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Puppy Love - Complete (8 Parts)


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Kaykaykay. I just want to say, pleeeeeeeease, I beg you not to say anything even remotely close to criticism. When I'm being critiqued on other sites, this place is my refuge, so I'm DEAD SERIOUS, if anyone says anything negative, I'm going to stop the story. I know I sound dramatic, and it's not like I can't take criticism, but here it is not welcome. I come here for FUN and fun alone, not to improve my writing skills. OKAY. That is all. Love you guys!

Puppy Love

Part One:

It was raining. Cam hated the rain. He also hated clouds, but mostly because they signaled rain and not for any scientific reason. Okay, so he supposed that technically was a scientific reason, but…whatever.

Todd had stormed out of the dorm not long after Carter and Tassi had run off to--well, he wasn’t sure where the hell they’d gone. Part of him was relieved, but the rest of him was being ripped to shreds by a combination of guilt and self-hatred.

He should have gone after Todd. But he didn’t. Cam never did the things he should. Which is why his life sucked shit.


A year later, it was still raining. Well, it was raining again, anyway. Cam was on his way to work, aka the local pet store, Patch of Pups. At least he didn’t have to wear a uniform.

Nyssa was already at the store when he arrived, giving the puppies their breakfasts and cleaning up their enormous piles of shit and puddles of piss.

“Um, do I have to say it?” she said, glaring as she adjusted her hair, which was piled on top of her head like…well…a pile of shit.

“Nope. I’m late. I would say I’m sorry, but I’m actually not.” He smiled pleasantly, and commenced scooping crap with one of the long, black crap-scoopers. The pups yipped and yapped, trying to jump and paw their way free; they were in these open pen-like things that allowed customers to pick them up at their leisure.

“Uh-oh.” She stopped scooping poop to cast him a suspicious glance. “You’re sick, aren’t you? Whenever you’re this much of an ass, it usually only means one thing.”

“What do you care?” he grumbled. His throat felt swollen and blistered, his head stuffed with steel wool.

“I don’t, but the customers might.”

“Who cares?” he scoffed, scowling as one of the little poodle pups latched onto his pinky finger and bit down hard. “Besides, who buys a puppy when it’s raining?”

The door chimed half-an-hour later, three minutes after they officially opened. Cam was slumped behind the register, head resting on the counter. He felt like dog crap.

“Excuse me?” a low, I-will-be-obeyed-or-else voice said.

“Mmf.” Cam didn’t lift his head. Nyssa would handle this.

“Hello? Are you…alive?”

Dammit. Where the hell was Nyssa?

Resigned, Cam lifted his head--and locked gazes with Todd. The Todd. His Todd.

Oh. Hell…

For a moment, they simply stared at each other, and then Todd’s expression hardened. He said, “It’s my sister’s birthday. I want to buy her a puppy,” in a cold, robotic tone.

Cam’s chest felt like it might collapse in on itself. “Oh. Okay,” he choked out. Why the frick did he have to be sick? Now? Really? Trying to sniffle without drawing attention to himself, Cam stood and led Todd over to the puppies. “Any…” Wait. Shit. Was he about to sneeze? “…uhh…idea what breed…” He pinched his nose shut for a second, then went on: “…Any idea what breed you’re looking…hh…for?”

Todd did not look at him. “No. Something…smallish, I guess. And friendly.”

Cam rolled his eyes. “You just described about every dog in this place.”

Fisting his hands, Todd bit out, “I mean, a puppy that will grow up to be small. A small-breed. Not a Saint Bernard.”

“Uh-huh.” Cam cleared his throat a few times, attempting to stifle the urge to cough. “Well, then--hold on a sec.” He ran into the back room, nearly colliding with Nyssa as he dived into the cramped bathroom. He grabbed a wad of tissues from the box by the sink, buried his face in the white fluff, and let loose.

“Hm’SHhushh! Huh…huhh…Uhm’tshh-sheew! Ih’kSHhchuh!

“Whoa there,” Nyssa chuckled. “You okay, big boy?”

Oh, Jesus. “No, I’m not,” he growled. He blew his nose three times, washed his hands, then stalked back out to meet Todd, ignoring Nyssa’s knowing smirk.

“I want this one,” Todd said, pointing.

Cam walked over to him and peered down at the puppy in question. He almost laughed. “Uh. That’s a Saint Bernard.”

His left eye twitched. “No, it is not.”

“Yeah,” Cam said shakily, biting his lip as not to laugh. “It is.”

