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Okay, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon. Many of these little drabbles will be set in the Supernatural fandom, although I plan on including others tv shows like Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, and Dexter, to name a few. I'm probably also going to devote space for Johnny Depp (or one of his characters), Charlie Hunnam's Nicholas Nickleby, and singer Josh Groban. M sneezing only, and I'll mark tags to any episodes as I go. Some of the drabbles may be connected to create a longer story...I'll mark those carefully also. Let me know if you guys have any other questions!

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean, Sam

Prompt: Miserable

Word count: 164

Part 1 of 3

Tag to episode 1.01 Pilot and 1.02 Wendigo

Sam had picked up some odd habits at college, not least of which was the blessings. Sure, he didn’t especially mind it, but it was something Dad had never done, and Dean hadn’t come to expect it from family.

During that first week in Stanford, Sam was usually too preoccupied with thoughts of grief and revenge to pay any mind to Dean’s bodily functions, including his sneezes. It wasn’t until they were in the car, on their way to Colorado, when it happened.

Naturally, Dean was driving, and Sam was in the passenger seat, head leaning against the glass of his window, looking miserable. Dean scratched at his nose, then cupped a palm over his nose and mouth. He hated sneezing into his hands, but it was either that or spray the arm of his leather jacket, or the car, God forbid. “HUHHHHshu!” With a grimace, he wiped the warm wetness on the leg of his jeans.

“Bless you,” Sam mumbled. Dean just stared.

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean, Sam, Red-haired Girl (my own character)

Prompt: Hypocrite

Word count: 228

Part 2 of 3

Dean wasn’t especially sensitive to dust, but for some reason this section of the library was seriously testing his resolve not to sneeze. Dean twitched his nose to alleviate the itch, catching the eye of the pretty redhead at the front desk once again in the process. He winked, hoping it would look flirtatious, and not just like he was trying to get some dust out of his eye. That was simply an added bonus of the wink.

“Dean? I think I’ve got something.”

Reluctantly, Dean mouthed a “later” to the now giggly librarian, before leaning over his brother’s shoulder at the small table. “Wat’cha got, Sasquatch?”

“See for yourself.” Sam blew slightly on the page, sending up a fine layer of dust, pushing Dean over the edge. He turned his head aside as the sneeze burst forth. “AHHH’tchu!”

“Sorry. Bless you.”

Dean shrugged his shoulders, somewhat disappointed to see that the redhead had turned her attention elsewhere, rapidly scribbling away on a writing pad. “Whatever.” He stared at the crumbling page, impatient to find this elusive “something”, when he noticed the shadow of a thin, graceful girl fall over the table.

The redhead smiled. “Bless you.”

Dean beamed. “Thanks,” he said easily, accepting the scrap of paper with her number.

Sam hid his smirk behind another dusty book until she walked away. “Hypocrite,” he mumbled to Dean.

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean, Sam

Prompt: Mother

Word count: 273

Part 3 of 3

Tag to episode 1.09 Home

Dean wanted to put the trip to Lawrence behind him, but Sam still hadn’t seen the photos Jenny had given them. When they arrived at the motel, Dean handed over the envelope and settled onto the bed nearest the door, hoping that would be the end of it.

Apparently, Sam had other ideas. “Hey, Dean, when was this taken?”

Dean sighed and went to sit on the edge of his brother’s bed, their knees almost touching. “Doesn’t it have a date on the back? Mom and Dad used to be pretty good about labeling these things.”

Sam shook his head. “Not this one, I checked. What do you think? I’m pretty little here, huh?”

Dean considered the image, but not for long. “May 3rd, 1983. Mom had just brought you home from the hospital. I was worried I was gonna drop you, but she just smiled and put you in my arms.” Dean smiled at the memory, and plucked another photo of his mother’s shining face out of Sam’s hand. “She was so happy.” Dean tried to swallow the lump in his throat, but it was tough with Sam getting all misty next to him. He managed to fight off the tears, but the burn in his eyes and nose escaped as a sudden sneeze, buried in the crook of his elbow to protect the photographs. “HUHchuuu!”

“Bless you,” said Sam sympathetically, around the lump in his own throat.

One of the great things about Dean was that he often understood what Sam never did manage to say. “Thanks, Sammy,” he replied with a sniff, gingerly putting an arm around his brother’s shoulders.

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Supernatural drabbles?!! You're the best! I LOVE Supernatural. And Dean sneezes are the best. :D These are very nice. Can't wait to read more.

