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The Sullivan Project (M)


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 Back with another piece of inspiration floating around my head, which actually may turn into a series sooner or later. Hope you like it. 



The Sullivan Project

"Hh-huhhh... HETSCHHIEWW!!" My head bobs forward, a spray released in the air. My nose twinges with unsatisfaction, and I rub lazily at it. "Uhhh... HUTCCHHIEWW!! *snnff* uhhh..." I swipe at my eyes, then put on my glasses and slip out of bed. I sniffle wetly, rubbing at my nose. The pollen teased and tickled the sensitive walls in the morning. I sighed tiredly and sawed my index finger under my nose. "Hhhihh... *snngk!* mmhh..." I notice the flowers outside on the balcony, brightly coloured in the sunlight. I press my finger more tightly to my nostrils, although it's no use. "EEISSHHHAHhh!! *sddrf*" I blew my nose, pinching my itchy nostrils through the fabric. Quietly, I felt another sneeze building up. "Ehh... Huh...huh? Hkk'SCHHIEEWW!!" I wiped away tears that were welling up, tending to my itchy nose.

Just then, I hear a knock at the door.

 "Johns?" The knock continues loudly.

 I sniffle, rubbing harshly at my nose. I replace my glasses and straighten my clothes, stumbling to the door.


 "I'm coming!" I call, my voice strained from congestion. I open the door. In front of me stands Rin Misaki, her dirty blonde hair done up in a high ponytail. She's already dressed; readied in the black SP uniform and combat boots. I suddenly feel a wave of self-consciousness, running a hand through my messy hair.

 She whistles, looking me up and down. "You alright, tiger?"

 A small grin meets the corners of my lips, as my gaze lowers. I cough little, raising a fist to my mouth. "Allergy department," I mutter, and sniff. She nods. I open the door to let her in, and pick up my mug of coffee. As she strolls toward the breakfast bar, my mind is already in motion: get dressed. Comb hair. Brush teeth. Sneeze. Sneeze?

 "Hh'uhh..." My knuckle returns to my nose, pressing hard against the annoying tickle. The intensity makes tears spring to my eyes.

 "Mornings, eh?" Rin says from behind me.

 Before I can respond, I dip forward with a restrained, "hhy'ESCHUHh! ...*snf*" I turn, my face growing hot. "Yeah." I chuckle weakly, drying my eyes. "You want coffee?" I reach into the cupboards across from the breakfast bar to get her a mug. I pass her the pitcher, next to the sugar and cream. 

 "Thank you." Her smile is wide and watching, her eyes following me with a hint of amusement.

 "Make yourself at home. As you can see," I gesture around myself feebly, "I'm not quite ready yet." She giggles behind her mug.

 The moment I dive into the bedroom, I muffle three rapid sneezes into my handkerchief. The itch is unbearable, and I can't seem to stop the morning fits. "Fuck," I breathe, walking to the bathroom. I shower quickly and get dressed, combing my unruly hair neatly. "Hh'Yisschh!-Uh'RRSCHHuh!!" My eyes are watery in the mirror, a few strands knocked loose from the force. I sniffle and quickly attempt to fix it, before stepping out into my bedroom. I toss back the messy sheets on my bed, squinting against the sun rays streaming across the fabric. "H'ihh..." I pinch my nose beneath the fabric, the cursed irritation eager to stay. "Hh'NxXKk-uhh, Hah'MnKT-chieww... *snnf*" I shake my head, the itch growing too strong. "EESSCHHHIEW!!" I groan, blowing my nose. Tickles still spark like lightning up into my sinuses, making my eyes water.

 "Bless you!"

 I chuckle, sniffling wetly. When I emerge, her back is turned, finishing the last sips of her coffee. I remember her training department is in anxiety, though somehow the idea of that doesn't match the girl sitting in front of me right now. Brown eyes glance up into mine, wings of black eyeliner threatening to stab me if I dared ask her about it. I reach for my pills and down them with orange juice, then place the cups into the sink. She grins at me in what feels like a form of teasing, and kicks her legs off of the barstool.

 "Ready, Johns?" She asks, brushing her lips with the back of her hand.

 "Mason." I correct her, reaching hazily for my backpack. "Let's go."

 I catch a glimpse of her teasing grin, before locking the door and following her toward the elevators.


That's all for now! Stay tuned..

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Oh my god! Those are some strong little bursts he's pushing out. Can't wait to read more of this!


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Great detailed decriptions! Love how the main character has such hitching build ups. I'm crossing my fingers for more installments ?

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Here we go! Part two of TSP:

Deny, deny, deny


Bella is in the spot room when I enter for my exam, sitting by the screen.

 "Good afternoon, Mason."

 "Good afternoon." I reply, taking a seat in the chair opposite from her.

 "Today, we'll be testing you on your ability to lie under pressure." She motions to a screen on the wall. "In your case, allergies."

 I nod.

 "Over the past few weeks, you have practiced your scenario for this exam, correct?"

 "Yes ma'am."

 "Including tactics and strategies for the suppression process, correct?"

 "Yes, ma'am."

 "Good. We're ready to begin."

 She presses a button on a remote control, opening a small door underneath the screen. To my suppressed horror, emerges a cat. But not just any cat. An angora cat. A shedding angora cat.

 My nose is not affected yet, but I can tell it will be. I cast a glance at Bella, slightly panicking. Her expression is a bit comforting, and her eyes say 'you can do it.'

 The boss appears on the screen. "Start lying sequence," she says. "Good morning, Mason."

 The cat slowly approaches me. "Good morning, ma'am."

 "How are you today, Mason?"

 "I'm feeling great today ma'am. And you?"

 "Quite well. Mason, tell me what you've eaten today. Describe your breakfast."

 "Well," I start. The cat is coming closer. I feel my nose start to tickle, but lock my eyes on the screen. "I've had some eggs on toast today. And, hh-!" I startle, feeling the cat rub against me. "I've had... *ahem* I've had a glass of orange juice." My eyes are starting to itch, and I blink.

 "Hmm, I see. Describe your environment to me, Mason."

 I blink again. I'd forgotten I had to do that. "Uhh. It's a clean shade of white. Metal slats. Metal bench, right here." I say, hoping I'm not rushing too much through the words.

 The cat is still warmly rubbing itself against my leg, stirring dander into the air. A sharp tickle lingers on the tip of my nose.

 "And the cat?"

 "Ah, yes." I lean down and pick it up. First, I squeeze my eyes shut and try my hardest not to sniffle. "This... Ahahh, this cat... I found it... Ahh... *ahem* I founditforyou... AhhhH.... I wrinkle my nose, fighting back the tickle. 

 "Aren't you allergic to cats, Mason?"

 My eyes suddenly started to well up, feeling extremely itchy. But it didn't compare to the burning sensation throughout my nostrils. I swallow deeply. My nose has started to run. I shift my arms slightly, moving the cats weight. Her tail seems to rise slowly and wave close to my face, under my nose.