“You must be mistaken.” Todd leaned down and picked the puppy up. It wiggled and whined happily, licking Todd’s cheek.

“I’m really not,” Cam said, his heart twisting. The urge to sneeze came so fast, he barely had time to clamp a fist around his nose. He pivoted about an inch before: “Huh’uhmpt!

Todd didn’t seem to notice. “You’re wrong. And I want him. How much?”

“Uh--” Cam’s throat seized, and he began to cough, hoarse, painful bursts directed at his elbow. Once he started, it was hard to stop. He snagged a swampy breath, managing to finally bring the fit to an end. God, his throat hurt like hell.

This time, Todd was looking at him, some of the steel gone from his expression--but when he saw Cam looking, his face cooled once more. “You were saying?”

“Sorry.” He rubbed his face as his freaking nose began to itch. “Yeah, she’s actually our most expensive at the moment. Two-thousand.”

Todd didn’t even blink. “Fine. I’ll taker her.”

Five minutes later, it was done, and Cam found himself searching for an excuse to keep Todd there. After so long without seeing him, the thought of Todd vanishing yet again was like a knife to his gut.

“Todd,” he began.

“Shut. Up,” Todd snarled, face darkening.

Cam tried not to flinch. “No, I will not shut up. It’s a free goddamn country.”

“And you’re a goddamn convict!”

“No.” Cam gritted his teeth, guilt assailing him. “I am not.”

Todd scoffed, glaring at him with all the hatred in the world. “Maybe not in the eyes of the law, but in the eyes of the man whose baby sister you killed…you are.”

Pain shot through Cam’s chest, nearly doubling him over. He clutched at the counter for support.

“Listen, asshole,” Nyssa snapped, flouncing into view. “I don’t know who you think you are, but if you say one more word to my friend, I’ll beat your butt to hell. Got it?”


So, please, compliments or NICE suggestions only. Thank you! ^_^

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You're so flipping fast! :D I love how you just finished your other story and are already out with a brand-spanking new one! You have no idea how happy I got when I saw---GAAASP--- You've got a new story! And it already starts off amazingly! I love how Cam rushes to the back room to sneeze, that was way too funny and sweet. To sum it up, I'm loving this so far! I can't wait for more of your fabulous Scion story! ^^

And whoever has one critical word to say about your awesomesauce stories can suck a nut. Just saying. ^_^

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MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all. I <3 Scion!

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Awwwwww. Hey wait- I disappeared to where? But. Grrr. So what? I confused. So cam killed someone? No. No. But. You make me wanna cry. But your still an awesome writer. This wasn't cute cause there fighting. But because I always use that word the puppy was so cute. Little st. Bernard. Awwwww. So these two get together right. If you tell me I'll have tonwait and see I'll no it's a yes so you might as well tell me. I'm really bad at persuasion. But oh well. Good start. How the he'll do you write this fast? Te he. He'll. Autocorrect refuses to admit what I really want to write. Te he. Bye bye!

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So firstly, sorry for challenging you. :wub: I'll never challenge you again if it means you won't come back. Cause you know I [and others] love you. ;)

Secondly, I really like Nyssa. :lmfao: She's the type of girl I'd want to have as my best friend and I would love her to bits. :x Cool tomboyish girls are my favorite. Jesus, I really sound like an old guy now. A perverted one, at that. ANYWAY POINT BEING, I BE LIKIN THIS STORY AND I BE LIKING CAM AND NYSSA AND I FEEL LIKE THEY GO TOGETHER LIKE SALT AND PEPPER 'CEPT NYSSA IS CIAN'S. ; _ ; Whut.

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no objections!!! :wub:

whatever you write your stories are SOOO DAMN GOOD for your own sake :lmfao:

and so it is with your new story...LIKE IT very MUCH!

please continue! ;)

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Scion - YAY.. another story. *happies*

Cam and Todd... wonder where THIS is going. Love it already. Can't wait for an update. :wub:

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OH! This is really good! Scion, I've read almost every single one of your stories and I love, love, love all of them! :wub:B) I have just joined and don't really plan on writing my own story :blushing: but if you keep writing this good I'll have to write a story! :D Oh, and by the way, I agreed with you on your story Through The Fire. Ty should have been the sneezer! I mean he was the one who needed the care! Besides, the more miserable he gets the happier he ends up! :hug: Can't have a rainbow without the rain! :D OH! I'm off topic! And rambling! SORRY! ANYWAY... I LOVE this story and I can't wait for the next update! :) So update soon! :rofl: OOOOH! Look what I found! :eatarrow: Haha! And :D Haha! It's a robot! OH! SORRY! :blushing: Um... I'll just... yeah. :lol: I'm stupid! :D And proud! Ugh my fingers won't stop typing! UGH! BYE! :bleh:

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Awesome Galaxy: Hehe, I'm so addicted to writing sneezefics!!! Aww! *dies of happiness* I'm SO GLAD you got excited and that you like this so far and AH! I'm just... :wub: THANK you sooooo much! Seriously. You are the sweetest.

