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What's Your Type?


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This is a game where you tell about the type people you like. You can post about their personality or appearance or both. And don't worry, no judgement here.


Humour is huge. He must have a good sense of humour, or I'll get bored quickly.

Sarcasm is nice because I'm super sarcastic so I gravitate towards other people like that.

I like nerdy, but not Dungeons and Dragon nerdy. More like Superwholock nerdy, like me.

Guys who are good with computers are amazing. If he can type really fast, it's a big turn on for me. (Weird, huh?wink.png)

He has to read, I don't care what. Books are very important to me.

It's great if we share some interests, especially if it's TV shows, movies, and/or books.

Intelligence is amazingly attractive on anyone.heart.gif

No possessiveness. I am not his, and he is not mine.

We need to be able to have fun together.

Confidence is sexy, as long as it doesn't turn into arrogance.

Okay with traveling and urban/suburban places.

He has to actually be a nice person. Jerks aren't fun.

He has to be okay with my weirdness (especially this).


I like guys who are leaner. Skinny isn't a big deal for me. And muscles are great, just not super big ones.

Messy, curly hair is super cute no matter what color. Just bedhead-ish hair in general.

Super dark eyes or super bright eyes are the most attractive for me. A plus if he's got pretty eyelashes.

Big hands with long fingers are nice.

Tatoos are okay, but I don't really find them appealing. No to all piercings.

No thuggish or redneck style. (Like supersagged pants or trucker hats.)

Preferably a deeper voice, but it doesn't really matter.

A great laugh/smile is definitely a huge plus.

Taller than me (but I'm 5'5" so it's not that hard).

Tasteful facial hair is okay (no mustaches or big beards).

I find the wrinkles around a guy's eyes when he laughs or smiles extremely endearing.

Dimples are sososo cute.

So, yeah. That's my type, now what's yours? smile.png

edited: because my tastes changed and more people started using this thread

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as for personality, i like the evil types. if not evil then they at least have to be tough, but they have to have soft spots. and this is gonna be weird, but i love people who are a little on the insane side too.

and with looks, they MUST have straight hair; if not completely straight a little wavy is fine i guess, preferably long hair(i hate short hair), i like light colored eyes...cant really get myself to like brown eyes, and if a person has a real big nose, instant turn on for me...just not noses that are fat and squishy kinda big..BLEH., and its always nice to see milky white skin on a person, and last but not least, goth types are a plus lol

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Personality: I like funny guys or guys who can have fun without having to go out and find it - just someone with a sense of humor. I like guys who care, but aren't overbearing in doing so, and who will acknowledge the fact that I'm not a weak person. I like guys who like the outdoors and are more country oriented than city. I guess I have a whole list of things I like, but it all depends on the person (my friends tell me I always like jerks). Definitely humor, though, that's way near the top of the list.

Appearance: I like tall guys. Blue or green eyes are my favorite. And I love farmer's tans. Hair color doesn't matter too much, but I do have a thing for redheads. Just like with personality, this stuff all depends on the individual, and it's certainly not as important as personality.

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I have been told by my friends that I tend to go for somewhat immature girls. I think I'm attracted to girls who are generally energetic and enjoy enjoying themselves, but maybe that's the same thing. Basically I sorta feel like I prefer the opposite of my own personality (which has been commonly described as bitter and sarcastic), I suspect because I like the idea of being able to adopt some of a more cheerful perspective. A good sense of humor is pretty necessary also, mostly because I literally cannot stop myself from making jokes at all times and someone who couldn't laugh at me, themselves, and anything or anyone around them would quickly tire of me.

Looks-wise I'd say that if they aren't generally attractive on the whole, there has to be something particularly attractive about them. I've fallen for girls who (I've been told) weren't terribly all that, but had like a really beautiful nose or absolutely gorgeous hair. I guess I intrinsically look for a sum total of attractive features rather than an even distribution?

Why am I answering this >_>

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Straight up I like guys who seem to know who they are and are comfortable about it, big points if you act like you think we're equals instead of 1) looking down on me or 2) putting me on a pedestal.

I like guys that are active and care about their appearance without being vain - I don't like guys who spend more time getting ready than I do tonguesmiley.gif And guys that you can see are having a good time whatever they're doing, I especially like all you mad dance and music enthusiasts (musos=sexy). Guys who like sports casually, but not those who make their whole life about their game.

