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New Years Sneezing Contest


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I remember we did this with last year with a small handful of people and I was wondering if we should do it again. Basically what this is about is just trying to last as long as you can into 2014 without sneezing. As soon as you sneeze you post onto here saying that your out and whoever lasts the longest wins $1 mil, errrr maybe not lol :). This is usually fun to do so hopefully we get a decent size group.

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I normally never sneeze, so I'll join. Only problem is I need to shake this gross cold before 2014. (there are obs in the related fetishes section if anyone's wondering)

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New Years' Eve is tomorrow guys, is everybody ready? :D

I'm all nervous. And excited. This is gonna be great.

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Oh, I want to try! I just sneezed twice in a row (probably only the 3rd or 4th time in my entire life) so that means I'm probably set as far as sneezing goes for a least a few months. Lol!

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Awwww, no money if you win?

I know right?! XD i needed that for the many loans i stocked up..

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