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Great start... :)

I love that show! Especially Dean. Please continue. :rollfast:

I love how you ended it with Dean putting his arm (lovingly)around his brother Sam. I hope you continue it. :D

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@ Cerulean Flower - Thanks! And I agree, Dean sneezes are the best! Sammy fans, don't worry...there will be plenty of stories featuring sneezy Sammy too!

@ scent - Thanks! Don't worry, there will be plenty of sap to come...especially in my Supernatural drabbles!

@ krazykat and sneezetensia - Awww, thanks! That's nice to hear, especially considering how much I'm enjoying your threads!

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Fandom: Dexter

Characters: Dexter, Prey (original character)

Prompt: Shut Up

Word Count: 315

Warning: Graphic violence

Tonight’s the night. My prey is unsuspecting, strolling carelessly to his BMW in the dark parking lot of the club after God knows how many. No one else is in sight. Swift and silent, I creep up behind him and slide the needle into his neck. A soft moan escapes his lips, then his knees buckle, then, unconsciousness.

I carry him to the car, drive him to the abandoned house, and strap him to the table. All the while, I’m trying to ignore the tickle that has been building in my throat all day, and the new itching in my nostrils...probably a cold. “Hi-gnuck!” I pinch my nose and stifle, continuing to put on my apron and gloves.

My prey is beginning to stir, but I am patient, continuing to ready my tools. It doesn’t take long for him to wake with a jolt, thrashing against the bindings. His whimpering reaches an especially high pitch when he sees the shrine on his left…pictures of two young girls, flanked by dozens of candles.

I don’t bother with pleasantries on this one. My head aches, and this scum isn’t worth the effort. I press a finger to my lips and remove the gauze.

“How could you do it? Your own children.”

His whisper is hoarse and barely audible, but without remorse. “I needed the insurance…”

Disgusted, I shove the gauze back into his mouth. “Shut up. You make me sick,” I declare, proving my point by sneezing directly in his face.

“Hahisshoo! Hah’ISSHoo! ISSHooo!” I continue to sneeze harshly, not bothering to cover my face. My nose begins to run, and I wipe it with the back of my glove…disgusting, but it will be covered in other bodily fluids soon. With a deep sniff, I remove the power saw from my kit. The gentle whirring soothes me even as my prey struggles briefly, then departs this world.

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Wow. I don't know the fandoms but these are very nice so far! :balloon:

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@ Vet - Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying! If you ever do decide to get into any new fandoms, Supernatural and Dexter are two of my favorites and I've only heard people say good things about them.

@ krazykat - LOL. Yes, Dexter is one sick puppy. ;)

I have two more Supernatural drabbles for everyone tonight. Enjoy!

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean, Sam

Prompt: Airplane

Word Count: 207

Tag to Episode 1.04 Phantom Traveler

Dean woke from a fitful rest at 3am to the sound of his brother’s congested snoring. Stupid fuckin’ airplanes. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the flight had made his ears pop, his stomach lurch, and his hands tremble, planes were germ magnets. And Sam? Well, right now, the poor kid was an easy target, lucky if he got a few hours of sleep a night.

Sure enough, Sam was beginning to shift and moan in his sleep. Silently Dean rose from his bed, and went to the tiny motel bathroom, returning with a glass of water and another dose of cold medicine.

When Sam bolted awake seconds later, Dean gave him a moment to catch his breath before handing him the glass and the pills. “Feel like talking about it yet?”

Sam shook his head, downing pills and water in a flash, sputtering on the final gulp as he coughed. Dean thumped his brother on the back until the fit passed, unsure if the few tears that landed on the bedspread were strictly cough-related. Sam sighed and leaned back to sit against the headboard. He cleared his throat to thank his brother, but all that came out was “HaSHOO!”

Dean nodded as if he understood.

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean, Sam, Hombre Gato (original-ish character based on an actual legend)

Prompt: Muffle

Word Count: 287

Sam’s about as useful to me now as he was on his first hunt…meaning, hardly at all. Only then he wasn’t sneezing so much.

“I didn’t think you were allergic to cats.”

He manages to pull a sour face, and glare at me through streaming eyes. “Id case you haved’t doticed…HaCHOO!…this isd’t ady ordidary cat.”

“Touché. You’d better head back…I’ll finish this one.”

“Doe way ab I baking you do this alode.”

“What choice do we have? This thing’ll hear you…” Too late, I notice the pale green eyes of Hombre Gato in the distance, waiting beyond the trees.