I adore watching guys mucking around with their mates.....just that sort of testosterone-fuelled part sexy/ part competitive nonsense that is soo cute. I have a tendency to go for flirts (and players, oops tonguesmiley.gif) and a slightly wicked sense of sarcastic humour helps as well, and a bit of ambition. Although I couldn't care less what they do for a living as long as they have some idea of where they're going in life. I basically like guys who are comfortable with who they are and aren't afraid to show it; to realise that as a man you can should have feelings and that "teh gays" are not something to be feared, but people to befriend.

....So basically someone a lot like me.

As we get to know one another I like guys that warm to my childish side and take the lead (i.e ask me out and be protective), but to see and acknowledge my strengths and realise that I'm a grown ass woman who refuses to be treated as "ornamental" or "delicate" or basically week and feeble because I'm a girl.

As far as looks go I'm not all that fussy if the personality is right, but I generally prefer the "long and lanky" kind of guy and/or the "lean and athletic" types. Too much weight is a turn off only because it smacks at a certain level of inactivity, and I know I'm a seething ball of hyper. A bit of a beer gut if fine, sorta endearing actually, but that's about the limit. I just see it as a lifestyle-incompatibilty thing. I like longer hair and paler european features, although I do have a massive thing for asian guys.

So yeah.... that's me blush.png

edited because b and ) makes odd :P

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Hmmm, it's a bit weird to think about this, because I haven't really found myself attracted to anyone I've met in real life (hopefully this isn't strange... I worry), but I like guys who are genuinely nice. The whole mysterious-jerk thing doesn't really do it for me. They also have to be loyal (I guess. I always fall for the characters who nobly sacrifice themselves for the good of the cause/their friends, so I'll generalize to loyalty). A good sense of humor is really important to me, as is intelligence. I would also really love to find a guy who is into fandom and can both understand and join me in my obsessions. How likely is that? :rolleyes:

Appearance-wise, I'm a sucker for dark, short hair, the curlier/wavier the better. Blue eyes are gorgeous, but pale eyes of any color are great. I don't particularly care about height, as long as he's taller than me, and I like a trim body. Also, he has to have a great smile. :D

I also have a tendency to find boyish girls very attractive, though I would consider myself to be straight.

...Why did I answer this when I have 0 romantic experience? ^^;

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I tend to be drawn to creative, passionate people. A strong sensuality is a huge plus.

As for appearances, I have a soft spot for curvy women with roundish faces. Men, I like them Tall, Dark and Lean, with sharp features and low-pitched voices. A touch of androgyny is always appreciated as well.

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Basically I have three different types that I like 1) my number one is the cold, arrogant, composed, dominant lady. The type who's always in complete control and can manipulate with words and looks. The "temper tantrum if she doesn't get her way"-type is one branch of this type. She's not a healthy type to hang around when your self-esteem is wobbly (or ever), take my word for it, but that's the type that never fails to attract me. Phew. I'm all hot and bothered just by writing this. Ahem. Moving on.

The second type that I like is the bubbly, spiritual, lively type of girl, typically not too bright but sweet and very fun, the kind of girl who's always very close to her emotions - she doesn't play games, she couldn't even if she tried. Something Goldie Hawn-ish, if you follow? :) And the third type is one I've very recently started to appreciate; the calm, honest, self-confident girl who's not bossy but is able to lead if she has to. The type who wants to know things instead of starting to condemn someone. Probably the type whom I would be happiest with - I've come to realise that I don't need someone to carry me, but I need someone who can carry herself.

As for appearances... I like slim gals. It's just... what I like. (maybe because I've been the big girl myself in all groups all my life and I would LOVE to be the skinny girl myself!) But some girls look a lot better with some extra weight on, so that depends on the person, I'd say. I like blue-eyed blondes. And brown-eyed brunettes. I like petite and I like tall... and... pretty much anything. I'm in between preferences right now, so I can't really say. :lol: But all in all, I love strictness. I'm such a sucker for strict suits and updos and high heels and titles and... uh... :shy:


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Personality: Kindness, sincerity, courtesy, etc. "Down-to-earth," if you will. :)

Looks: I would prefer for him to have blue eyes, be taller than me, and have a nice voice. Especially a really nice voice. *melts*

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I like this thread, I'm glad it's been bumped back up :)

In a guy, personality wise I'm the same as most and I love a guy with a sense of humour. But it has to be my sense of humour. I have a pretty grim sense of humour sometimes :lol: I'd like him to be a proper mans man, not one who plucks his eyebrows or uses self tan or anything. I like tough guys, but not violent guys. So I like them to be strong and be able to kick ass, but would actually never kick ass. I'd rather they weren't a fan of public displays of affection, but be all over ne whilst in private.

