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Hi all,

I've had this in my head for a while now. We've got April here, a late 20-something, driven gal trying to make a good impression on her cold, calculating boss. It's difficult when your boss is an impenetrable figure, but even more so when she's gorgeous and has a secret she's trying hard to conceal: bad allergies.

Evaline, director of this company, pushes everyone away. She's got work to do and secrets to hide. One of which may be why she keeps her door closed during the spring season...





I repeated the lovely mantra over and over again in my head as I stood on the metro, my hands grasping the pole so hard my knuckles turned white.

I was late.

Only one month into my brand-new job, and here I was, probably already going to get fired.

This was overall a good job, too. I’d be sorry to see it end.

The perks were pretty good- free k-cups of varying flavors for the two Keurig machines, employee discounts in the cafeteria, my own desk, cubicle, and computer. I could even work from home every other Friday, if I so chose.

So then why would I be fired, you ask?

Well, that brings us to the main bad aspect of the job- my boss. Evaline- a cold-hearted, unforgiving, exacting bitch who just happens to be the director of the whole company.

“Just stay away from her as much as possible,” My coworker John had told me during my week of orientation. “Out of sight, out of mind.”

“But I’ll have to present things to her,” I argued. “Pitches, right? And aren’t there weekly meetings with her, too?”

John shrugged. “Well, some of that’s unavoidable. Just be on your best behavior. She’ll tear you a new one if you just look at her the wrong way.”

Paul, my direct supervisor, had said something similar. “Whatever she says, just nod and agree. There’s no use arguing with that one. You’ll never win.”

Michael, at the cubicle next to mine, told me about the time he was sick with the flu when a major project was due the next day for a client. “I was puking my guts out and she had the gall to call me demanding the final proposal!” He feigns a high falsetto in a poor imitation of Evaline on the phone. “I didn’t ask how you’re feeling, I’ve been refreshing my inbox and there seems to be a lack of your proposal in my inbox. You have one hour or that virus will be killing your immune system as well as your career.”

They weren’t kidding, either. My very first day on the job, she unceremoniously dumped a large stack of papers and blueprints on my desk with no hello or preamble. “I know you’re new here, so let this be an introduction to the way things work. Take a look over these and have a report ready with your thoughts to me tomorrow at 7am sharp.”

Wanting to impress, I worked all day and night on my analysis and the report, complete with a graph and everything. I even handed it all to her with a fancy coffee, hoping to set us off on the right foot. And yet, the men had been right. I should have known.

“April, if I had wanted to read something like this I would’ve hired a college student,” she retorted. “You think one of our clients would accept this trash? Your observations are rudimentary and your writing borders on the imbecilic.”

I was shocked into submission. I would’ve loved to speak my mind or at least give her a nice punch to that scowling face of hers, but I needed this job. The industry’s on the downhill and after months of applications and interviews, well – I really had no choice but to acquiesce.

Oh yeah, and one last thing about her? She just happens to be drop-dead gorgeous.

You would think that wouldn’t matter to me. And it really shouldn’t, it shouldn’t at all. Not when she treats us all like we’re so far beneath her that she would need binoculars just to make us out from above.

But I’ve sacrificed relationships in the past to be here today in this competitive field. And maybe it’s dangerous to dream, but hearing the click-clack of her heels on the linoleum floors makes my heart race out of nerves because she’s a freaking monster, yes, but also because I can’t help but watch her from behind once she passes by me. Pants that outline every curve of those hips, suit jackets that show delicate yet sculpted shoulders and a blouse underneath that somehow is modest and discreet yet somehow leaving nothing to the imagination when it comes to what lies underneath.

So here I now am, literally pushing people out of my way to escape this packed metro car and shoving my way through the hordes of commuters at the station.

I race up the steps, already breaking into a sweat. Spring has just sprung and it’s just slightly too warm for this impromptu cardio. I don’t even have time to appreciate the trees that are just beginning to bud and the crocuses that have just popped up.

I’m cursing my heels as I finally break through the main doors to my building and am giving this slow elevator a mental lashing as I stand there, panting to catch my breath as it slowly descends to my level.

Will Evaline notice that I’m late, I wonder? Of course she will, I remind myself – those icy blue eyes see everything.