 "Uhhhmm," I start, regretting it when it sends vibrations to my itchy nose. "Ndo. Ahhahhh," my breath begins to hitch involuntarily, my eyes fluttering. "I'mb- I'b ndot... Ah- hih!-hih!-hihH!" I force a calmed breath through my lips and blink, squinting through the itchiness. "Dot allergic to..." My eyes are squeezed shut, my nose stuffy and running. My mouth falls open, eyes squinted but dripping with tears. It itches beyond control, but gestures to relief feel too far away. "Dot.... Allllerrgic to....." My nose burns. I know I'm not convincing. I'm too allergic. "Caaats."

 "Well? Prove it to me, Mason."

 I shake my head a little, trying to hold back just a bit longer. With a gasp of air, with a leap of faith, I bury my tear-stained face in the cats furry tummy. When I come back up, I am so close to breaking, my eyes still flowing with tears. I swear it was like pointy bristles and fire ants, teasing me and torturing me. I can't sneeze. I can't.....

 "Hmm. It doesn't itch?"

 I moan softly, desperately. My nose burns so much, I can hardly take it anymore. I gasp painfully through my mouth, almost completely unable to focus. Any breath could set me off.

 "Hnnn... Huhh-hh-hehh! HuhhhhHUhhh...." I can't breathe. I can't think. Must, must sneeze. No... Don't!

 "Well, good job soldier. You've completed the exam. You may head back to dorms now."

 I nod slowly, watching the screen go black through blurry eyes. Without even saying anything to Bella, I stumble out of the room as fast as I can. When I'm finally alone in my room, I let it out.

 "H'KTcH-TCHyeW-KTCHU!!" I sneeze rapidly, bending double. "ATCHU!-ATCHU-atchuASSHHIEWW-ASSSHHUH-ASSHH-USSHHH!! *sddf!* Uh'USSHHHU-USSSHHH! HESSSHHHHIEEWW!! ESSSHHHHIEWWW!!" By now I've slid down the wall onto the floor, sneezing helplessly.

 God, I hope I have a good score. I got past the holding mark without sneezing.

 There's a pause, and I swipe at my streaming eyes. "HYESSHHHU!- Uh, huh, huh- GSSCHHHHUH!! ISHH! ISHHU!!" I moan, closing my eyes.

 "Mason. Come on, you're okay." I feel two gentle arms on either side of me, helping me to my feet. "You're okay."

 "Heh'Kshht! KSHHT!" I follow Rin, letting her guide me to the sofa. Even though I can't stop sneezing, I'm comforted that she's here. "GSSCHH!! GSSCHHU!! Huhh... HuUHhh.. HiH! Hihh-heh! Huuuhhh..." I hitch and sniffle helplessly, swiping at my face.

  "Shall I give you a shot today, Mason?" She asks gently, patting my hand.

 I nod quickly, diving into another allergic fit. "EeeYASSHHHUU!! ESSCCHHHU!! ESCHH! ESHH! H'ISCHH! H'ISSHHU!! ISSCHH!! -SCHH!!-TSCHU!!"

 I feel her sit back down on the couch and slowly take hold of my left arm. Gently, she slides up the short sleeve of my black shirt and smooths it in place. She waits for the fit to end. I moan, winded from it.

 "Three, two, one..." She injects the allergy medicine. At times like this I allow her, since I am not in control. It's the same for her, whenever her exams leave her more than shaken.

 She dabs a cotton ball over it, comfortingly rubbing my shoulders as I kept sneezing.

 "*snnf* Mmnh..... Tsschhieww! Tsschhhuhh! Tsschhiew!" My nose gets drippier, and my nose is less tickly. Though I know it'll be sore, just like my red eyes.

 "Bless you, hon. So?" She glances at me, leaning on my shoulders. I close my eyes and smile weakly.

 "I- ... I passed..."

 She squeals and hugs me. "I knew you could do it."

 "*sdf, sndf* Eh'Tschheh! *sddf*" I smile and laugh weakly. "I did. *sddf*"

 "Any long wait starts?"


 "Any feathers?"

 "Doe... Hih'YISCHhhuhh! *sdf, sbf* I still *sdf* ah... had to hold the cat id the roob *sddf* hih! Hih'ESSCHU!!"

 "I see. Medicine working?" she asks.

 "Huhh... A little bidhh...huhhh.....*sddbf* god." She offers me tissues, and I blow my nose. I notice how sore and ticklish it's been from all my training, cursing how complicated my progress is.


 I sigh heavily and nod, my eyelids fluttering. "Ehhh'YESSCHHHU!!" I sneeze desperately, wincing as it scratches my throat. I notice Rin startle and turn to apologize, but I'm quickly overtaken. "ESSCCHHHU!! ...hihh, hhh.... ESSSCCHHHU!!" I sniffle wetly. She rubs my back with her hand soothingly.

 "Don't worry. The medicine will kick in soon." She says. I nod miserably.
 In the next hour, my state slowly crept back to normal. I was finally able breathe through my nose, and my eyes had stopped itching.

 "Hey. How's it going?" Rin asked softly from her spinny chair.

 "Better." I say. "Way better. Thanks."

 "No prob. I could tell you needed it."

 "Ahhh, jeez. I finally got through the lying test."

 Rin smirked. "What now, private? Off to the SP army?"

 I laugh and start to cough soon after. I stifle another sneeze.

 "Bless. By the way,  how many times did you sneeze? I mean, sometimes they just stop you in the middle of the exam because you exceed the sneeze or cough limit."

 I purse my lips. It sounds crazy, but it's true. They're all things that give away the truth.

 "Zero." I blink.

 "Zero." She repeats. "Really?"

 "Mhm. Goddamn... I feel like, as I walked right out of that room, I felt as if my head could explode. It tickled that bad, I just couldn't not sneeze."

 "But you didn't.

 "Nope. *snf* I didn't."

 She scoffs, looking impressed. "And how many times have you walked out of there with the bluebird?"

 I shake my head and smirk. "Five."

 "Five." She repeats, smiling. "Congrats, rookie. You got yourself a sniffer of steel."

 I laugh. She ruffles my hair and walks into my kitchen. Suddenly, my nose has a tickle.


 She looks up from behind the counter, grinning broadly.

 "*snnf* What?" I chuckle. "My system resistance is level four. It's been an hour." I swipe at my runny nose. "I'm still sniffly."

 The smile is still plastered to her face. She's looking down, shaking her head. 

 "Plus, it's like... A semi-high pollen day, isn't it?"

 "Alright, alright." I take a seat at the breakfast bar and reach for the milk pitcher.

(One year prior:)

 Hastily, I rubbed my watery eyes, trying to get rid of the itchy feeling as well as the moisture. I knew better that it would only get worse, though the exposure was terrible enough.

 "Huhh..... Heh'TNxgt!-uhh.... Heh'TNgxk-Tschhu!-ughhh... *snnf, snnnf* Huuuhh..." I'd been so caught up in failing to suppress my reaction that I hadn't realized a girl had just turned the corner.


 "Ow! Heyyessscchiewww!!" I sneeze freely, tripping and falling.

 "Gee, you better watch where you're going- Hey, are you okay?"

 I sniffled wetly. If I spoke, my voice would be as plugged as a clogged storm drain. If I sneezed- and god, I had to- she would be hit straight on.

 She stood, holding out one hand. "Rin. Agent 115."

