called Wilson, offering him a plate with some type of egg, potato, cheese and vegetable dish. THWACK! House shoved the plate onto the floor with his cane, then proceeded to sit down at the place that the oncologist had obviously intended for himself and started helping himself.

Wilson stared gaping for a couple of seconds, then regained composure, started cleaning up the mess, and commented pointedly, "You're welcome."

"Anytime. Now what out of all the brilliant things that I do on a daily basis what were you thanking me for?"

Wilson just glared. Then he noticed House rubbing at his throat. "Got that bug that's been going around?" he asked, feeling a bit more in charity with the older man if that was the case.

"Eeeew! That's the last time I let you use my comb."


Then Wilson, turned, House seemed to be staring right at him. Or more accurately, through him. The older man's breathing started to hitch; he made a grab for the Kleenex box and released a harsh double into it. "huh… EiShuh…ehhhh…eiTshuh" He quickly blew his nose, and threw the Kleenex into the garbage, as if he was shooting hoops.

"Nailed it! Three points." Then he proceeded to gather his things for work.

"Don't tell me. You're not going in are you?"

"Why nod." Greg scowled, annoyed that his voice was already getting congested again. He shivered a bit.

"Apart from the fact that you can't speak intelligibly?"

"Weren't you the one that was busting my butt for wanting to take off when I was a hayfever-striken mess? I think that the words were something like cancer trumping my stuffy nose or something like that."

"Allergies aren't contagious."

"And the amount of time that I spend with pahhh…. Eishuh…Shuh…heh…ehhh ban I hate that. With patients is?"

Wilson ran his fingers through his hair; "Evidently you don't care about keeping your Staff healthy."

"My staff- yes. The ducklings on the other hand…. Expendable, as long as I don't have to hear them whining about it. And I think that I'd be safe from everyone except…." House paused, his nose wrinkling a nose and blue eyes getting slightly glassy and vacant. He drew another handful of tissues from the box and held up his hand. He drifted his gazed toward the light and directed three harsh sneezes into them. "heChuuuh… ei…heh..Tchuh… eiShuh. Ugh. Cab…" he coughed and blew his nose a bit more. "Cameron would be the only problem."

"You're not going in." Wilson insisted stubbornly.

"Hey, who appointed you mother superior?"

Wilson ran his fingers through his hair again and started pacing. "All right. What's it going to cost me?"

House perked up at that. There was calculating gleam in his deep blue eyes and a wicked grin starting. "What do you mean?"

"I mean… what do I have to do in order to convince you that you need to stay home? I can make it worth your while."

"Well… you are kind of loud and annoying."

"Any of your favorite shows. As loud or soft as you want. I'll make anything you want to eat and…."

"And you'll do the dishes, mop the floor, and get me out of clinic duty for the next month."

"Month?" Wilson's jaw dropped. "Try a week."

"Hmmph… I could get a week easily. Just have to threaten to sneee…. Hadge od.…" House couldn't reach the tissues in time so he turned his body and sneezed into his elbow. "EiShuh…Tshuh." They were starting to take their toll and Wilson noticed some of the gleam was gone from House's eyes replaced by a tired look. And if Wilson was right, House was starting to run a temp. too."

"Bless. Just have to threaten whom? Cameron or Chase?"

House shrugged expansively. "Either one. Although you never know, blondie just might like it."

"All right… if I get you out of a month of clinic, will you lie down on the couch and let me got your temperature."

"Oooo! Gonna get out the rectal one, Jimmy? You scamp you."

Wilson just shook his head and laughed. "You wish. Do we have a deal?"

"Yes, baster." House tried to chuckle and ended up coughing. He sounded like a dog that needed to be put down. He let Wilson drag him over to the couch and fix things up. Wilson was good at that.

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Guest shiranui
"I mean… what do I have to do in order to convince you that you need to stay home? I can make it worth your while."