I try to tiptoe my way to my cubicle, hoping she won’t hear or see me. I’m stunned when I make it all the way to my desk with no reprimands. My co-workers eyes are wide in disbelief at my audacity to be late. It’s like the walk of shame, just in an entirely different context.

I assemble the papers I was supposed to have on Evaline’s desk before she arrived. Approaching her office door, I take deep breaths to quell my anxiety and try to quit shaking. I briefly imagine those soft-looking pink lips tracing the words “you’re fired” before I shake my head to banish the image and raise my hand to knock on her door.

But my fist freezes midair without making a sound – right before I can knock, I hear a muffled noise coming from behind the door.

Through the frosted glass panel of the door, I can make out the shadow of Evaline hunched over her desk. What -?


Then I hear it- barely audible from my side of the door but unmistakable.

Heh- kschiu! Hih- tschuh!


Please let me know what you think and if you want me to continue this! I have some ideas for how this could play out but I'd love to hear your ideas as well as to what you want to happen!

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8 hours ago, wmb19 said:

I don’t even have time to appreciate the trees that are just beginning to bud and the crocuses that have just popped up.

8 hours ago, wmb19 said:


I love the detail of the budding flowers, paying special attention to the part of the flower that would invoke allergies. 

I think the story is brilliant so far. Please continue!

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Thanks everyone who responded, so glad you're enjoying it!

Here is chapter 2! With a lot more sneezing this time- even quite a substantial fit at the end. 😁🤧

I’m enjoying writing this waaay too much…better be careful or I’ll be writing a lot more ;D


I pause in my knocking until I see that Evaline's recovered (I can see her form straighten up from behind her desk through the frosted glass) and then knock.


My palm is slick with sweat as I grasp the handle and turn. I know what’s coming but I can’t avoid it. I’m not even going to try to make up an excuse; she always sees right through them, apparently. Let’s just hope she’s in a good mood today.

I ignore the small voice in my head reminding me that Evaline’s never in a good mood.

Entering her office, I glance around at the room. I’m always amazed that someone can work in a space like this. Even my own cubicle, cramped and shabby as it is, has some life to it. Pictures of my best friend and I, family holiday photos, a small succulent that I somehow forget to water once a month.  But Evaline’s office is a stark contrast to that. Modern and minimalist, there’s no sign of life in it besides the woman sitting in the office chair. No paintings on the walls, no plants, not even any pictures on her desk.

I wonder if she has a boyfriend. Or is she married? Who knows. She’s not wearing a ring, anyway. Plenty of the guys here tried their luck with her when they first started here, convinced they would be the one to melt the ice queen or the wicked witch, take your pick on a name. Yet they found it was like trying to charm a viper. Evaline wanted nothing to do with any of them, her piercing glare and biting quips sending the men back to their cubicles as they contemplated their manhood and licked their wounds. That didn’t stop them from looking from afar, though.

Approaching her desk and the monster seated behind it, I try to not let my eyes widen in surprise when I finally see my boss.

Evaline looks…well, different. Worn-down. Tired. Her light blonde hair is in the same low, tied-back bun as always, but today it’s messier, looser, with strands falling out of it and framing her face. Her eyes have slight bruised-looking half-moons under them that makeup just couldn’t quite cover up, as if she hadn’t slept well. And her eyes themselves, blue and intense, look a bit reddened and bloodshot.

Her cheeks are flushed, which actually kinda looks good on her, I gotta admit- but her nose is the same bright pink shade which makes me think those sneezes weren’t just a passing irritation.

Can evil queens get sick?

“Evaline,” I start, handing over the proposal to her, “I’m so sorry. I had this all assembled and ready to go but never put it on your desk this morning.”

She sniffles as she reaches out to grab the papers (in disdain or the possible cold, I wonder?) but her hands freeze in midair and she retracts them quickly and pulls a few tissues out from the box that I never noticed was on her desk until now.

She’s caught in a pre-sneeze expression, her lips slightly parted and long eyelashes fluttering. Those pink nostrils are flaring and I hear her breath hitching. “Hiih…..iihhh…”

She looks so irritated, cross even at her own body. She presses the tissues to her nose, covering her face, so I’m free to watch her generous chest heave as she hitches. Yeah, that’s nice…

“Hgh- nngxt! Hiih…ehhh…” I feel kind of bad, she sounds so itchy – but at the same time I’m trying to hold back my laughter. Cold, hard Evaline just looks so out of her element and incongruous with the image she always puts on.        