Sam notices, and dashes out of the undergrowth, back into the clearing we just passed. Sneezing and yelling nonsense loudly provides a good distraction… but still, the Catman is only inches away from Sam before I can get a clear shot, hitting it in the back with a silver bullet. The beast faceplants into the ground, taking Sam down with him.

“Sam!” I run over and help him up, when he sneezes yet again, this time muffled into my black jacket, leaving a trail of snot down the front.

“Dude,” I begin, but Sam is sneezing too much to hear any remark I am about to make, and I let it drop for now. I shoot the overgrown cat several more times to be sure it’s dead, and fish a bandanna out of my pocket, blotting my jacket before handing it over to Sam, as I lead him out of the woods.

Once Sam can go five seconds without sneezing, I attempt to talk again. “That was pretty easy. Next time Bobby hears about a cat monster, how about we let someone else take the job?”

“HaSHUU!! Agreed.”

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OMG! I just started watching Supernatural, and was wondering if I should ask someone to write some stuff, and here it is! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Loving these!!!

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@ Sneesee - Glad to be of help! ^_^ I'm very happy that you are enjoying my work so far.

@ Cerulean Flower - Thanks!

Okay, so here are three more Supernatural drabbles, which wound up being connected to make up chapters of the same story. I have some more Dexter work, and a few other fandoms coming, but for now, Supernatural is all my weak brain can seem to manage. :rolleyes: No real tags to any episodes, but it's set in late season 3, and is slightly spoilery. Enjoy!

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean, Sam

Prompt: Hot/Cold

Word Count: 124

Chapter 1 of 3

“Dean?” Sam keeps his voice low, smoothing one hand over a hot forehead.

Dean groans, cracking open one eye, and beginning to shiver. “’S cold.”

“I know, but you’re still running a fever, and you’re already using all the good blankets in this crap motel room.”

“HUH-shoo! SHOO!" Dean sneezes twice in his elbow, moaning some more. “Still have to salt and burn…”


Sam braces himself for a lecture on Why I Should Have Consulted My Older Brother First, and is oddly disappointed when it doesn’t come. “’S good. Wasn’t a hard case. You’ll have to get used to doing these things on your own.”

Sam shudders as a deep chill runs through his body as well. “Not if I can help it.”

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby

Prompt: Childhood

Word Count: 171

Chapter 2 of 3

Bobby couldn’t say he was especially shocked or unhappy to see the Winchester boys on his doorstep. Both looked tired…Dean from the flu, Sam from playing nursemaid the past day or so. Lucky Bobby had an immune system made of steel, and a long mental list of remedies that came in handy when John left the boys with him back in their more tender years.

Bobby pointed the boys in the general direction of his guest rooms, but as usual, his advice fell on deaf ears. It was all Dean could manage to stumble in the general direction of the sofa, leaning on Sam for support.

Bobby put a hand on Dean’s shoulder once he settled down, tucked in with a throw blanket, by Sam. “You with us, boy?”

Dean looked up, eyes bright with fever. “HUH’tchoo! Uncle Bobby? That you?”

Bobby couldn't help a snort of laughter. If that wasn't a sure sign that Dean needs a cup of his most potent herbal tea, then he doesn’t know what is.

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean, Sam

Prompt: Floor

Word Count: 170

Part 3 of 3

Dean wakes up on Bobby’s couch, unable to breath through his nose. “AH-chuu! HUH’shuu! SHUU!” He fumbles for the box of tissues in the darkened room, finally taking a handful and blowing his nose, wincing at the crackling din.

Sam coughs and pulls himself into a sitting position from his spot on the floor. “Dean?”

“Sam?” Between his own exhaustion and the dark, Dean can’t see very well, but Sam looks a little flushed. “You sick?”

Sam shakes his head, ruining the unspoken lie with a sudden “HaCHOO!”

Dean sighs. “Sammy, ’M sorry…”

Sam shakes his head again, then stops when it only makes his headache worse. “’S not your fault…HaSHOO!…we’ve both been worn out…”

“Especially you…looking for a way out for months…”

Sam opens his mouth to argue, then changes his mind, grasping his brother’s hand. “I’ll live. You’ll live. It’s not your fault,” he says firmly, no longer sure if he’s talking about the flu or the deal.

Reassured, Dean drifts back into sleep, still clutching Sam’s hand.