 I cleared my throat, sniffling. "Basod. Ageh-hhh!" Before I could complete my second word, the attack overcame me, and I couldn't stop it. All the stifling, the holding, the denial. I turned my head quickly. "ISSCHH!! ISSSCHHU!! GSSCCHHH!!"

 I sniffled, momentarily avoiding her gaze. I look back up at her when I notice she hasn't flinched or backed away.

 "I'b sorry. I should go." I keep sniffling constantly, hating that I was unprepared. It was rough, being a level five.

 "Hey, wait!" I turn back. Her eyes are kind, one arm outstretched towards me. Travel tissues. There's a short pause, and I retrieve the small packet. I nod.  

 "Thanks." I turn and speed-walk in the opposite direction, my face burning bright red. 


Tbc... maybe

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Wow. That was amazing! Your build ups are wonderful and the plot of the story is so interesting! Please continue!

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Part three of TSP:



 "ISHH!!" I shake my head dizzily, and sniffle wetly. "Sorry. *snf*"

 "Come on, Mason, you gotta try harder. Okay, now describe your favourite food."

 She starts moving the feather in a circular motion in one nostril, triggering more hitching. I really want to rub it, to snatch the feather to get rid of the taunting, teasing itch, but I remain still, eyes narrowing.

 "Hhh.....uh. My..... My fav-vourite f-hoo-o-d.... Ihh...." She removes the feather, and I sniffle, scrunching up my nose and twitching it to try to reduce the itching. Though it doesn't do much, and Rin begins her course again. "My favourite food is pizza.... hiH!" Fuck, it really tickles. My eyebrows arch, eyes shut in the form of pre-sneeze. My nostrils flare. Yet Rin hasn't stopped tickling, and I really have to- "YISSCHU!! *snnf* hehh, heh!-" her finger presses underneath my nose, quelling the next explosion. I swallow and grin apologetically. "Sorry."

 She sighs and hands me a tissue.

 "Thanks." I say, and blow my nose.

 "Your nose is easy to aggravate." She says, tapping my pink nose.

 "Huh-uh'Isshu!" I sneeze. "*snf* yeah, ndo shhit. *snf*"

 "Let's start again. This time, describe your best friend."

 My eyes fall over her, her focus on the feather and my nose. She's helped me through thick and thin, from five to four. My best friend.

 "My best-t friend is-huh! Hih! Sh-she's kind add.... Fuddy." I try so hard not to sneeze, in order to keep describing her. "She-heeee.... Huhh.... She's super sbart..." For a moment I almost sneeze, but she pulls out the feather. The lingering tickle is still there. "Add she's there for be... Whed I'b id deed." I smile weakly at her, and she smirks. She hands me another tissue. I take it and let go. "Hh'YishhU-ISHHU!!" I sniffle and blow my nose, sitting back, tired.

 "Y'alright? Wanna stop for now?"

 I cup both hands around my nose. "Huh'Tdjshh!! Yeah."

  She turns to put the stuff away, and I close my eyes. I put my head in my hands, taking a deep breath.

 "You okay, Mason?" Rin asks kindly.

 "Yeah, yeah, I'mb fide. *snf*"

 "Allergies kept you up at night?"

 I sniffle wetly and sigh. "*sdf* yeah. It's crazy, 'cause... It's like I'm always having false starts, my nose just itches... Ah." I rub my nose a few times with the back of my hand and flash her a watery smile. Though I still feel the same as last night, I can't have her thinking I'm not fit for training.

 "So that's why you were so sensitive today."

 My nostrils are still achy-tickly and I sniffle, rubbing them hard. "Yeah, but I'm fine."

 "Sooo....." She strides forward and strikes for a poke at my nose, creating a chain reaction.

 "He-y-yyEtchieww!! *snf* yes, by allergies are actig up. But it's all in training, right?"

 "No, silly. Allergens and feathers... Is actually test six."



 I feel too sympathetic for him to give him a shot, so I make him down two pills and tell him to lie down on the couch. He sinks lazily into one corner, running one hand through his hair and yawning. He exhales sleepily and looks over at me, standing awkwardly by the table.

 "C'mere." He says softly.

 A tiny grin tugs at the corners of my lips. My stomach flurries with butterflies and I snap my gaze away. You like him. Shut up. He's a rider.

 Slowly, I sit down on the couch, tucking my legs onto the cushions. "You gonna nap?" I ask.

 A few seconds pass, and he still hasn't answered me. I turned from the tv to him, blinking patiently. His eyelids are fluttering again, one hand raised in front of his face.

 "Hh..." he hitches quietly. "Hn'Tnkch!-uhh...." He closes his eyes, then opens them again to look at me. He sniffles tiredly. "Yeah. Is that okay?" His voices is raspy and sleepy, nearly a whisper.

 "Yeah, of course. I'll, uh..." I move to leave, but his hand reaches my leg.

 "Wait... Can... Can you stay, Rin?" I felt blush rise to my cheeks. "Just... Just until I fall asleep"

 "Oh. Okay. Of course." I run my hand over his thigh, as he shifts into a lying-down position.  


 I knew the medication would wear off in five or six hours, just the amount of sleep I managed to get beside Mason on the couch. I looked up at the clock, reading nine'o'five.

 "Hmmph." I stretched my arms out, arching my back like a cat. The sunlight was streaming in through the blinds. "W'kup." I murmured, jiggling masons leg with one hand, rubbing one eye with the other. "Mas', wake up."

 "Nnghh." He grumbles, rolling over on his back. He yawns and rubs his eyes.

 When I register he's been doing it  for too long, I tug his wrists away. He groans softly.

 "'Tibe is it?" He snuffles, voice husky and thick with congestion.

 "It's nine." I say softly. I slip off the couch and onto my bare feet, heading for the kitchen. Sleepily I prepare two morning coffees, putting three sugars in his and two for me. I pour in the milk, swirling caramel brown into the black darkness. As I'm setting out the drinks, I hear him sneezing faintly in the living room. His footsteps stumble dizzily nearer, as he rubs at his nose with one knuckle.

 "'Bordig. *sdf*" he reaches for the coffee, immediately taking a sip. He gulps noisily and the mug clatters down, the steam hitting him in the face with a shock. He brings up one elbow to his face as his nose twitched once, twice- "Istchhuh-" it's a sharp sneeze, scraping his throat; "Hhdrschhuhh!" He sniffles and blows his nose -barely ridding anything, the poor thing-then he lowers the tissues and looks on at the table through puffy, narrowed eyes. "Excuse be. *sdf* 'bording." He presses the underside of his itchy nostrils, flaring and twitching. The pollen count is high today, I remember.

 "Morning," I say. "Sleep okay?"

 He nods. His eyes are watering, and he closes them. "Hih'Tdschh! TdSCHH!! TSSCHH!!" He blinks and sniffles harshly.

 "No feathery training today, I suppose?"

 His watery gazes flashes upon me before his eyes flutter closed with a: "Huh'Esschhu!" He snuffles and blinks, quite the allergic picture in the morning. "*snf* *sndf* ahh... Ndo thagks..."