“Ihshieww!” The sneeze finally bursts out of her, but you can tell that Evaline was trying to hold her sneezes in or at least keep them quiet. They’re soft, buried in the tissues, and you can just tell that she’s longing to let them loose.

“Bless you!” I say, as she gives a final sniff, sits up straight as a board and brushes the hair out of her eyes. “Are you alright?

Her hand’s back up to receive the proposal without a word- of course she ignores my ‘bless you’ and words of concern.

Flipping through my papers, Evaline sniffs lightly, and as she looks over what I’ve written I can see her sneezing produced tears in her eyes, which she tries to surreptitiously wipe away.

“I’ll look over it in more details later,” she finally says. “Get back to work.”

You would think I’d be disappointed, even angered at her reaction. But I’m elated.

Evaline is so distracted by attempting to cover up her sneezing that she doesn’t even realize my tardiness in handing in the proposal.


Halfway through the day and 3 cups of coffee in, I have to bolt to the bathroom to empty my bladder. I knew that third cup was overkill.

Practicing Kegels to make it there in time, I pray that there’s a stall open- there’s only two in the women’s bathroom for our entire floor and I most certainly do not think now’s a good time to test my bladder’s patience.

Shoving the door open, I quickly lock the stall and start to unzip. I’m in such a rush that it takes me a second to process the sounds coming from the stall next to me.


I freeze mid-zip. Next to me, the woman is nearly panting waiting on her next sneeze. I hear her breath catching, caught in an itchy torment with no release.


I hear an urgent rolling of the toilet paper roll and a tear- this person needs a tissue, and fast.

“Hgk'NXt! Hah-ngxt!  ihh!” More panting.NGktsch! Nxgtsch! Hihh!

Her sneezes sound so desperate, and it’s obvious that these little ones she’s letting off aren’t doing her any good. She’s probably embarrassed, having heard that someone (me) is now in the stall next to her and listening in on her little fit.

Ihshieww!” That last one explodes out. Still light, like she’s holding back, but better. I’m having trouble peeing.

There’s a soft blow to my right. It’s definitely a wet one.

“Hah-ngxt! NGktsch!” She keeps going. I feel bad, whoever this coworker of mine is- but thank god I’m hidden in a bathroom stall because I don’t think I could hide my reaction from this out in the office.

Hidden and anonymous as I am, I feel a tad daredevil. “Stop stifling!” I call over. “Just let them out, you’ll feel better!”

Whether it’s that she took my advice or just can’t hold them back anymore, the mystery woman lets out a burst of sneezing that gets stronger and more irritated-sounding with each sneeze.

“Heh- kschiu! Hih- tschuh! Eehh-ischoo! Ih…! Hiihh..! NGKtschoo! Esschoooo! Heh’tschooo!”

She’s struggling to catch her breath now. There’s a lot of sniffling going on over there – harsh, but it doesn’t sound like it’s doing any good for this poor woman.

“Fuck,” the sneezing woman suddenly says. She sounds remarkably congested. There’s not many women in my department and her voice has changed so much with congestion I can’t identify who it is.

“Do- hiihh – do you have any more paper? I’m ehh- out.”

“Sure, of course.” I tear off a wad and pass it under the stall. She’s still sniffling over there and gives a shy blow. Very modest, this one. It’s gurgling and there’s no way in hell that little blow she just gave took care of anything.

Finally able to pee, I exit to wash my hands at the sink. Little Miss Sneezy is still in her stall- probably too embarrassed to come out and show her face, not that I blame her. If only she knew how hot that was.

I take my time drying my hands, but she still doesn’t resurface. I decide to be really quiet, pretending to fix my hair in the mirror. Maybe if I’m quiet enough she’ll think I left.

Sure enough, after a long minute there’s more sniffling and a wet, gurgling blow into the toilet paper I had given her. The lock clicks as she opens the door.

Heh’tschooo!” Another one sneaks up on the woman, to both of our surprise. We both freeze in place.

Because there, stepping out of the stall, eyes red and nose streaming, is none other than Evaline herself.


Please let me know what you think! What should April do now?

On a side note, does anyone know how to edit/update the thread title? I'd like to update it to make it clear when a new chapter is up.