Looks wise: completely covered in tasteful, sexy tattoos. Dark hair, and I like it short. Hazel or green eyes would help. Also being at least 6'0". Dress wise I don't mind but I'm a sucker for the "rock star" look (band t-shirts/vests, black jeans, aviator sunglasses) I'm also a fan of the punk look, but not as excessive as bright green mohawks or anything, just the clothes :P

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Personality: To be honest I find my self attracted to introverted guys a lot, I think it's because I'm quite outgoing and I couldn't be around someone who was like me. Like I'm constantly doing/talking all the time and I just can't stay still or relax, and whenever I've met someone with a similar personality to me they just kinda annoyed me! :D But I a sense of humour is always so good, so basically I want someone who is very quite in public, but who can make me laugh when we are alone.

Looks: I always think about what I like in guys but then I see someone who I like who doesn't match the criteria! Well I'll keep it basic, I like guys with long hair, but any haircut is fine as long it's not shaved all over (undercuts are fine), I don't mind height as long as they are not a foot shorter than me or something. I do quite like facial piercings but only mouth or nose ones, I really can't stand anything like eyebrows. I also really like tattoos as well, but I'm a bit of a tattoo snob so I only really like colourful tattoos. But he can be completely covered in them. I also seem to find big noses attractive, but I can also find any nose attractive too, so I think if he has a nose which I notice easily then it's always a plus. I have a feeling I'm missing something, oh well!

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Personality: Kindness, sincerity, courtesy, etc. "Down-to-earth," if you will. smile.png

Looks: I would prefer for him to have blue eyes, be taller than me, and have a nice voice. Especially a really nice voice. *melts*

I'd like to add that confidence, in my opinion, automatically makes anyone look at least 10 times as attractive.

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Personality: Shy intelligence. Sharp logic. Deadpan humor. Introverted.

Appearance: Tanned skin. Dark hair. Dark eyes. Tall.

I end up being attracted to Asians, more than likely x'D. I'm not sure why, but they catch my eye more than any other ethnicity.

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I'm bisexual.


Personality: I'm femme, so I tend to get turned on by more masculine women. I like smart, sweet, romantic types. I tend to go for long relationships, so any girlfriend of mine must be loyal.

Appearance: I go for more skinny girls with small chests. Big breasts are a turn off for me. I like short hair on girls, and it can be any color. Seeing an emo girl to me is a big turn on. I want a pretty nonconformist.


Personality: Sweet, caring, smart, romantic guys are my thing. I like a man who can let loose and laugh and not take himself too seriously, but also be there for me and be serious when I need him to be. He can't be too confident, nor can be too self-conscious.

Appearance: Thin guys are cute. I like all hair colors, but redhead boys turn me on. I like bright, shocking eyes. It doesn't matter how tall or short they are. I think piercings on guys are cute. I love guys who wear glasses cutely.

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Didn't see this topic before so I'm glad it got bumped :P

I haven't been in a relationship, so I'm not sure what works for me personality-wise in that aspect, but I know what kind of person I find myself attracted to!

Personality- FUNNY! They have to be witty and sharp (and able to keep up with me!). Men who are listeners and good conversationalists, who can empathetically discuss things and have opinions while remaining open and ready to discuss. Men who are flexible and respectful of the need for individual time and together time. Men who are self-confident but self-aware.

Appearance- I've always been super attracted to men with dark hair and light eyes...brown hair with blue eyes is #1. I like shaggier, floppy hair...curls are totally okay. A bit of facial scruff is always welcome. I'm generally attracted to thin men (but not exclusively). Glasses are great, tattoos are neat. I like boys in corduroys (that's a good song title...!) and flannel. Urban hipster folk style. Freckles. Honest faces.

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Personality: Intellectually compatible, fun-loving, communicative. Open to any challenge, experience, or possibility. Non-judgmental, ambitious, good with kids. Carefree, but not careless; childlike, but not childish.

Appearance: Honestly, it's all about the total package. For example, I love gingers (definitely my favourite hair colour, without a doubt), but I don't automatically find all gingers attractive. I prefer less curvy girls, but I find many curvy girls attractive. I do like brown eyes, but not on gingers (except for one exception, which somewhat contradicts what I just said). When it comes to appearance, I guess I don't have a type. If someone is attractive, they're attractive.