 "Well would you want-" he cuts me off by raising a finger, clearly not done yet. Oh. I'm betting this is his morning fit, trust me, when he stops he's gonna be-

 "Hnn'ISCHHUH!! *snf*...huh...heh!- Huh'Ndschh!- Ischh! Isshhhu!! Huuhhh.... HUH'tncshh!! HUH'Ptchh! Ugh....." He closes his eyes, resting one elbow on the table. He raises his hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. The sneezes are tired, but forceful. Itchy-sounding. God, I better get something in him.

 "Bless you."

 His breathing picks up again, eyes glistening with tears that soon spilled down his cheeks. His eyes reduced to slits, his slightly parting. I nudged him with the tissue box, to which he gratefully yanked a couple. "HhhYISHHUHhh.... *sddf!* *sddf!* ugh... *cough, cough*" He stands up from the table, hitting the chair with his knee as he clumsily waddled his way to the kitchen counter. I follow meekly behind him, feeling sorry that he was ill.

 "Got your pills?"

 "Yeah." He sniffles noisily, eyelashes glistening with tears. I pour him some water and he downs the pills, looking beat already.

 I grip my coffee with both hands and rock back on the balls of my feet. Studying him, I tilt my head. "You okay?"

 He nods quickly, still sniffling. "Yeah." His voice is hoarse, congested.

 "Want some eggs and bacon?" He nods, walking back to the table without looking back.

 I let him catch his breath at the dining table as I cook breakfast, also watching him as discreetly as possible. I mean, I'm his training partner, right? It's what we do. Wait, no it's not.

 "Hih'Jdrrschhu!!" His eyes are closed, remaining shut as he raises the wad of tissues. His eyebrows ark, chest heaving. "H'uhh..." His expression falters desperately, and he sniffles, annoyed. He lowers the tissues. The medicine is working very, very slowly, causing him huge false starts. I know he hasn't touched his coffee, since the steam may cause another big fit.

 "Here you go." I slide him a plate, taking a seat the the table. 

 "Thag' you." He mumbles stuffily. He raises a hand and rubs at his itchy nostrils, glowing an angry red. The rubbing turns to harsh scrubbing, then frustrated sniffles. His eyes go distant again and the hitching starts. "I-ihhhi'b.... Hahhh...." He stops and rubs his nose with his first two fingers. His eyes squeeze shut and his nostrils flare. "H'Yisschh!-uhh..." He sniffles weakly and starts eating.

 At first, it's quiet. "We don't have to do anything today, if you don't want." I say.

 He sniffles, taking time to breathe. Then he picks at a slice of bacon with his fork. "It's okay. It's just... *sdf* worse id the mordig."

 "Well, it's usually not this bad-"

 "It's a... hiH! High polled day..... Hitchh!!" He sniffles wetly. His eyes look pink and painful, swollen around the edges. His nose, too, looks a bit swollen, an angry shade of red. His hair is mussed and his grey sweatshirt hangs to one side, showing off his right collarbone.

 "Honey..." I start calmly. That's when his eyes went soft, looking up at me. It's the first time I've said it in three months, when I started training with him. "Today we're going to the lab."

 He grows puzzled. "But Rid, you said I deeded to-"

 "Rest, I know. That's why we're going. I'll tell Bella, she'll get us a clean spot room. Not like here, with pollen and dust everywhere."

 "G-good...hh! To d-huh-d-dowwHRRESSHHIEWW!! Aaeissshhhh!! Issschhahhh!! *sdrf* Good to dow." He grumbles, roughly swiping at his nose.



Thanks for the comments, guys. New installents to come soon. ✌️

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Hi all! I appreciate all the feedback I've been getting lately, and I think I'm goin to keep posting here for the next while or so. The storyline, originally could have taken a number of different turns so bear with me! This was actually a bit of experimental writing to begin with.

So this next bit is a peek into the moments where Rin and Mason are first recruited into SP - a good few months prior to current events.

Anyway, without further ado, part three:



Agent 115 
Sex: F
RF: Mental Disorder
Lvl: 3

 "You're all assigned rooms according to your resistance factor. Each factor is marked by a colour. The armbands you are wearing each have your name, RF, your level, and agent number. Remember, everyone has their ID that will be needed to access training sessions. For example, spot rooms."

 The boss's voice drones off in my head, my fingers toying with my metal spinner. Memories of Bella's first year of training - and last, still give me hope that I can survive the Sullivan Project, if I follow through with my training. The irony of my situation amuses me. Shoulders, chins, other pairs of eyes surround me; listening to what the boss has to say about new recruits. The feeling is slightly suffocating, if I'm honest. I flick my spinner again.

 "-medications and other necessities provided at all times, accessible with ID after reviews." The audio scratches, with a slight pause. "When gains in resistance are achieved, your level will decrease. High levels indicate a greater weakness. Lower levels, however, show greater strength and are a goal to be achieved."

 I glance down at my wristband, a stripe of green running across its width. Three. I've heard from Bella that most SP agents carry a level three, and the change varies with every resistance factor. 

 In front of me to my left, a girl coughs. My spinner sends vibrations down my wrist. The Hipothyne drink I've had causes a slight haze that suppresses my anxiety. If only it were something I was allowed to use as an agent.

 "I understand you all have important goals to achieve here at the Sullivan Project. It is the pride of our staff and facility that we help you overcome these challenges." The screen goes black, and murmuring ensues in the crowded hall. 

 My eyes lower, my fingers quickly snapping around the spinner to bring it to a halt. To my right, a boy that looked to be about two years younger than me was holding a white handkerchief to his nose, eyes glazed over. Had been the whole time. The sound of his fleeing footsteps were cut off by Bella's voice in my ear, her hand slipping over mine.

 "You ready, Rin?"

 Her smiling dark eyes show no hint of malfunction, no shadows of a passing episode. The ghost of a headache still weighs me down, a symbol of the dread I'd had for the last month. The panic attack in the car.

 I look at her and nod, my eyes still attaching themselves to the other recruits leaving the hall. Despite the comfort offered in the narration that Bella had provided on her experiences in the facility, I still have to hide my shaking hands in my pockets. I pass other terrified faces, talking in hushed tones amongst themselves.

 'SP is great,' she said. 'Didn't take that long to get used to.'

 Past the gallery, near the foyer is a row of elevators. We join the next group of people going on, and Bella pushes my floor number. The ride is long and the only thing that occupies the silence is the whir of machinery.

 A flustered-looking guy is facing away from us, with black locks down to his chin. He fidgets as the elevator goes up. I see his long fingers rise to fuss at his nose, which was growing a shade of pink that stood out against his pale complexion. The elevator dings, and a few people step out. Bella and I shift into the new space, and I catch a glimpse of the guy before tearing my self-conscious gaze away. Was he about to...?

 He begins looking around frantically, fidgeting. He then glances up, his blue eyes narrowing. 


 I jump, and the guy chuckles quietly. Sniffles, pocketing a handkerchief. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the bright red stripe on his wristband. My metal spinner whirs, joining in with the eternal hum in the air.


Agent 124
Sex: M
RF: Allergies
Lvl: 5

'Red? Not really my colour.' I think, heading towards the briefing hall. To my utter delight, it's already full. Yikes.

