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This is my first post to the forum so let me know if you would like to hear more. This is one of my favorite memories so I figured it is a good place to start.

One of my greatest observations was in college. I was pledging a sorority and we had rented a couple of cabins in the woods with a fraternity for a get to know each other sort of weekend. My "big brother" was named Thomas - a cute blond about 5'10" with blue eyes and an adorable smile. As the pledge semester was just under way I was really just getting to know Thomas but already I could tell he was a smart, caring, and gentle man and I adroed him as any good Lil Sis should. Truth be told I didn't think of him in a brotherly way at all but I was definatley not going to go down that road....yet.

A few hours after arriving at the cabins the girls were in one cabin and the guys in the other. One of the guys (lets call him John as I have forgotten his name) comes to our cabin and asks , "Does anyone have any allergy medicine?" Of course, I hear this from another room and immediately go to check out the situation. I expect to see a suffering John but he looks fine. Dissapointed not to see any symptoms but hoping to learn more I answered, "I think I have some...are you felling OK?" John answers, "Oh I'm fine...it's not for me, it's for Thomas. He is an absolute mess....all sneezy and snotty...I have never seen someone sneeze so much in my life. He is in really bad shape and we aren't exactly near a store so I am hoping someone thought to pack allergy medicine."

Oh my God I think. Thomas? Sneezing non stop? Oh please let it still be going on. (I know my first thought should have been "porr Thomas" but alas, it was not).torch.gif

I grab my purse and indeed I have some allergy pills and a small pack of kleenex (a fetishist must come prepared twitchsmile.gif ). I grab them and John says, "Awesome - Thomas will be relieved." He reaches to take the items from me and I have to think quick. "Um, I'll take them to him." John looks at me knid of stange and I say, "Well he is my big brother after all." I grab a bottle of water and head down to the other cabin thinking "please still be sneezing - please still be sneezing".

As I near the cabin I can hear Thomas sneezing loudly and miserably..."aaaAitchhhhhooooo! aaaaaitchhoooooooo! Aaaaaiiitchhhhoo!" When I come right to the door I can hear the build up preceeding each set of sneezes and the miserable moan following. I stand quietly outside the cabin listening...."ah.....ah.....ah....ah.....ahhhhhhitttchoo! Aaaaitchewwww! Aitchoo!!" ...moan. sniffle, sniffle, snifffle, snort, blow, moan again and the cycle repeats....again and again...... (at one point after snorting and blowing over and over he says to himself, "well screw this!" I stand there for a few minutes just melting before I finally knock on the door.

"Comb in" Thomas answered miserablly. I walk in to find him sprawled across abottom bunk with one leg on the floor and holding a balled up t-shirt to his nose. his hair is muffles in every direction his eyes are so watery. Clearly he was not expecting me because he turned bringht red and sat up immediately. "Umb, Hi"

"Hi sweety" I answer. " I understand you aren't feeling too well so I brought you some allergy medicine, water, and kleenex" He takes the kleenex from me as if I have just given him the best present he answers, "oh bless you!! I hab bin using a t-shirt because der are no tissues and my dose is killing.....egthchooooo! ah, ah, ah....aaaaaahhhtttchewumph....athchumph...he tries to muffle the last 2 in his t-shirt now that I am in the room. "guess I can't wear this shirb tommorrow" he laughs. He fumbles to open the package of kleenex while sniffing incecently. When he gets one out and blows his nose he actually sighs a huge sigh of relief and smiles.....melt. I open the water and he takes his pills.

"Oh Gob, thank you!" snifff, sniff....he takes his pills and I notice there is dried snot lines all up his arm - poor guy must have been using his arm to wipe until finally giving up and using tommorrow's t-shirt.