Heeh, I hope there'll be many more parts of this story *vbg*

Haven't seen House except for the trailers, but still I liked reading this. Thanks so much for writing and posting :angry:

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*tries to calm down. Fails. Tries again. Marginally succeeds*


Ok, I'm good now. Wow. God, I love you. :lol: Of course, I loved the whole fic, what with all its yummy House-sneezes and Wilson-ness, and awesome, realistic stuffy-talk and descriptions of House's illness, but a few of my favorite parts were...

1) Ducklings. I love it when he calls them ducklings. I don't know why. I just really, really do.

2) Wilson saying "Bless." C'mon, you KNOW what that does to me; we've discussed it on the Forum. :P

3) "...blondie just might like it." *raises eyebrows* I like that idea. I have a feeling you like that idea. Are you thinking of perhaps writing a piece involving that idea? Just as long as you don't give up on this one....

4) House calling Wilson "Jimmy" (or "Jimmie"; whatever). Again, I don't know why I love this. I just really do. :laugh:

5) The last line. Just...perfect.

Like I said, just in general, I loved this. The characterizations are spot-on, from House's idea to shove his cane up someone's derriere to Wilson running his hand through his hair in frustration. The story is sweet and yummy, and--as always--well written. And I love the title. Now I just can't wait to see more!



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:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I'm so happy that people are liking it. This is a definate challenge for me since evidently House doesn't like people making him sick. lol!


Squeeeeee!! I was extra excited that you really liked it, since you were a big part of why I decided to try this. :laugh:

Once I had Wilson saying the line about not caring about his staff- it just seemed like an all too natural House type retort. And I Love "ducklings" too. It is just so cute.

I know what you mean about the "Bless" thing so I'm glad that you really liked. :laugh: Oh... and I love it when Wilson runs his fingers through his hair. And when House calls him Jimmy- (d'oh- couldn't spell before :winkkiss: hehehe). And I Had to end this section with that line. Wilson is Such the caregiver *snuggles sweet Wilson*.

I don't know Where that line came from about "blondie just might like it". I haven't ever thought of Chase having the fetish- just perhaps being an eager participant in making other people's dreams come true. I *do* like the idea :laugh: but, not to worry, it isn't tempting me away from this.

*hugs* I'm So happy you felt that the characters came out right. I Loathe it when House morphs into "non-House". Oh- and the title- I was worried that it was corny- but I couldn't resist.

I' *have* started writing more- not sure how long it will be till it is long enough to post more though. I will Try to make it a short wait.

Thanks SO much everybody for such lovely comments. It means a Lot. :laugh:

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Oooohh, agian, don't watch the show, but LOVE your fiction, tma! Absolutely lovely! :winkkiss: Thank you!

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Totally cute! My friend got me into House, and now I watch it all the time. XD Good story... and I'll keep my desire for slash to myself. ^_~

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OMG!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! That is SOOO in character for both of them!!! Brilliant!!! *Wants to romp both of them - I'll take you with...*

More, More More!!! Please?

Aljana - returning from prolonged lurk-dom

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Oh my goodness. Hugh Laurie = salivation. Thank you! This is great! You really have the House/Wilson dynamic down.

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This is soooooooo good! I've read it about a dozen times sonce you first posted. It's been a while, though. Is there any more to come? Hope so...


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HEE HEE HEEEEEEE! :blushing: That's so cute! LOL! "get out the rectal..." :nohappy: *SNORT!* :lol:

I've never watched the show because we don't have cable, however I can say this much....given what I know about House, I'd say you were spot on with his persona, sick or not!

Can't wait for more! :innocent::lol:

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Oh my... this has been a while- hasn't it?? :blushing: It's Really tough to write sickHouse! (or at least it is for me). But... I really needed to get inspired to write something and honestly you guys rock SOOOO much that I'm gonna try. I hope that this is alright.

Part II "Running on Low"

A couple hours later House woke up, rubbing at his throat which felt lined with sandpaper. Then he absently massaged his bad leg. Just need to grab some Vicoden. He looked at the table which had been covered with magazines, remotes, used tissues, and various pills and now miraculously was clean. Where in the hell....