 My nose is bludgeoned by the scent of the floor cleaner, making my eyes water. As I make my way through the crowd as silently as possible, I hear the briefing taking place, pierced by the scattered sound of clearing throats and feet shuffling. In between two people, I can see the screen. A woman with a stern voice is explaining the facility.

 'There's no way anyone wearing red can focus right now,' I think, raising a curled knuckle to my nostrils. I sniffle as quietly as I can, blinking rapidly.

 "-and scoring methods, which are suited to your section. For instance, Allergies - a more complicated resistance factor. We believe and are able to prove the theory in which one can outgrow these symptoms, if one were to train in the correct way." I inwardly curse as sparks of itches blossom in my nostrils, the potent stench of cleaner still hanging in the air. "As we regularly require our agents to be prepared, we will have testing on one's ability to lie," my eyelids flutter, and I rub at my nose discreetly. "Delay reaction time, and of course, record the overall effects of the reaction. But of course, if one were to fail in their suppression of the symptoms-"


 "Scores in testing will be recorded lower. Overtime, the process will eventually result in higher suppression skills, perhaps even take an agent to a lower level."

 My nose twitches. My lips part, my body deciding one stifle just wasn't going to cut it. In a swift motion, I'd taken out my handkerchief, just in case.

 "Different methods of training are assigned to agents based on their level, for instance, new recruits such as yourselves will begin with the spot room testing and work your way up into mission training." There's an image of a team of agents, carrying guns, frozen mid-run. "Find yourself at ease with your weakness, and gain a better sense of control."

 I like that idea. I pinch my nose through the fabric, eyes watering with a near-silent, "Hh'Rsch!" 

 For the remainder of the briefing, my nose continues to be occupied by the piercing tickle. Talk about irony. My eyes were glazing over. I lick my lips, and lower the handkerchief. With a quiet sniff, I'm quite alright.

 Until... Oh god. The itch is back again, creeping and prickling against my nostrils. 

 "-situations of pressure, which require the agent not to sneeze-"

 Heat rises to my cheeks. The strong scent of cleaner seems induce the annoying itch. I can't seem to trace my difficulties elsewhere, though. So I sit, trying to breathe normally whilst blocking the scent with my handkerchief. "Mn'gxXn-uhh!" I sigh quietly.

 Only me. Only Mason Johns could suffer an allergy attack during a suppression briefing.

 To my luck, the meeting soon comes to a close. Dodging agents in all-black, I rush from the crowded hall into the restrooms, which are a blessing for their privacy despite their ability to hold sound.

 "Esschhieww!! Hihh-heh? ESCHHuhh!!" I sniffle feebly and blow my dripping nose. 

'Maybe I was wrong', I think. 'Maybe the Sullivan Project can help me after all.'

 I stare at my reflection, running my hands through my hair. I consider the amount of time I've spent in hospitals. A thought buried deep in my head, one that's created a distance between me and vanity. My face is skinnier then I remember. My collarbone peeks out from under my black uniform shirt. I straighten my shoulders. Doubt begins to seep in my chest.

 I'm a level five. What numbers did I manage to catch glimpses of during my distracted time in the briefing? Twos. Threes. Maybe one four, I think. 

 I sniff and turn away from the mirror, running my fingers over my red wristband. My name, number, out of hundreds of agents. Perhaps I wouldn't be alone. Closing my eyes, I take a steady breath and walk back into the corridor.


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Part... five? Yes. Sorry for the mix-up on my last post.


Many, many blessings




 "Hey." I turn around to see Mason, still in his black scouting jacket with his hands in the pockets.

 "Hey!" I smile, turning back around and dabbing a bit of yellow for the dog's fur. I feel his hands on my waist, as he kisses my head, my cheek, and I turn to kiss his lips. "You feel okay? Where've you been?"

 He sits on the bed, gazing around the room. "Oh, I've just been filling out my papers. Getting ready for written exams."

 "Oh yeah?"

 "I can see you've been busy."

 "Hey, you know this is a calming technique."


 Then I suddenly realize something and whip around. "Also," I smirk. "Aren't you sensitive to the fumes?"

 "What? Pshh, no. Go on, keep painting. I'll be fine."

 "Oookay." I say. 

 Literally fifteen minutes in, I can tell it was a bad idea. "Unschh!" It was quiet, subtle. I almost didn't catch it.

 "Mas'?" I called.

 "Yeah?" I was pretty sure I heard him sneeze. "I'm fine, really."

 "You know this is the one day you should be resting."

 "And this is the one day I get to spend with my girlfriend." My heart tugs at the word girlfriend. 

 I smile and scoff, looking down at my palette. "And it's the one day you're spending with the girlfriend who trains you every day."

 I imagine his face, his tongue pressing against the side of his cheek. I understand. I do. But I can't exactly say that I'm free right now.

 "-Nnk!" His breaths are audible, making me feel guilty though I shouldn't. 

 I sigh. "Why do you do this?"

 He sniffs. "Well, I thought I could spend time with you. I didn't know you would be painting, and you know, that is a beautiful dog--"

 "Okay, come here." The paintbrush clatters as I set it down. 

 I turn into him, his hands finding my hips. My apron is not wet, but has been exposed to the paint and I can tell in the slightest that it affects him. I ignore it and pull him in for the kiss. He is not aggressive but passionate, gentle but cautious. When our lips come apart he doesn't let go, but his head turns. "GnN!-juhh... Nnk!-uhh.*snf*" he turns back and touches his forehead to mine. His eyes shine with moisture, his nose slightly twitching.

 "Bless you." I breathe.

 "You're my blessing." He whispers, pressing his soft lips against mine. I kiss back, thinking he's trying to kiss me just to stop himself from sneezing.


He turns away and stifles one into a crushing grip between his thumb and forefinger. I watch as his eyebrows furrow, his nose twitched to one side like a bunny rabbit. Then he sniffles and chuckles dryly, his dimply smile putting me into a trance.


 "Mason." I breathe, sinking into him as he pulls me close to his chest.


 "Mm?" His lips press against the back of my head, then come down as he rests hs chin on my shoulder.


 "I'm sorry about... Last night," I feel dread start to weigh in my stomach, as his arms squeeze me tighter.


 "It's okay, babe-" "No." I fight against the lump in my throat, dully staring at the wooden floor of the apartment. "You didn't deserve... That kind of treatment. And I know you and I are partners, but-"


 "Hey." He leans further back to look at me, my eyes stinging with the start of tears. I feel his deep, dragging sigh as he shifts his weight on the bed and hugs me closer, his mouth close to my ear. "Five months. Five months, you know how crazy that sounds? To already have sunk down a level?" I frown and lower my chin, pulling my arms free to wipe my face. "And five attempts. Remember my first lying test? Hoo, shit." His grin rests comfortably next to my face, half grimacing as he speaks softly. Then, he grips the hem of his jacket to wipe my cheeks. "None of that would have happened if I didn't have you." I turn to look at him. His blue eyes light up with honesty, spiking a warm wave of comfort down my chest.