"aaaaa...aaaaaa.......aaaaa......aaabtchaaa, aaabtchaaa, abtchaaa" he tries pinching his nose with a kleenex which bends his body forward all the way to his waist with its force, flopping his hair unto his forehead. He looks up at me through wet eylashes, hands still covering his nose and says' "sorry". "Thomas, you have nothing to be sorry for and you don't need to stifle just because I am here. I reach over and brush his hair to the side with my fingers. He pulls back and for a moment I am worried I have gone too far until I notice his eyes shutting tightly and breath beginning to hitch. ...."ah,,,,,ah,,,ah...aaaahctchooo, abtchtchoooo, aaaachhhooooo." Despite using a kleenex spray from his final sneeze sprays across my bare leg. ugghhhh - God I must be bright red...i hope he can't tell how turned on I am. I am actually looking between him and the spray aross my leg and feel like I am going to combust. He misreads my reaction, "Oh I am soooooooo sobrry. Pease tell me i dibn't get you!" He looks at my leg and can see that he has. His expression sinks.

"Not a problem," I answer but I his eyes are on the floor refusing to look at me. I lightly grab his chin and turn it to face me...."Thomas. I promise it is not a problem and I won't tell anyone and embarrass you. You are my big bro. That means we look out for each other, right?"

"Yeah" he half smiles and my heart melts fully. Then he leans his head on my shoulder sniffling and says, "Looks like Ib got the best lil sibster ever". I put my arm around him and kiss the otp of his muffed up hair. God knows I wanted to do more than that but that is a story for another day. There is actually more to this observation so please let me know if you would like to read it.

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Why would you even bother to ask if we want more of it! Well OF COURSE!!! :D Awesome obs thanks for sharing ;) "never seen someone sneeze so much in my life" melts ... Gah

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That is so amazing!! Why do I have the feeling that the next part will be....adult section ;)? Anyway please, please share! Thank you!

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thanks for the comments and no...no adult section yet....that wasn't for about another year because the part I didn't mention was that my boyfriend at the time was pledging the fraternity (akward). I know it sounds bad that I was into Thomas when I had a boyfriend but my boysfirend and I were on again, off again and although I adored him as a person I just didnt have a strong attraction to him. But THomas was another story....

So later that evening all guys and girls are in the girls cabin drinking and talking and playing drinking games. At this point I am sitting with my boyfriend. He worked weekends so he was only there for Sat evening and then had to drive back home to work Sunday. So it was already a little akward - add to that he knew about my fettish and well...I had to really try to act like I did not notice what was happening with Thomas. As for Thomas, while his sneezes had died down they were by no means over. At least every 10 minutes or so he would break into a mini sneeze attack. From across the room (trying not to stare) I would see his pre-sneeze face and see his breath hitching..."he..huh....he...huh...he...and then a huge breath in followed by abthchoooo, abstchew, abstchewww!" into a papaer towel. As you will recall there were no kleenex in the cabin and the little pack I had given him was long gone. For the life of me I can not recall why the heck he didn't use tp. At any rate, at some point in the eve I made me way over to this beautiful, red-nosed, snuffy mess and asked how he was doing. "Gahhh. dot gweat, but makig the best of it." he answered while siping his nose with the paper towel (roll sat in his lap). His nose was literally raw - like skin rubbed off of the dges. "God hun, paper towels? That must kill your nose?" He nodded as he threw back his head, fought to keep his eyes open and gulped for for air before exploding into a fit of triple sneezes "abtchew! ah, ah, ahhh abtchew!,, ah, ahhhhhh, abtchiewww!' wipe, wipe, sniff, and wincing in pain as he wipes his red, raw, nose. "Do you hab any bore allergy pills?"...."sorry I don't" , I answer feeling bad for him. I desperately want to hug him but refrain and retrun to my boyfriends side....

more to come late

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Poor Thomas! I simply love these observations, they are all so cute! I feel bad for his suffering but I can't help but enjoy them. xD You should definitely post more. You are lucky to know somebody who does this.

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Aww I feel so bad for him!!! :(

But still this is mega cute, boys with allergies are just adorable!

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Oh my god it's like it was made up to make me happy. Only it's a real thing that really happened to you.