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OMG I LOVE THIS. Please please write more. I love how you described Evaline's sneezes in contrast to her demeanor. I feel like April should play it cool, so her boss doesn't get irritated with her. Women like Evaline don't like people fawning over them. Im very excited to see where this goes!

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On 10/19/2018 at 2:20 PM, MzMental said:

OMG I LOVE THIS. Please please write more. I love how you described Evaline's sneezes in contrast to her demeanor. I feel like April should play it cool, so her boss doesn't get irritated with her. Women like Evaline don't like people fawning over them. Im very excited to see where this goes!

Aw thanks so much! I am in agreement with you...April doesn’t plan to fawn over Evaline (especially considering her demeanor), but April tends to blurt things out sometimes without thinking so we’ll see where this goes...😇

All readers- I’m not sure how you’re all feeling about this because I’m not getting much feedback- please let me know if you’re enjoying it and want a next chapter. I base what I should write (and IF I should write more) based on the responses from you!! 

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6 hours ago, wmb19 said:

April tends to blurt things out sometimes without thinking so we’ll see where this goes...😇

Oh dear! I hope it doesn't get her into deep personal trouble with her poor sneezy boss ;)

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Evaline’s already sneeze-reddened face grows five times redder in embarrassment. She attempts to cover her face with her crumpled wad of used toilet paper she’s using as a tissue, but there’s no point, it’s too late- I’ve already seen that the sneezer is her- and she knows it.

Jesus. I was already turned on when she was a mystery sneezer behind the bathroom stall, but now that I can put a face (and body) to the sneeze I’m doomed. I feel myself growing warm.

“Wow,” I say, trying to pull myself out of it. She’s your freaking evil boss, stop it!! “That didn’t sound so good.” It sounded amazing. “Coming down with something?”

She’ll probably just ignore me again, but I have to say something, it’s just too awkward and I can’t tear my gaze away from her beautiful, striking features- soft, pale skin, ice-blue eyes and a delicate, shapely nose that’s just upturned in the slightest and a lovely, irritated shade of red.

Evaline’s eyes narrow at my question, but she looks away, embarrassed. “nDoh.” She says, coldly, and congestedly, trying to surreptitiously dab at her leaking nose but failing. *snnff* She rubs at her eyes with the heel of her palm. “I’b not sick.”

“Allergies, then?”

That one goes ignored. She rushes to wash her hands and stalk out of the restroom before she has to be with me any longer.

Walking back to my cubicle, I look out the windows, seeing the budding tree branches waving in the wind and little flowers beginning to pop up from the ground. Yeah, must be allergies.

I pass by Evaline’s office. I can see she has a client sitting in one of the plush chairs on the other side of her desk. So she left him to go have an allergy attack in private, I realize.

It’s funny, I think. I didn’t think anything ever could faze Evaline. But apparently her allergies, or more specifically, sneezing in front of others, was something she couldn’t stand.

It’s now Friday afternoon, and I’m gathered with the rest of the team in the large conference room to go over our department’s monthly performance, goals, and plans for the next quarter.

I’m so over this week and just want to leave this building and get back to my life outside- spring has now officially sprung and it’s just gorgeous out there- the temperature’s starting to climb back up, the trees aren’t naked anymore, and the flowers are in full bloom. And of course I’m stuck in here, going over expense reports, contracts, new accounts and all that fun stuff. The only thing that can make this worth it would be if I could catch some more sneezes from Evaline again. Since the other day I haven’t seen her much- she’s stayed locked away in her office with the door closed.

Gotta say, though. It looks like I might just be in luck.

Evaline looks, if not miserable, then at least afflicted. Her face, specifically her nose is still red and I keep watching her nostrils flare slightly as her eyes narrow. She’s definitely got a tickle that she just can’t fight off. And I’m perfectly situated to watch the struggle from the other side of the conference table.

A slight breeze lifts a strand of my hair and I push it back out of my face. Turning my head, I see that the window’s open, my co-workers wanting to enjoy the fresh spring air that has finally brushed away the cold confines of winter. Ah.

Evaline’s the only one standing as she presents to us, telling us about our performance (pitiful), our profits (negligible), and what we can be doing better (everything, apparently).

“Does- ihh- anyone have any que-questions?” She asks, breathily. “No? Well if that’s the case and there’s no questions, then there should be no reason why I wouldn’t see all of this im- iihh- improve. No excuses.”