 Just then, his face crumbles and his arms loosen around me. "H-hold onn-haH'Esschu!" I shift to give him space. His hand comes up to rub his nose, and he collapses into a string of poor stifles. "I'm... Ah.. H'GxXN!- GXTCHh'heuhh...Mxkkt!!-hehh *snf* *snf*" he paws at his nose, sniffling. I reach back to untie my apron, letting it slip onto the floor.


 "You know, I wasn't kidding." My head is downcast, drifting my sock across the smooth surface. His breath is warm in my hair, as he kisses me softly again.


 "I love you." He whispers, slipping his arms back around my shoulders. I close my eyes and lean into his embrace. "Don't apologize for that ever. Okay, I think you're the greatest girl I've ever met. Truly."


 I turn and wrap my arms around his waist, burying my face into his chest. His arms cradle me, too good for what I deserve in the moment. Mason doesn't move, only sits quietly, his heart beating steadily against my ear. He's my saving grace in my insanity, the only one who cares enough to stay. My home. My blessing.

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Back with part 6! Not sure what to call it at this point, but hope you all enjoy. ;)




 "You absolutely sure?"

 "Yes. I think so."

 "Prepare yourself."

 "I am." I think.

 The doggy door opens and in struts a fluffy grey cat, with pretty blue eyes. Rin gently approaches the cat and reaches down to stroke it. My nose already itches just watching her. Carefully, she picks it up and cradles it in her arms. Then she comes over to the bench, her face seemingly torn but prepared.

 "Mason," she says, sitting down in front of me. "This is Molly. She's a German breed of cat. I don't know if you recognize her."

 I'm frozen, my eyes unable to leave the cat, the fur ball merely a foot from me.

 "Um." My nose is already tickling, the way Rin is stroking Molly's fur. I could swear you could she her shedding. My nostrils flare, starting to get itchy. "H-hey, Molly."

 "So if you really have to sneeze, you can, but try your hardest to keep back your symptoms."

 "Got it." I sniffle, feeling my nose start to run. A sneeze creeps in the back of my sinuses, but I swallow and try to speak. "How old is she?"

Rin looks down lovingly. The cat is lying lazily in her lap, without a care in the world. I wish I could do the same. "Uhh, three, three and a half years old."

 "I see." I swipe my wrist under my dripping nostrils. More dander is being wisped into the air as she continues to caress the fur. "Hh-huhh..." I swallow and keep one knuckle at my nose, blinking uneasily. 

 "Would you like to pet her?"

 No. No, I would not. I clear my throat and straighten up. "Umm... Sure." This feels so weird, but I have to let myself do it. I reach over and stiffly run my fingers over her fur. The itch in my nose reaches a sudden peak and I draw back, quick as lightning. "Hihh!-" I press the underside of my nostrils with my other hand, itches rippling across my nose, my breath catching. I open my eyes, feeling them getting itchier. My eyebrows knit together. I swallow. I glance down at the cat, purring and barely moving. My eyes flutter. "It... Hehh...." I can barely bring myself to sniffle, for the fear of more dander entering. "Gnhh..."

 "You okay?"

 "HeHhhh....." My eyes are shut tight, my nose starting to burn. I gasp and hitch, trying my hardest not to sneeze.

 "That's it..."

 You may as well have taken a feather and dipped in dust, that's what it felt like. God, it tickles so bad... I just can't.

 "HnnNKSCCHHHU!!" I sneeze against my knuckle. "Ah'TSSCCHHU!-HUTCSHHHIEWW!!!" My eyes well up with tears. Sneezing does not lessen the itch, only opening the floodgates. "HIESSHHHUHH!!!"

 I turn away from the cat and the dander stirred in the air. My nose has taken on burning, and all of a sudden I can't stop. "IEESSSHHHUHHhh!! HIESSHHH!!-IESSXCHH!!-ESCCHHHU!! ESSSHHHIEWWW!! Hunhh, Huhhh..... Hu-unh-hhh? ISSCHHHIEWWW!! AESSHHHIUU!!!"

 I can't help but sniffle, or try to sniffle, my nose completely stuffed. I sigh, my eyes streaming. I dab at them with my sweater sleeves, choking back the tickle. "Hh-hehhh.... ESSCHHUH-IISCH-SCHHUHHhh!!" I sneeze rapidly, blinking more tears down my cheeks. "ATCHHIEWWW!!" I make a grab for some tissues and blow my nose. I groan dizzily, feeling more sneezes coming on. Out of the corner of my eye, Rin is still sitting there, the cat safe in her lap. I would take a picture, if only I could take a breath without having to- t-to- "ESSCHHHIEWW!!" I sneeze freely, bending double. There's finally a pause, and I look at Rin. God, a rock-hard soldier to a dripping mess in a matter of seconds. My nose is still tickling and twinging so I press my knuckle to the underside of it, squinting through my swollen eyes.

 "Bless you." She raises an eyebrow. "Are you sure you want to go through with this, Mason?"

 I nod and cough. I sniffle very wetly, slightly embarrassed. "Sorry h-hhu-ISCHH!! Hhhh sorry. Hhuhhh, hunhh.. *sddf* ugh. Yes I do. *koff*" that sneeze snuck on me, without warning. I look down at the cat, my nose tickling furiously. I press my hand harder to my nose, blinking allergic tears down my cheeks. God, I just want to sneeze until I'm done. I can't do that. I have to work on this. "Rihh...hihh..." Fuck, I can barely talk. 

 I hear her sigh and get up off the bench. "Rid? Huh'ISCCHHU!!" When I open my eyes, she's at the other side of the room. "Ah'ESCHH!! *sdf* Rid, what're you doigg?"

 "You're not doing this right now."

 "*sdf* what're you...hhehhh...talkig aboud?" I'm trying my best to hold back the next sneeze, and talking feels so difficult. I know I can do it, it's just not easy. 

 "I'm not letting you do this right now." She says, placing the cat back through the doggy door. (Or kitty door?)

 "HNXKKT!-huhh... Ugh.. *sdf* But I told you I cad haddle it."

 "Mason, go home."

 "Whad? Doe, I- HIESSHHHUHH!! I- this is all pard of traiding, ahhuh-add," I say stuffily. "I've dode worse. I've held cats. I ev- I ev- ahhh, fuck! Hihh, H'YISSHHHUHHh!! *sdf, sddf* I eved did the course tests."

 "Yeah, well... I'm not going to let you do this right now. You're sick, Mason. Not to mention the asthma- which for some reason, you forgot to check off on the training form."

 "I dod't."

 "Wanna bet?"

 "I'b dot asthbatic."

 "Then what's this?" She presses a button on the remote and a screen lights up on the wall. It's me. A year ago. In the video, I'm doing the lying test for the first time. And... I'm sneezing my head off, as usual. Then, my face is turning red. I'm struggling to draw breath. Rin turns off the screen.

 I don't know whether to be angry that she would show me that now, or the fact that all I want to do right now is work. I can. I know can, I always have. That's what SP is fucking about.

 "How did you fide that?" I ask quietly.

 Rin pauses, then swallows. "Bella."


 "We're done for today! End of story." With that, she leaves the room.


 I decide to go back my apartment and shower, thinking over the events of today. Rin was right. I am sick, and I do feel like shit. Although I can't just stop my training because of something small.