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This is beyond delicious :wub: What was he so allergic to, do you know? I can't wait to hear more!

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thanks for the comments - I don't know what specifically caused his allergies but I can say this - the pollen was so thick in the mountains there was actually a thin layer of yellow pollen covering everything. Sorry I keep breaking obs into parts but it was a long obs and a special memory I revisit often and I don't want to rush through it:)

The evening was becoming increasingly akward as I tried hard to both capture everything that was happening to Thomas whilst pretending to ignore it. At some point we ran out of beer. Noone wanted to go on a beer run because it was a 45 minute drive each way to the nearest store but when my friend Tasha volunteered if someone would go with her, I jumped at the chance. I had no interest in getting more beer but I wanted to get allergy pillls and kleenex for Thomas - which of course, I did.

Shortly after arriving back my boyfriend had to leave as he worked the next day. I was sad to see him go but thrilled to get to care for Thomas again. Let's call my boyfriend Jack (like there is really any chance he would read this??). When I gave Thomas the bag with kleenex and allergy pills I tried to make a real non-event of it but he sniffed and hugged me and said, "Oh byGod, you are jush such a sweetheart. Jack is the luckies guy in the world", sniff. His sneezing had died down for the night but the congestion and sniffling never did.

The next morning I took a break from packing up to check on Thomas. He was in the cabin sprawled out in a similar position to the day before although not sneezing unfortunately. "Hi hun, just came to see how you are doing?"

"Ok" he said but he really looked terrible. His eyes were pink, nose was red, nad there were dark circles under his eye.

"hmm," I replie.

Want to try that again with an honest anser this time? How are you felling?"

"Honestly? Like crap.*sniff* It was a rough night and I jus trieb by best to not smiffle and scheeze *sniff* so the guys could sleep. My head is pounzing and I am just thabkful you brought me medicib so at least by nose has a break. I just want to go hobe and shower and get cleab clothes and sleep but I dread the long drive hobe"*sniff*

"I don't hink you are in any condition to drive Thomas. I'll drive your car home and you can just sleep."

"God, I love you. Remibe me to tell Jack how lucky he is" I blush.

"I'll help the others pack and come back to get you. you just stay here and rest, I want to really limit your outside exposure."

"I dob want to be a slacker " *sniff*

"I mean it Thomas. Stay."

thomas smirks, "kay."

After I help pack things up I tell the others that Thomas still isn't feeling well so we are going to take off and I'll drive him home. A few people looked at me like , "What's this all about?" but I didn't care - I just cared about Thomas feeling better. When I was ready to go I went to the cabin and we walked the trail back to the car.

Not far from the car THomas said, "Oh crap. I can feel the sbeezes cobing on. This polleb is killing be!" We got all the way inside the car and still no sneeze. I was half relieved and half dissapointed. But after a few minutes of driving and Thomas continually rubbing his nose , the first sneeze finally burst forth..."aaaaaahhhhbtchewww!"

"Oh baby, I'm sorry. Maybe it will just be one sneeze?"

"never is unfortunately. By nose feels even more tickkly now. ahh, ahhhh, ahhhhhbtchewww!"he continued to rub at it

"Angel - sorry if I keep calling you pet names but I just can't help it when you aren't feeling well - they just sort of come out. I hope I am not making you fell uncoftable sweetheart."