She raises her arm to press her palm flat against her nose, massaging the upturned tip. The tickle’s getting worse, building up in her sinuses and burning her sensitive nose. I can see the tears forming in the corners of her eyes, watery and reddened. Poor thing. And she’s trying so hard to hide it.

She can tell that she’s failing, her breath hitching and eyes watering. And others can see it, see the break in her cold, hard façade. She’s no match for the pollen outside, and she knows it.

“April,” she starts, turning to me and returning to her seat. “Why don’t you start us off by telling us what you’re working on?”

Ah, so that’s it, then, I think. Your grand plan? Turn the attention to someone else so no one notices your allergy attack?

But it’s too little too late, and before I can say a word or get out my papers, Evaline hunches over with a reserved “hgk'NXt!”

Trying not to stare at my sniffling, allergic and embarrassed boss, I open my mouth to begin talking about what I’ve been working on. I’m only three words in when I’m interrupted by another “ngktsch!”

Evaline’s half turned away from the table in her seat, her eyes squinted shut and a tissue over her face. She’s stifling so well and so quietly that it seems few others have noticed her predicament.

I start again, passing some papers around. “Here’s the new design I’ve been working on.” Evaline’s lips part as I watch her eyes go hazy and squint at the unrelenting tickle in her nose. “The client wanted a more modern, minimalist- ‘hgh-chnxgt!’- design, so I’ve gone with a sleek – ‘hngtschu!’- feel and clean lines.” Evaline’s taking stuttering breaths that I can see from how her chest is rising and falling under her shirt. She looks miserable, held in place by the itchiness slowly creeping up her throat into her nasal passages and behind her eyes.

“I’m still working on the dimensions for – ‘hehh-ihh-NGtschu!’ –the foundation of the structure itself, but I think –‘hih-hgk’NXt!’- that if a couple of us work together it shouldn’t take us too long.”

I’m not the only one looking at Evaline anymore, whose face is burning red in likely both embarrassment and itchy allergic irritation. She seems frozen in that pre-sneeze expression, lashes fluttering as allergic tears fill the corners of her eyes, pink lips parted as she breathes almost panting, and nostrils flaring every two seconds.

I kind of feel bad. I’d try to keep talking and take the attention off of her (as she wanted), but it wouldn’t help. Her stifles have become less effective with each sneeze, growing louder and more harsh and desperate each time. The tissues she’s clutching for dear life are growing pretty wet, and soon she’s going to have to get up to get a new supply.  

The papers that I passed around have now reached Dave, who is sitting next to Evaline and awkwardly holding them out to her. He’s not sure whether he should carry on as if she’s perfectly capable of examining my plans (which she’s very certainly not), or whether he should wait until she’s recovered. Evaline doesn’t even seem to realize that he’s holding them out to her.

She suddenly rises from her chair, pushing her chair back with a loud screech that makes half the room jump in surprise.

“Excuse be for a moment,” she says, nearly knocking Dave over in her haste to escape the pollen-filled room of her allergic torture. She pulls the tissue away from her face as she speaks and rushes out the door, and I can’t help but notice the thin stream of liquid she’s struggling to keep from leaking down her face that her saturated tissue can’t keep at bay.

I remain standing once Evaline has left the room, stunned into silence. Around me, the men starting laughing and making comments.

“Yes!” Paul cheers, examining the open window. “We’ve got something to blackmail her with now.”

Michael rubs his hands together evilly. “Serves her right, the bitch. As if we haven’t been freakin’ working our asses off for this company, and she’s gonna tell us how awful we all are at our jobs? Let her suffer.”

Dave grins and nods in agreement. “She’s the reason I’ve been looking to go elsewhere. But I gotta say, seeing her sneeze like that really does make a nice show of her-”

“Guys, enough,” I interrupt, not needing Dave to finish that sentence. I quite enjoyed her chesty show, myself. “Allergies suck. Cut her some slack and let’s just finish the meeting without her.”

The men ignore me and continue to jeer. I’m torn- I want to show the guys I’m part of their team in hating the big, evil, smoking hot boss- but I just don’t feel right letting Evaline run off in her suffering while we all stand here and make fun of her.


Please comment and let me know if you are enjoying it (or not!)! I write for readers and comments so if you write then I'll write!!