"Wilson!" he thundered horsely, stumbling up and grabbing for his cane.

Suddenly James emerged from the kitchen with a panicked look on his face. "What... what are you doing up?"

"I'm looking for my...." he paused as the tickle in his nostrils intensified. Eyelashes fluttered briefly in front of angry blue-grey eyes. "Heh... EiShuh... hehShuh.... Tchuh" Three harsh, wet sneezes threw House forward, and with the last one he lost his balance and ended up sprawled on the couch. Before Wilson could apologise or bless him or anything- House just sniffed and ground out, "The drugs you idiot- where is my goddamn Vicodin?"

"There. Right over here." he said, gesturing to an end table that was right behind where House had laid his head. Before Wilson could offer him some water House dry-popped a couple of pills. Then he blew his nose , threw the used tissues on the newly cleaned table, mumbled something about it being hard to find good help and curled back under the covers.

Wilson sighed. Not that he had expected a word of thanks but sometimes getting no appreciation for Any gesture got to wear on a person. James looked at the cold glass of water sitting on the table and part of him Ached to dump it over his friend's head- but instead he simply ran his fingers through his hair and picked up the table and went back into the kitchen to finish mopping.

The next time that Greg woke up it was to a rush of sensations. His head was pounding, his nose was completely congested and itched like crazy, his stomach was rumbling and he was shivering. "Wil...Wilsed!" he rasped out and started to cough.

As Wilson came to see what the problem was this time, House was holding a wad of tissues of to his face and staring at the light trying to expell the itchy feeling from his quivering nostrils. "Tchuh...Hehh... EiShuh... Shuh... heh... ehh... EiShuh." then he shivered uncontrollably.

"Bless." offered Wilson gently, grabbing a couple of extra blankets and putting them over the older doctor.

House totally ignored the gesture- just clutched the blankets closely to himself and asked, "What does a guy have to do to get a meal around here?"

Wilson rolled his eyes and shook his head. Then he came out with a steaming bowl of soup. Even as congested as House was he could smell how good it was- and homemade at that. House grabbed at the bowl and blew on at a few times and took a tenitive sip. Oh god- this is to die for! He subconsciously made a small groan of pleasure as the soothing broth eased down his throat and he wrapped his palate around the tender meat and fresh vegetables.

Then he looked up and realised that Wilson was still watching him. "Never seen a person eat soup before?" he querried, making a face at the oncologist.

"Glad you liked it." Wilson murmured, getting some ibuprofen for House's fever, a decongestant and another box of tissues.

After getting House settled in- which took some doing. Getting the pillows "just so", putting on the right station on the television, making sure that the pills and "necessities" were in easy reach. Then he felt House's forhead, resisting the urge to slap House for the obnoxious comments that came out of his mouth. Still warm but definately getting cooler. Wilson turned to House and said, "Alright, I've got to pop into the hospital for a couple of hours- are you all set?"

House looked around, then finally nodded. "You covering by clinic hours?" he asked with a sniff.

"No. You know I am a doctor too and I actually have a few patients that I need to see."

"But they're all gonna die anyway. So my clinic hours trumps your dying patients."

Wilson opened his mouth, but then just shook his head and said, "Alright- I'll do a couple of clinic hours, but After I see my patients. Will that do? Do you want me to pick you up anything on the way back?"

"Vanilla milkshake, raspberry popsicles, the latest Final Fantasy game, "The L word season 2", heh... EiShuh... eiTchuh... Shuh... and another bottle of the good stuff." he added waving his nearly empty Viodin container around.

Wilson smiled and shook his head. "Alright. Page me if you need anything. I'll see you later."

Wilson thought that he should have Known better than to respond to pages from House. It seemed like every 15 minutes Greg paged him to ask him compeletely inane questions like who was Miss November, or what channel the Life of Brian was on, or what colour sweater would look best on him. Just when he was about to tell House off there'd be an actual serious question about checking on the ducklings or where the leftover soup was.