"nob at all *sniff* You are the one, one, waaa ahhhh ahhhbtchew bright spot to this weekend.I am so glab we are getting to doe each other better. I jus hobe one day I cab meet a girl as amazing as you"aaaaaahhhhhbtchewww! blow


"Talk like that and you will"

"you meab all conested?" we both laugh

"yeah Thomas", I reply sarcastically, "that is exactly what I mean". (little did he know...)

more later:)

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Thomas slept for much of the ride home snoring lightly and sniffing in his sleep. I wished so bad he could sleep with his head on my lap but the stick shift prevented that. In between sleeping we really had a good heart to heart talk. Thomas was a little older than the other guys as he was working to put himself through college so it was taking longer. He told me how much he wanted to find the right girl and settle down. I was litterly dying. Add to this the sniffles and occasional aahhhpthchew! and it was almost too much for me. We even got to talking about his allergies - gahhh! He told me how much they embarrassed him and how he was self conscience about spending the night with a girl because every morning he would sneeze all throuh waking up and showering before they would die down. His last girlfriend would always tell him how annoying and disgusting it was and that he better get in control of it before they left the house. He told me, "I just canb believe how sweet you have been to be all weekend - I just wanted to hibe away from people becuase sneezing uncontrollablly is so embarrassing but it was different with you. You mabe me feel ok and you took care of me and just knowing that someone coulb be that way towards me gives me hope. " he told me in his sniffly and scratchy voice. I can't tell you how hard it was to keep my cool ;). Although I was only greeted with a few tiny fits on the long drive home his pink runny nose and allergy discussion had me going out of my mind. I wanted to hug him- to comfort him- and maybe to accidentally brush my hair by his nose to make it erupt . I knew my next goal....finding a way to spend the night with Thomas without jack being there so I could witness his morning sneezing fit. Took months - but I got my wish....

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So for mOnths I plotted to spend the night with Thomas. My boyfriend and I had broken up but remained friends. He and Thomas were also good friends and I was fairly certain Thomas knew how I felt about him and felt the same about me but would not cross the line of dating his friends ex (especially since jack was not over me). I was also not going to make the first move but I certainly flirted.

One night a group of us were out dancing. I knew Thomas' roommate was out of town. I ha picked Thomas up an was supposed to e the designated driver. Although I stayed reasonablly sober I pretended to be more intoxicated than I was and told Thomas he would need to drive. Since I had picked

Him up he couldn't drive me home so we decided I would crash at his house. When we got there he said it is no biggie cuz mark is out of town so I'll take his bed and you can have mine. I bit my lower lip and wined "but I get scared sleeping alone when it is not in my bed. Can't you stay in your room too? I can crash on the floor if you don't trust me.". He laughed , "Its not you I don't trust. Fine, but I will sleep on the floor.". He only had a twin bed so we cuddled and watched tv before he went down to the floor to sleep. I actually came close to confessing my fetish that night because while flipping throuh the Chanells we came across Barefoot In the Park. I said "yea keep it there!"

T: "why?"

I blushed , "never mind"

T: "omg your blushing, why? Are you hit for Robert Redford ?"

Me: "not exactly"

T: "then why?"

Me:"um, you know what's fetish is?"

T: "yessss.....?"

Me: "well, what really trims me on, it happens in this movie."

T: "omg - awesome - what is it?"

I am bright red now and wishing I had said nothing. "nothing- please just forget it"

T: "not a chance. Please, please tell me"

Me: "noooo!"

T: is it the 60's?"

'me "no! Not that general - it is something someone does."

T: "do I do it?"

Me: "yes but i not telling you anymore - forget it!"

T: does everybody do it?

Me: I guess - now stop!

He looks disappointed that it wasn't something particular to him. We turn off the tv and settle in to our beds.

T "if I watch the movie will I know?"

Me "no - now go to sleep"

T: "so anyone can do it?"

Me: "yes. Please stop asking."

He looks sad

Me". If it makes you feel better you do it better and more often than anyone I've known- now go to sleep"

T: "gahh! I can't go to sleep now ! When I do it does it turn you on?"

Despite being dai I hold the pillow over my face. "yes - but I can't help it - that's how a fetish works. YOu know I would never talk to you about this if if I hadn't been drinking - now go to sleep- sweet dreams"

T: "oh you can count on it"

And we went to sleep both happily frustrated and I looking forward to his morning fit.

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omg the conversation XDDDD I do hope you two actually become boyfriend/girlfriend so it'll be even funnier since he seems like a funny person

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