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Ooooh, these are great! They're all so wonderful. (Of course, I'm biased because of my love for Dean) ^_^ I especially love the last one. SO cute. Great job. You've got me hooked. :rolleyes:

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Oh my...these are all lovely, especially the Dexter one! My inner fangirl is very VERY happy at the moment. ^_^

Excellent job, I hope to read more soon!

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@ Cerulean Flower - Yay, I haz a loyal fan!!11! :lmfao: I'm glad you like the cuteness!

@ dove - Thank you so much for the kind words...and for sharing the drabble idea with all of us in the first place! I'm having so much fun posting and reading! Glad to pacify your inner fangirl, as well as my own! :D

After sitting on this drabble idea for weeks, I finally did some editing and decided to post my drabble featuring singer Josh Groban. I warn you...shameless fluff ahead! Enjoy!

Fandom: Josh Groban

Characters: Josh, Narrator (original), mention of Shay (original) and Jackie (original)

Prompt: Music

Word Count: 126

“You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains…”

I owed Shay, big time. She could have given the extra third row seat to Jackie, who was a Grobanite if I ever knew one. Still, Shay picked me, since it was my birthday.

“You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas…”

Was it possible that he was even more beautiful in person? Still, I had to admit, even from here, his nose looked a little pink.

“I am strong, when I am on your shoulders…”

God, what exquisite music, what a beautiful voice. Like liquid gold. Still, that last line did sound a little rough…maybe he had a cold?

“You raise me uh-UHCHHH!…to more than I can be.”

Yes, I owed Shay, big time.

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Ooooh, these are great! They're all so wonderful. (Of course, I'm biased because of my love for Dean) :laugh: I especially love the last one. SO cute. Great job. You've got me hooked. :innocent:

I loved those other two Supernatural stories! Thanks for posting them! I hope to see more. B)

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@ scent - thank you! Don't worry, there will be more!

I apologize to everyone for being away from my thread for so long! I had a minor writers block and was feeling generally lazy, but I have two new Dexter stories for you tonight, which are very loosely connected.

Fandom: Dexter

Characters: Dexter

Prompt: Control

Word Count: 100

Part 1 of 2

Blood. Sometimes it sets my teeth on edge, other times it helps me control the chaos. At this moment it was the latter. The tiny room was chilly with unnecessary air conditioning. At first the chill helped me to focus, but soon it also turned my nose numb. I twitched my nose around to prevent a sneeze, succeeding only in looking ridiculous. I turned my back on the suspect’s blood-stained tie and pinched my nose shut. Only a tiny “Iss-shump” managed to escape. Regaining my composure quickly, I headed to the nearest sink to wash my hands before resuming.

Fandom: Dexter

Characters: Dexter, Rita, Astor, Cody

Prompt: Lazy

Word Count: 219

Part 2 of 2

My sleep was disrupted early the next Saturday morning by the sounds of Cody and Astor rushing into the room, then the sensation of the bed rocking as they leapt onto the mattress between Rita and I. I cracked one eye open.

“Dexter, we’re hungry. Can you get us some doughnuts?” Cody asked.

“Please? Then maybe we can go to the park?” Astor added.


“Kids,” Rita moaned sleepily, “I told you not to disturb us.”

I laughed and managed to sit up. “It’s all right. I want doughnuts too.” It was a half-truth - I would probably want doughnuts when I was more awake. I couldn’t have possibly been more excited than Astor and Cody, who had begun to sing a song about doughnuts. Secretly I think Rita and I were pleased that the kids were beginning to act more like…well, children.

A sudden sunbeam fell over my face as I struggled to sit up straighter, triggering my slight photic reflex. I pinched my nose shut. “ISH-shu-OO!” The stifle was completely unsuccessful, my hand covered in spray.

“Bless you, Dexter,” Rita said, her hand coming up to touch my shirtless back before fluttering back down again lazily. The kids were still singing. I could only laugh again as I realized that some chaos simply would not be controlled.

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Fandom: Josh Groban

Oh for the love of God!!!!! I am one of the biggest Grobanites ever (as you might be able to tell from my avatar)!!! Thank you SO very much for this!!! I hope you will be inspired to write more Josh yumminess!!!! :wacko:

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Oh man. Dexter drabbles?!?! You're my new hero. Really, i was hopping someone else watched that show. These are amazing. Have you considered dowing a small story? If so i would love you for ever, not that i don't already of course. :wacko: You're work is great. Keep it up please! :blink:

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@ chui - Thanks so much for the encouragement to me, and the other writers! You are the sweetest! :P

@ lutzzie - I am so very glad you enjoyed! Thanks for your comment! Also, I must say that I totally love your icon. :hug:

@ LoneStar - Aw, thanks! :P As far as a longer story goes...well, I must admit my attention span is short...I've been kind of off and on working on a Supernatural story for a while now. I'm one of those people who hates to post something when my ideas are still incomplete because I want to do a good job, and not forget about the story for months before my next post. I've considered doing a slightly longer story at some point...I shall let you know if it ever actually comes together!