What do you think Evaline should do next? Should she go after her suffering boss to make sure she's alright? Are there any aspects of the fetish you want to see? Anything you want to happen?

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You’re doing a great job with this! :) I really love the “powerful business lady losing face over a cold/allergies” trope! It’s one of my favorites. I wonder what would happen if Evaline softened up with April. April should definitely go to see if Evaline is alright! 

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4 hours ago, purpleocean said:

April should definitely go to see if Evaline is alright! 

I agree! I like how she still stood up to her coworkers, despite her feeling of wanting to belong. Strong character choice!

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Chapter 4

I don’t know if it’s the feminine, compassionate side of me, or the horny, fetish-y side of me, but I find myself compelled to chase after my suffering boss.

I stalk out of the conference room after my coworkers ignored my plea, going out just as unnoticed as I was before.  I’m kind of pissed off over this fact- I thought I was close enough to the guys I work with for them to at least hear me out. Who ever thought I’d be siding with my evil boss on this one over them?

Evaline’s door is closed, not surprisingly, but when I turn the handle I am surprised to find it unlocked. My pulse is pounding. She’s probably going to be real ticked off that I’m barging in on her when she wants privacy. But I want to apologize on their behalf. No, no – of course it’s not just because I want to see her sneeze again.

Opening the door, I happen to walk in on Evaline mid-blow of her nose. It’s a gurgly one, which makes her infuriated look at me all the more appropriate.

“April!” Her pink face and eyes glare at my sudden presence. Yeah, maybe I should’ve knocked first.

“I didn’t excuse you from the meeting as well. Get back in there.” I recognize this for what it is now- not anger at me, necessarily, but embarrassment and lashing out at me to make herself feel better.

I decide to give it right back to her. I’m already screwed if this doesn’t go over well.

I roll my eyes at her. “Sorry I came in just to make sure that you’re alright.”

Evaline’s stunned into silence. She probably can’t remember the last time someone stood up to her. Or maybe showed they cared about her? I’m afraid to think about which one.

My shoulders slump. “Look, let me start again. I just wanted to make sure you’re alright. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Her eyes narrow. “I don’t need your sympathy.”

“Of course you don’t. I’m just here to make sure you’re still breathing. But what you do need now is a spy.”

Evaline straightens up, her face etched in confusion. “What?!”

“Look,” I start. “Everyone knows you’ve got bad hayfever now. And, no offense, but the guys kinda hate you.”

Evaline doesn’t seem shocked to hear this fact and raises a single eyebrow, sniffling to ward off what looks like another approaching sneeze.

“So they’re going to try to sabotage you. Don’t you want someone- me- listening in so we can thwart their plans to make your life miserable?”

“I don’t think my allergies could get any worse,” Evaline starts, raising the tissue to her now-running nose, “but I appreciate the thought. Let them do whatever the hell they want. I’ll just fire whoever tries to pull one on me.”

Well, that plan failed. But at least she doesn’t seem mad at me anymore for barging in on her.

All of a sudden Evaline inhales sharply.

“aaaESSCHhoo! AaheSSCHoo! HheeiISSCHoo! Iihh….! Hahh…!” She’s caught in the throes of another sneezing fit with a sneeze that’s clearly stuck. Her nostrils are flaring like crazy as her lips part and eyes close. Her nose is so red and a bit swollen from all the sneezing. She lightly rubs a finger over her upturned tip, trying to coax out her sneezes. It works.

“AahIIISChoo! EehHESchoo! IiHISChoo!” Her sneezes are getting so powerful that she buckles over with each explosion. “NGKtschuu! IiiSHoo! NXGstch! NXGstch! NXGstch! The last three are rapid fire. Evaline finishes, panting. Her tissues have soaked through to her hand and she turns her back to me to clean herself up, sniffling all the while and scrubbing her itching face.

Meanwhile, I’m trying not to let my jaw drop to the floor. “Geez,” I say. “Can’t you take meds for all that?”

Evaline turns back to me to respond now that she’s cleaned herself up a bit. She swipes her palm upwards over her nose, unconsciously. Her eyes are streaming with tears from her allergic reaction and her nose just looks so irritated and sensitive. Her lips are still parted and it dawns on me that she’s resorted to breathing from her mouth she’s so congested.