 "Hnhh... H'Nxgkk!-mnhh..."

 I asked Rin to help me because I knew that she was smart, I could see that she would work until something was accomplished. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe I went to far, even for Rin. But I did say that I was more than willing to work on it, to push down my reaction level.

 "H'JDSschh'uhh... *snff!*"

 This whole thing is difficult. Lying about something potentially serious, in the situation of life and death. I mean, part of it is unrealistic as how often do you associate cats with murder? Dust was my initial training allergen, but I was told that I'd need to work against my worst allergen, which happened to be cat fur.

 "Uh'PgxXKT!-unhh *snnf, snf*"

 Ugh. Fucking colds.

 I drew another tissue and blew, or attempted to. My nose was still itchy, and I wondered if it was my cold or the cat. I coughed into my elbow, my throat feeling like sandpaper. 

 "Ughh...." I settled into the couch, pinching the bridge of my nose and just generally trying to breathe. "Heh'MNxKk!-Uh'PTsChuhh!! *snf, snf* ughhh..." I'm trying my hardest not the rub my nose, but it's so, so itchy. My eyes sting slightly, welling up with allergic tears. God, it itches so badly. I twitch my nose from side to side. Maybe I should have rubbed after all, I think, as my breaths take on hitching. "Hh-hihh, HMMPCSHH!! Uhh... HuhhYISSHHH!! *sddrf* Ughh-huh! Ehhh.... HEEESSHHHIEWW!! Nnghh..." I groan, coughing, and generally winded. That one was basically a scream. I rub my nose furiously, my eyes spilling over with tears. "ESSHHHI-EESSCHU!! HIESSHHH!! Uhh, Uhunhh, HIESSSCHHUHHHh!!!"

 "Bless you."

 I cough some more in shock, and scramble blow my nose. I'm such a fucking mess, I can barely see. 

 "Easy, now." I know that it's Rin. I know, but if only could stop sneezing I could say something to her.

 "ISCHH!! H'ISHH!! HISSCCHHHIU!!" Quickly, I wipe my face and shift away, coming to my senses. I sniffle wetly, blinking and facing my girlfriend. "Rid?" Her eyes aren't looking at mine. "What're you doigg here?"

 She looks up. "Your IHR levels were higher than usual."


 I sigh and itch my eyes. "I dow, I'b sick."


 "You know what they say about entering training when... compromised."


 I drop my gaze. There had always been a sense of hesitance ever since Rin and I became training partners, and that always came from the fact that our sectors are very different. See, there was always the tension floating around the halls of the SP bunker because we train under harsh circumstances at will - some of which can potentially hurt you. And judging by how hard I was willing to work on dropping to level three, I know that I'd be at it for some time. But Rin? She was the type of girl who like to initiate her training on her own. We'd always respected what kind of environment the other needed during training, a constant sacrifice we dealt with every day.


 This time, I know that I'd pushed it too far.


 "Im not going to watch you torture yourself just to reach the next level. That's not what SP is about."


 A touch of doubt presses on me. After all, I'd been to hell and back just to achieve my agent status.


 Rin clasps her hands together, resting her elbows on her knees. "Look. Mason, I am so proud that you are able to take initiative and do this. But I..." She opens her mouth, her sentence trailing off. "I told you that I'm still training as well. And I'm sorry if I can't handle just watching it happen. So many times, and," she closes her eyes. I feel the guilt stiffen my neck, as I reach up to rub my nose. "I just..."


 "I know." I say, truly feeling bad. "I really wanted this from the start-t-hheh'TSCHHU!! Huhh.... I never wanted to hurt anyone. I guess I, *sdf* I suck at knowing my limits." A slight pause. "I managed to reach yours."


"Come here." Her thin arms drape around my shoulders, a gentle kiss meeting my temple. My hands hold on to her gently. "You scare me sometimes, you know that?" I chuckle and sniffle. 


 "I'b sorry." I whisper, squeezing her tightly. Her cheek rests on my shoulder, as we quietly sit on the couch. After a while, I turn my head to cough.


 "Come on," she says, drawing back patting my shoulder. "Let's get you some tea.


 I press my lips together, feeling the warmth of her presence start to return in my mind. Rin Yun Misaki, second-level MD agent.


I decided in that moment, my faith in her wasn't going to falter ever again.

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Mason is adorable as always! I love his internal dialogue and how it's the exact opposite if what he ends up doing anyway. And you write his struggle against the allergies so well :wub:

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Hi all! Back with part seven of this series. Excuse the back-and-forth between points of view as I know that gets annoying, but I think you may enjoy this part. Anyway, back to the SP:





The team is silent on the voyage to the base of the Abductors. Occupied by the heavy hum of the engine, the jet is cool and airy. A bit claustrophobic at times, but it's something I've been able to handle during training. I open my tablet and check for our time of arrival, which wouldn't be for quite a while. I sigh and close my eyes. Beside me in our row, Mason is asleep. I lower my chin as the corners of my lips tug upward. Then I also realize that the air is not only chilled by the AC, but clean. Pure. I thank my lucky stars, also feeling in my pockets for the emergency agynicol.

 The mission was one of which could not be completed by a level four or higher. I'd spent hours trying to convince Mason that no matter how eager he was, it was in fact no question he would be exempted. This time, he was on the brink of reaching a three. The brink. How SP authority allows this, I'm not certain. His qualifying for the mission was passed by the boss nonetheless, and that was that.

 Three of our teams split up to go in separate directions of the base. Determined to seek out what's ours, I opted to check out the basement. Entry was not easy - the perimeter was secured with heavy electric fences and cameras wedged in every nook and cranny. But once we managed to disable the system, we were good to go.

 I'd only been on one actual mission prior, and that was the trek through Ambrosius Forest. Of course, the countless times of being shot during SP mission training were crucial - I have to say, moving down from one level to another had never been so painful. There was no saying what could happen this time. Bella had told me that real-life mission training resulted in many failures. Singular evacuations. I'm pretty sure we were all aware. There was only one string of doubt that left me hanging, one that was here one his first real-life mission.

 "Ready to track down that urn?" I joked softly, nudging Mason in the arm.

 His blue eyes are alert, naive. But when he looks at me, the same wave of earned and determination comes over him. "You know it."

 The process is thorough and quick, sweeping from one room to another. We seek evidence that will help us locate our goods - cases of the newest medication created at the Sullivan Project. A serum of which, in the wrong hands, could overpower the taker and allow them to harm someone critically.

 Shelves upon shelves are stacked with jars, boxes, and tools. The serum is no where to be found. Our mission is to locate it as soon as possible, as the Abductors may have the intent to experiment with the contents.

 Over time, I notice Mason losing focus. His bright blue eyes seem to sparkle in the dimly lit laboratory, as he keeps giving constant swipes while we make our rounds. I tear my eyes away to examine a suspicious crate off to the side. Wisps of dust spiral into the air, coating nearly every surface in the room. Once again I assure myself that Mason is fine, he's trained so hard for this moment.

 But that's when I notice him - off to the side, where no one else is. His tall frame is turned, his gun slung on his back with no means of defence. Letting myself get the best of me, I pace in between shelves and make my way over to him.