I was on vacation for a while, and away from my thread again, but I'm back now! I bring more Supernatural fluff, this time in two parts.

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean, Sam

Prompt: Pathetic

Word Count: 335

Part 1 of 2

Sam entered the motel room, a large paper bag in his arms. “Dean? I brought you some meds. And some of that soup from the place across the street, and a few other things.”

Sam began to unpack the aforementioned items, along with several boxes of tissues with lotion, orange juice, eucalyptus pillow spray, tea, honey, and peanut M&Ms. Dean raised his eyebrows from his position on the nearest bed, sitting propped up by a number of pillows, a small box of scratchy motel tissues at his bedside. “Sabby, it’s just a cold, I’ll be fide.” Perhaps Sam would have been slightly more convinced if Dean hadn’t followed up that comment with a tremendous “HRRRCXXHH!!” that left his tender nose trickling slightly. Dean snuffled, and attempted a subtle wipe with the back of a bandaged hand before Sam came running with a new box of tissues, plucking out several and holding them to his brother’s nose.

“Blow,” Sam instructed. It had been a long time since Dean had felt so useless and pathetic, but he obliged, letting out a long “hhhrrrrrrnnnnnnkk” followed by another sneeze. Sam held the dampened clump to Dean’s nose a moment longer, but the sneezing had passed for now, and after a gentle swipe Sam tossed the wad into the wastebasket.

Dean leaned back against the pillow and sighed, gesturing at his bandaged hands. “Few bore days udtil I cad take these off for good, huh?”

“Yeah, looks like.” Sam looked sympathetic. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Dean had the cold from Hell, his hands were still badly scratched up from a few days ago, when an angry spirit had him shoved into branches and thorns in the cemetery. Luckily Sam had managed to finish burning the body before any severe damage was done, and Dean hadn’t even needed stitches. But there were few tasks he didn’t need help with, including blowing his nose…and Sam knew he would be doing a lot of that in the next few days.

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean, Sam

Prompt: Care

Word Count: 272

Part 2 of 2

“Want some soup?” Sam asked. Dean nodded, and Sam went back to the kitchen, returning with the container of wonton and some plastic utensils. Sam began alternating between spoon feeding Dean some of the liquid, and bringing up forkfuls of wonton wrapper and meat.

Halfway through the container, the steam and spices began to work their way into Dean’s sinuses, and he raised an arm to stop Sam from dipping into another spoonful. “Sab…I deed to sdeeze…” Sam brought several more tissues to his brother’s face before Dean dissolved into a congestion-clearing fit. “Hrrrsssxxxhhh! HRR’TCHA! Er-SHAA! HRRRSSSHHH! Eh! EH? SHHH!”

“Do you need to blow?” Sam asked, when he was positive Dean was finished.

“Nah, I’m good.” Sam was inclined to believe him, considering that was the first time all day Dean had been able to speak an M or an N properly.

Sam nodded, wiped, and threw the soggy tissues away. “You sound better for now, but I think you should take the decongestant anyways.”

“Yes, Doc.”

Dean opened his mouth for Sam to toss in the pill, and to gulp down the water in the glass Sam held steady before returning to the soup. To Sam’s delight, Dean finished the entire container, leaning back into the pillows when he finished, looking much more content.

“Still hungry? I got some sesame chicken for myself…”

Dean shook his head. Maybe he was still a sick, snotty mess, but he felt a little better, and had a little brother who was going to take good care of him. “I’m good,” he said again. “That is, as long as you hand over those M&Ms.”

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Sneezy!Dean is my absolute favourite. I'm eating these ficlets up. :P Your sneeze spellings are so creative and spot-on, and the idea of Sam holding kleenex for hand-mangled!Dean to sneeze and blow into is just, ridiculously hot.

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I love both Dexter and Supernatural, so I was incredibly pumped to discover this thread. If Dean ever sneezes on the show I will probably explode; I've seen that episode where he's all sickly and wears Sam's gigantic hoodie an embarrassing amount of times.

Anyway, these are all really lovely, and that last one is too adorable for words. Aw, Deano!

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