“Don’t you think I would be taking medications for all this?!” She asks disbelievingly. “Of course I am. I’m on the max doses of three different allergy meds but they don’t seem to help much.” She moans thickly. “I’m at the end of my rope. I can’t breathe, I can’t work, hell, I can barely sleep at night.” Her voice is thick with congestion.

“Ugh, that sounds awful,” I say. “I’m so sorry.” She looks so miserably allergic. I can’t believe the change that’s taken place in her face, and even in her demeanor. She’s just…defeated.

And it’s adorable.

“What?” Evaline asks. “What’s adorable?” She’s squinting in confusion.

Oh my god did I just say that out loud!?

I must have. Evaline’s grinning at me as though she caught me in some devious act. Her cheeks are flushed pink but now I don’t know if it’s from allergies or she’s blushing.

“What’s adorable, April? Me? Or my sneezing?”

I try to backpedal.  I can’t answer that. Either way I answer is admitting something awful. I feel the tips of my ears burning as my skin turns red in embarrassment.

“Ah,” Evaline says. “You know I did think that about you. Turns out I was right.”

“Wait, what?” I’m confused as to what she’s referring to and afraid of her answer.

“April, do you know why I turned down all those men? Why I sent them running back to their cubicles with their injured pride?”

I don’t have it in me to do any more than simply shake my head.

“You’re a smart girl, April. I thought it would’ve been obvious, at least to someone like you. Paul was the last one to make a move on me and he surely would be considered the hottest man alive by some of the women here. If I even turned him down, then surely…” She trailed off, allowing to me to come to my own conclusion.


Evaline suddenly starts sniffling and rubbing her nose again as the burning sensation spreads, buzzing in her sinuses. “Uhhh…huhhh…”

She’s rubbing and pushing her red, flaring nose. With her eyes closed, I feel more free to look down at her chest, especially after her fascinating confession. Her generous breasts are rising and falling quickly as she tries to catch her breath- she’s hitching furiously, the sneeze just refusing to come out.

“Hehhh…ihhhh….” The sneezes finally explode out of Evaline. “AahIIISChoo! EehHESchoo! IiHISChoo!” “NGKtschuu! IiiSHoo! NXGstch! NXGstch! EehHISchoo! HeehSChoo!”

“Ugh, April,” Evaline moans. “Do you see what your namesake does to me?”


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Wow, just wow! This is definitely becoming my favorite story on here. 

3 hours ago, wmb19 said:

“Of course you don’t. I’m just here to make sure you’re still breathing. But what you do need now is a spy.”

What a great recovery, to keep Evaline from telling her off. April is quite clever. 


3 hours ago, wmb19 said:

Her generous breasts are rising and falling quickly as she tries to catch her breath- she’s hitching furiously, the sneeze just refusing to come out.


3 hours ago, wmb19 said:

Ugh, April,” Evaline moans. “Do you see what your namesake does to me?”

My bi butt is happy. So happy. 

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This story is absolutely wonderful!!!! Im usually not a fan of the character whos stubborn and rude but still is sneezy anyhow, but Im loving how this story is playing out, hope to keep reading it!

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Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate them and are so glad to hear you are all liking this!

Here is part 5:

After some discussion, it’s decided that Evaline will work from home the next morning to give her allergies a (potential) rest. I’ve offered to partner with her in-office to provide her with some confidential information she’ll need for her work, which can only be accessed within the network in the office.

The next afternoon, I get a phone call from Evaline. Looks like she’s ready for that info.

I’m so nervous to talk to her. After my embarrassing confession yesterday, and her even more shocking one, I don’t know what to think. Was she just telling me so I know her preferences? Or is she interested in me? I don’t even know how I feel- I can’t decide anymore if she’s a total bitch or if it’s just the façade she puts up.

“Hey, Evaline,” I say, picking up her call. “How are you doing?”

She sniffs before answering. “Ugh, about the same,” she moans congestedly. “I have air purifiers going here at least but I think the pollen count’s higher today.”

I’m thrilled to hear that, but of course I can’t tell her that. I give my condolences, and then we get started as I look up the information that she needs.

It’s a long, tedious process and I’m beginning to wonder why I ever volunteered to do this. I’m going to have to stay overtime to get my own work done.

Just when I’m getting super frustrated, I hear Evaline’s breath start to hitch over the phone.

“Alright,” she says. “And the neh- ehh –next one?”