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Ohhh... interesting question! I've never thought about it completely! So here I'll try...

Personality: Honest, responsible, and respectful are very important for me.

Honesty, because even if the truth hurts, it's best to talk things out to understand everyone better.

Responsibility, because I want a secure future and someone who takes care of things they need to.

Respectful because someone who has no respect for others...why would they respect me?

Beyond that, someone not too outgoing, but not someone too shy either. I'm very shy myself so when I've had shy guys try to make a move... it just didn't turn out well. Too outgoing? I'll get tired. A thing I like about my boyfriend is he kind of takes the lead. I like to be lead. He's.... not as respectful as I'd like though. Some confidence. They don't have to be super smart as long as there's some other important strength they posses.

Appearance: I like the way dark men look (black, indian, se asian, maori, middle eastern, african... yeaaah <3). In appearance only White or East Asian would be further down the list (but I do not judge either human worth or date-worthiness on appearance. I've dated many Asian men and a white man before. They're definitely attractive too). Hair/eyes: any. Taller than me (basically most males over the age of 12 are taller than me though..). I kind of like a mid/deep voice but I'd never turn a man down for a higher one. Build: Don't care as long as he's healthy (dated string beans as well as obese men... because of their personality). Don't care for tattoo.

Final thing: cannot dress better than/wear make up better than me XD hahah (so shallow right?). also bonus points for bi/multi-cultural.

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Ultimately, looks don't matter to me in the end because I love guys that are genuinely sweet, passionate about the right things, well motivated and wants to support his family, easy to talk to, loves video games, confident but humble, funny etc.

Looks are a plus to a great personality, I love red hair, brown eyes, and glasses, long fingers, but it isn't required at all. Tall, skinny, short, chubby, doesn't matter as long as they have a cool personality and can tolerate me.

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Wow. I was seriously just about to start a thread called "What's Your Type?" when I came across this approximately 10 seconds later.

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Much like Chanel, there are several types of people (based on their personalities) that really "get me going". Unless if stated otherwise, they apply to people on whichever part of the gender scale. So here they are, in no particular order:

1) Artists. Musicians. Writers. Composers. Poets. Actors. Directors. :drools: People with creative talents in general. Seeing them "in action" makes me die.

Also, that one works best for me if the person is male, but anything goes. :blushing:

2) Genuinely positive and nice people. Those who brighten up the atmosphere of the room by simply entering it.

3) Dorks. 'Nuff said.

4) Arrogant, sassy, well-read, smartarse, intelligent, sarcastic, feminist, not-taking-any-of-your-shite type of women.

5) Rebels. There is something about the concept of a knight(ess) in shiny leather jacket saving you from your everyday blues.

And speaking of the loooksss... Strong facial features (read: cheekbones), bright eyes, nice hands, androgyny... Piercings, tattoos and glasses are a huge bonus as well. :yes:

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Haha, when I first read the 5-10 thing I thought you meant ages and I was like, WHAT. :P

Anyway, I'm just going to talk about appearances because I like a wide variety of personality types. For guys, I like either chubby guys or really thin (though not usually tall and thin) guys. I'm not that into muscular guys most of the time. I like red hair the best, followed by black, then brown. Not into blondes.

For girls, I like more voluptuous bodies than thin ones. I actually like dark brown hair the best on women. I like big butts (and I cannot lie). I generally prefer dark eyes on women, too, though I like blue eyes too.

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this is weird but i'm so all about people who have been dead for 200 years i'm like really into victorians BUT REALISTICALLY

i am attracted to people a bit older than me like 30-35 who are knowledgable and passionate about something, fsrhrgh i get crushes on professors pretty often i'm embarrassing haha

physically i like um sideburns on guys and evil beards but i'm generally more attracted to women I LOVE GINGERS frhhrhrh and super long hair

i wish mary roach was my girlfriend lol

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Well opposed to what most people have said I can't stand tattoos! Ugh I just HAD to say that lol.

Personality: I think my type is a guy who is a little quirky in the way I am. I guy I can banter with, but laugh and know we love each other at the same time. I also like guys who love to laugh and do fun things. Also a boy who is chivalrous, sweet and caring, but a little bit clumsy.

Appearance: Thick dark hair, average buy cut, big brown eyes, tanned skin, lean and muscular

I may just be saying this cause of my boyfriend, but I've had him for almost five years, and I still feel dizzy in love! (Even though I'm fourteen,Its as close to love as you get at fourteen :)

Oh, and I love this thread! I love reading that everyone has different types!

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