 No. No. Casting a glance over my shoulder, I see the others scoping out the other side of the room. His head is downcast, shoulders shuddering as his head tilts upward.


 "Hunhh, huh? Uhhh..." He is miles away, eyes flickering up toward the ceiling. They flutter closed and he brings as hand to rub at his red, irritated nostrils, sniffling wetly. A frustrated groan, more like a whimper emerges as his hitching resumes. "Ghhh.... *sddrff* mmnehh, hh-hehh... Hihh.... *snnrfff!* mnnhh.... Fugck...."

 "Hey." I place a hand on his shoulder, turning him slightly.

 His eyes are still elsewhere, still awaiting desperately for some relief. "Hhhuhh.... *ssddff* ughh...." His sniffles and snorfles constantly, struggling to keep the moisture above his lip. I dig inside my bag and pull out my bandana. 

 "Here. Blow your nose."

 He takes it, his eyelids fluttering unmistakably, and lifts it to his face.

 "Hhh'UTSSCCHHH'nnghh!! MMMNNSCHHHU!!!" He sneezes mightily, his body shaking with the force of them. I rub him gently on the back. "HRRISSSHHHmmn'uhh!!" He gives his nose a hearty blow. 

 "There we go."

 He coughs, still sniffling a little. Then  puts his head in his hands.

 "Hey. Y'okay?" I inwardly feel pained, watching him attempt to regain composure.

 He nods, coughing some more. "'S just the, huhh.... *koff, koff* *snngk* the uhhb.... *snnrff* the dust, I huhhH- HH'EESCHHHIUU!!!-uhhh.... *snggk**sddrf* Cad't hiuhhh... S-stopb- HHUASCCHHU!! Sdeezig... I'b.... Hehhh..... HEAASSHHHH!! *sddrf* Ughh, by dose wod't stopb... Hihh... Ruddig... *snddrf*" He wipes his face and looks up, nose taunting him.

 I reach for his arm. "We should get you out of here."

 "*sddrf**koff* Doh. *koff, koff*" he has to stop and catch his breath, and my attention suddenly picks up when I hear wheezing. He coughs and coughs.

 "Mason." I pat his back. "Hey."

 "C-cad't leave yet, Rid..."

 "We should." He looks down, avoiding my gaze. "Hey, look at me."

 "MMRNSCHHUHh!! *sddrf* eughh..."

 "Bless you."

 "HIESSCHHHIEWW!!-Eyyehh'TSCHH-TDSCHH!! YESCHHIEWW!!" He sneezes freely, desperately. Moaning softly, he sniffles, tears streaming down his face. Another attempt to wipe them away brushes against his ultra-sensitive nose, which twitches in response. "Hnn.... Uhh! Uhhh! UTSCCHHIEEWWW!!" He sneezes ferociously, giving me a start. Christ Jesus, that was harsh. He blinks his red eyes, sniffling harshly. He blows into the bandana, sounding winded. "Sss'hehhh.... *sddrf* 'Scuse be." He croaks, massaging his nose beneath the fabric.

 I reach into my pack and pull out my water bottle. "Here. Drink." He takes a quick sip, and runs his hand through his hair. No kidding, he looked beat. Hair mussed up, eyes red and watery, not to mention the red nose that was running like a faucet. 

 "KNN'chieww!! *snnf*" he rubs it with a curled index finger, snuffling ineffectively. "*snnrf* I just... H-hheh.. *sddf* deed a breath. I cad do it."

 "Mason." I say gently, stroking his hair. He sniffles wetly.

 "*snnrf* hhhuhh.... Yea, baby?"

 "You're an idiot."

 "Mhm." He leans in and kisses me.

 "JOHNS! MISAKI!" I leap to my feet, alertness flooding my senses. It's Darcy. Her eyes are full of fear. "Code 3. They've seen us."

 "We gotta hide." Mason and I dive under a desk as the others race forward. I'm sure as hell not letting my allergic boyfriend go to battle while he was in the middle of an allergy attack.

 "Hhm'TSCHH!-ieww... *snnf* urrghh..." He sniffles and grunts softly, obviously very congested. As he struggles to try to hold them back, it only backfires on him. "Hhhh.... Nnhhh.... *snf* uhh *snf* shit...." He scrubs at his nose, the tickle growing visibly. "Hh-hiH! Hnehhh... Hnn'Txgkt!-GxXt-HnngxXt'chieww!! Ohh...." He winces, squeezing his eyes shut and rubbing his nose.

 "Scan the area. See if you can find anything." My heart drops. I notice dark figures creeping into the room, armed and ready. As my heart rate starts picking up rapidly, I stare at Mason, who's trying desperately not to sneeze - and failing. 

 "Hhhh..... Hngg..." Tears run down his fave as he buries his face in his arms to muffle his sneezes. "MNNG!! HTNGKK-mnhh!!" When he lifts his head, an look of utter desire and need floods his features. It's like I'm not even here. His eyes are closed and his nose is twitching uncontrollably. Then he dips, again, violently jerking with each muffled explosion. "gNXXKk-HMMXKK-MMNSHH!!'ieww..." He takes in a sharp breath, looking pained and winded. I slowly reach over and gently brush back his soft brown hair. He sits quietly, pinching the bridge of his nose and trying to catch his breath.

 "Hey. Did you hear that?" My heart stops.

 "Hear what?"

 My eyes dart over to Mason. His breath hitches softly. His eyes scrunch shut, indicating the overpowering itch. I reach over and place my finger under his nose. The hitching stops. He looks over at me; his blue eyes full of torture, glassy with allergic tears. They slowly flutter closed. Dust really was everywhere. I saw my finger back and forth, Mason's eyes still shut.


Ohhh, fuck. I need to sneeze. My heart is beating in my throat, my neck aching from all the stifling. Oh god, I think. I really have to... "Hhehh..mmPxXkk!" Rin pinches my nose, hard, just in time. I nearly cry out from the pain in my head, slowly exhaling quietly. Her eyes look into mine, dark and pleading. Tears are in my eyes, gliding down my cheeks, dripping from my chin. I need to sneeze again. I have to sneeze again. I can't sneeze aga-"AAASSCHHHIEWW!!"



 "HIESSSHHH-UTSCHHUHH!! USSSHHHIEEWW!!" I stare at Maon in horror, my hearing flooded with the thunder of footsteps. But Mason keeps sneezing. Dear lord, my poor Mason. "Uht'TSCHHIU!! HUH'TSCHHIEWW!!! HHYYYISSHHH!!"


 Stop... "YISSSCHHHIEWWW!!!" Stop sneezing... "Ihhhh'YISSCHHHIEWW!!" Make it stop... "Huh... USSCCHHHHIEWWW!!!"




Heh,, I'm so mean. *rubs hands together* tbc...

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I like the change in POV in this story, I think it adds to it. But I won't lie, I prefer Mason's POV. I know I'm bad but I totally adore his struggles with the sneezes and his inner voice cursing the allergies. I keep going back to read the 2nd chapter with his exam and the fluffy cat... But this last chapter is also awesome, poor guy tries so hard but doesn't succeed in holding back :wub:

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OMG... I love hold backs.. I love his desperate builds... I love everything about this story... 

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