I’m mid-sentence when she interrupts me. “Wait, A- ahh- pril.” Her husky voice saying my name as she hitches gets me excited. “I haaave…to…eehhh! Ihh! Sn- ihh! –eeze!” Her breath is hitching wildly. I can’t believe I’m getting to hear this over the phone. For some reason she hasn’t thought to put her phone down and I can hear every desperate inhale and exhale as the sneeze builds in her sinuses, tickling mercilessly.

“Are you okay?” I ask, grinning. “It sounds like you’re struggling over there.”

“No…” She responds, her breath still hitching directly in my ear. She sniffs wetly, the sound so crisp and clear it’s like her face is right next to mine.

The sniff seems to set her off, and her buildup increases, her breath hitching wildly now. “Hehhh!....ihhh!...aahhh!...”

I laugh. “Are your sneezes stuck?” I ask. I can just picture Evaline, her nose a delicious shade of red, rubbing the tip of her nose like I’ve seen her do frequently the past few days, her lips parted and breath heaving with the rise and fall of her heavy breasts. I picture myself rubbing her nose for her, trying to scratch the wild itch and coax out her amazing sneezes at the same time.

She just whines into the phone in response to my question, unable to form coherent words in her allergic state. She sniffs wetly again, and that seems to do the trick as she explodes with allergic torture, her sneezes loud in my ear that I almost hold the phone away.


“Bless you!” I say, drooling. I can’t believe my luck. “Are you-“ but she interrupts me again, sniffly and itchy even over the phone. Her breath is hitching like crazy and I can tell that was only half of an allergy attack yet to come.

“No…” Evaline says to me between her panting. “Hold…iihhhh! Ehhh!....Ohh- On! IIihh!!” Her voice is so desperate, absolutely dripping with itching with allergic torture.

She explodes once more in a hot, wet mess of an allergy fit.


Her fit finally dies down, Evaline panting in my ear.

I can’t say anything, too paralyzed to move or speak. I wish I had a phone recorder.

Gahh…April,” Evaline pants, sniffling like crazy. I can hear how wet her sneezes were, how congested her sinuses are now from her sneezing attack. She’s so congested and itchy sounding. I wish I could see her so badly. “I think we’re going to have to continue this tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?” I ask, trying to keep the disappointment out of my voice. I don’t want this to end. It’s like phone sex without the sex, but, like, just as good.

It takes Evaline a minute to respond because she stops to blow her nose. She must have me on speaker because I hear every bit of it, and every little sniff she congestedly gives after.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” she finally responds. “My nose is going crazy, I ca-aahh­- an’t keep working like this.”

“Did you take your medication?” I ask.

Evaline chuckles. Have I ever heard her laugh before? “Yes, thanks Mom.” I roll my eyes at her snark. “I told you before, it barely helps. The pollen’s way worse this year, I’m itching like crazy and my nose won’t stop running.” She sniffs. “I’m sorry April, you probably didn’t want to know that much detail.” I can practically hear her blush over the phone.

“No, it’s alright,” I tell her honestly. “I really don’t mind.” I decide to take a risk – if she’s being honest with me, then I can be honest with her. “As I said before, I think it’s cute. I don’t mind. I hope you are feeling better soon.”

Ok, so that last one was a lie.

“No one’s ever said that to me before,” Evaline confesses. “Everyone just gets grossed out because they think I’m contagious so I tend to hide out during the spring.”

“Well I don’t mind,” I say. “Sneeze away.”

“Well, if you insist,” Evaline says breathily. I see why a second later. “Igh-ScHIU! Heh-gsCHU!” She groans. “I’ll see you tomorrow, April.” 


Please let me know if there's something you want to see happen next! I have an idea or two but would love to hear from you what you want to see!


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Omg those fits 😍😍😍 

Sooooo gooooddd. I love the variety of the sneezes she has, it isn't just the set sneeze. I like it. 

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13 hours ago, wmb19 said:

She sniffs wetly again, and that seems to do the trick as she explodes with allergic torture, her sneezes loud in my ear that I almost hold the phone away.

Really like the idea of listening to someone sneezing down the phone and trying to imagine what state they must be in :D Really enjoyed reading your story - especially the gigantic fit in the latest installment!

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My goodness those were some amazing sneezing fits, and I love the entire scenario, amazing work, please continue!

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