After the clinic hours, Wilson ran around getting everything that House wanted- while getting interrupted a few times with more requests and more specifics. Finally when the list was done, Wilson walked into the house and his jaw hit the floor. The table was as bad, if not worse than it had been that morning. The kitchen was a distaster area. His right hand visably trembled as his ran it through his chestnut hair trying to grab onto just a Bit of sanity.

In the meanwhile- House had snatched the bags and started in on the "L Word". Minus the sound- of course- that was reserved for Aerosmith- playing at near full blast.

Wilson buried his head in his hands, went to pick up Again and take some ibuprofen for himself.

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;) Thanks for adding the 2nd part! I liked it! :rolleyes:

How obout some sneeze Chase after this ? :rolleyes: Not that I'm not in love with House, but I possibly love Chase better :unsure::))) And your stories are just priceless!!!!!!!!! :cryhappy::hug:

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Oh, thanks for the treat. You know what? I started watching House because of YOU. And I don't watch anything on TV. You craft some of my favorite fiction here.

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Oh my goodness. How is it that I haven't seen this before? I do like all of your fics but EEEK HOUSE! (You know I love me some Hugh Laurie)

You really do write his character SPLENDIDLY. It's as if it were a real episode of the show because I can "see" it as I'm reading it. You know, I'd pick out bits that I particularly liked and quote them but I couldn't narrow it down and I'd just have to quote the whole darn thing.

And I just noticed it was a LONG time in between part 1 and 2...explains why I didn't notice it. Whatever reason you had for getting re-inspired on this, I for one am sure glad that you did!! I want to eat it for breakfast!


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;) Thanks for adding the 2nd part! I liked it! :rolleyes:

How obout some sneeze Chase after this ? :rolleyes: Not that I'm not in love with House, but I possibly love Chase better :unsure::))) And your stories are just priceless!!!!!!!!! :cryhappy::hug:

OK...I messed up some words...like about and sneezy...LOL...AND forgot to say that Wilson at the end was very in character!!! And House too!

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I love you. This is yummmm. I can just picture Wilson about to start twitching but trying to supress it all and smile. So glad he's in this one....I love him. He's just so caring doctorish. BTW: you have me hooked on this show. Now I just have to get caught up on season three.

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:D:eek: GAH! You guys.... I can't figure out how to say how glad I am that you guys like it. And honestly- to think that I am help create more House frea.... fanati....fans :rolleyes: - that just makes me want to SQUEEEEEE and jump up and down like a goof.

eyelyn- I totally understand about :D ing Chase better- (pssst.... he's my fav. lol!). I want to do something with him next- just waiting for inspiration and right now I've actually got a couple ideas with this one.

brigidmn- Isn't Wilson just TOO sweet?? I think that you might like the next idea that I have (hoping that it pans out).

I'm going to TRY to post some more later today- we'll see how that goes *crosses fingers*.

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Wow! This is great! MORE please!!!!!

I adore House! Have you seen the episode when he has hay fever? I almost DIED~!

you're writing such a good story, continue soon!!!!

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Part III- He's the Devil in Disguise

By the time that James Wilson was ready to drag his bone-weary body to bed, he was throughly regretting both making House stay home and the blithe promises that he had made to House this morning. You really ought to know by now that when you give House an inch he'll take over a space at Least the size of Texas.

On the way to the couch, Wilson stepped quietly into House's bedroom to check on him. Peering in at the sleeping diagnostician, Wilson begrudingly felt a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. It was a good feeling to hear House's congested snores. His breathing no longer sounded raspy and the fact that he appeared to be sleeping comfortably filled Wilson with a sense of accomplishment. And then there was something about Greg sleeping. The human House, the House in need of care, that was the House that kept Wilson putting up with the bully, the addict, the arrogant s.o.b., and the obnoxious versions of the same man.

As Wilson shrugged out of his clothes and pulled on a t-shirt to top his boxers, he suddetnly realised just how utterly exhausted he was. He crawled onto the couch. As soon as his chestnut head hit the pillow, he was dead to the world.

The next morning House woke up and stretched broadly. His nostrils began to quiver slightly and he breathed in slowly while grabbing for a couple of Kleenex. His jaw slackened and his breath trembled before he released two fairly harsh sneezes into the depths of the Kleenex. After blowing his nose, he smiled. His temp. was down and his head felt like a head again- and not like a snare head that an overzealous drummer had turned once too often. It was perfect. Just sick enough to keep Wilson slaving over him, picking up and fetching and carrying, and making soup that was to die for. But not sick enough to Want to die. Today he would actually Enjoy getting to watch his DVD's, play some games, and torment a certain friend. Speaking of which House realised that he didn't hear the little clitter, clatter of pans in the kitchen. Hmmm... better check what is going on.

The flash of brillantly blinding light (House throwing open the shades), followed by a large glass of icy water splashed in the face greeted Wilson.

"What the..." he gasped and sputtered. He wiped off his face and squinted at House in groggy disbelief.

"Just making sure that you were still alive. I got up and there was no breakfast and I wah..." House paused face elongating and breathing hitching to full effect, "EiShuh... Shuh... Tshuh... huh...*sniff* worried" an innocently contrite expression was plastered on his face- and could have been convincing if not for the devilish gleam in his blue eyes.

Wilson stretched and rubbed his temples. "Al..Alright, just give me a minute." he yawned, still half-dazed.

House strode to the bathroom, whistling. "I'm gonna wash up. Make that thing you did the other day, but without the green pepper and make some pancakes." he called.

Wilson shook his head, ran his hands down the length of his face and got to work.

As he cracked the eggs he noticed that his throat felt a little scatchy and he decided that he must not have hydrated himself enough yesterday. He poured himself a glass of orange juice noting that the coolness felt good but it had a little kick or something to it. Almost like it was stinging just a bit.

When House got to the table, he dug into the food like a man on a mission. Wilson merely stared at him disbelievingly and picked at his own plate. When House looked up, Wilson asked, "So, are you going in today?"

Suddenly House was a man transformed- he slumped slightly, groaned a bit and sniffled loudly for effect. "Well... I" a well placed series of coughs interrupted him, "I'm sorry, I would, but you know, I have to think of my Staff. I'd hate for them to geh.... eh..." raising watery blue eyes slowly to the light House was able to get the sensation to grow at the most dramatically effective rate, "EiSHUH... TSHUH... heh...ehh... Shuh"

"Bless." Wilson managed sincerely and then rolled his eyes. "Oh of course, pardon me for asking. If you could give me a list Before I head off of what you want that would be great. Did you want me to check in on your people while I'm in?"

House contemplated and slowly nodded. "My people.... that has a nice ring to it. Make sure that they are being busy little beavers. Oh... and you should take some ibuprofen before you go."

Wilson looked at his friend with a puzzled expression.

"Your head. You're squinting a little- you always do that when you're getting a headache. Either that or you need to get some glasses."

Wilson shook his head and chuckled. "Alright. I'll see you tonite. Try not to page unless you Need something." he said, pointedly regarding House.

"Who me?" House questioned, all innocence.

Author's Note: Alright... by now you guys can guess the way in which my devious mind in moving. Would it be really bad to have sick Wilson and sick House?? Because honestly- if it would be Too much or too goofy- I'll move away from it. I'm just REALLY tempted.

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Oh manalive! The only word for this is "hnnngh!"

The bit where he threw water in Wilson's face was SO funny, especially as he was so nonchalant about it. And it's amazing how you can show that Wilson sees a different side to House without having to emphasise the different side of him, or make him all OOC and sappy or something!

And I swear I LOVE how you write his sneezes "interrupting" his words. I love when that happens and the way that you write it just shows the desperation of fighting the losing battle to get the sentence out!

And as for the last bit (the author's note). Heck, I always say "the more the merrier" but that's just me...

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