Rachiella44: Aww, love you, too!

sillystarsmoons: Thanks! I kinda like Nyssa, too...but then I like all my characters. :laugh:

Tassielli: Haha. Ummm, well this story started when Carter and your Tassi character rushed off to the hospital. Cute! I promise there will be lots of cuteness in the future so you can use the word all you want and stuff. Bahaha, yeah, you pretty much have me figured out. In that case, I'll say: Wait and see! :drool: So you got your answer? Hmm?

sneezytwilight: Hehe, I'm glad you like Cam now!

Emily: YOU AWESOME WOMAN! You know I could never be angry with you! Ohohoh, please do challenge me! I'm looking forward to beating you again muahahaha! You old creepy geezer! You like Nyssa! Woot! Yeah...I'm gonna make it so Cam and Nyss are more like brother and sis than, um, bf/gf. Because, you know, I can't possibly be that mean to my Cian! Oh, back to old geezers. Cool tomboys are my fave as well! Platonically, of course. Heh. Which is probably made obvious, since I'm basically obsessed with men lol. Annnyway. Love ya!

Ciuty80: Aw, thank you so much! You're too nice to me and I love you for it! Thank you for being...you! :D:drool:

Mims: Thank you! You're so damn nice! So glad to see you back here! :drool:

obsessed: Hehe, you should be used to my evil ways by now!

Bubbles!: OHGOD! Your comment...*drops dead* THANK YOU! Just...I don't have words. And lol! That's exactly what I thought! Of course, I have a soft spot for Ty, so...hehe. I love that you brought that up! Brings back happy memories. Feel free to ramble! I do it all the time. And I KNOW, when I first joined I was mesmerized by all the smiley thingies. They're so cool and there are so many!!!

GOD. You guys...I just...love you. That's all.

Part Two:

Cam made “shut up” eyes at Nyssa, but she didn’t even glance at him, too busy glaring daggers at Todd.

“You gonna buy food for that dog, or what? How about a bed? A toy? A collar and a leash? Or were you just going to skip all that?” She crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes snapping blue fire.

Todd’s mouth dropped open. “Yeah,” he said, sounding dazed. “Yeah, I guess I’ll do that now. What--what food would you recommend?”

“Over here.” Nyssa stalked off, Todd following after her without a backward glance.

Cam stared after them, dizzy and sick and on the verge of…he didn’t know, but it wasn’t going to be good. Maybe he’d get drunk after work. He’d been sober for five months, but right now…

Todd ended up buying a big bag of dog food, a leash, a pink collar, and a matching pink bed. He also bought two food bowls, which the dog would probably outgrow within the week.

Nyssa rang him up while Cam sat there staring at Todd like some kind of freak. But he couldn’t help it.


Nyssa poked his shoulder. “He’s gone now. You okay?”

“What!?” He was gone? When had that happened? God, had he fallen asleep?

“Um, yeeees. He just left. Why?” She frowned at him, then something like comprehension dawned in her eyes. “Oh. It’s him, isn’t it?”

“Huh? Who?”

Nyssa smiled grimly. “You deserve better, you know, but if he’s who you want…”

“Oh--shit. I…I have to go after him!” Cam headed for the door.

“Be careful!” Nyssa called.

Cam barely heard her. He caught sight of Todd as the man got into his bright red sedan. Quickly, he slunk to his own car, an ancient, barely functioning minivan given to him by his mom.

He waited until Todd had pulled out of the parking lot, and then followed after him, trying to keep a discrete distance between them. God. He’d become a freaking stalker. A creepy stalker who flunked out of college, was working at a pet store, and driving his mom’s old, well, “Mom” van.

After about twenty minutes, Todd pulled up outside a newish apartment building that looked more like a luxury hotel than anything else. Cam winced.

Todd slid out of the car, then went around to the back, emerging with the puppy in his arms. He disappeared inside the building only to return a few minutes later for the rest of the supplies he’d purchased.

Cam crept along behind Todd, ducking behind a bush as Todd opened the door again and walked through. Before the door could close completely, Cam jumped out and grabbed it. He peered into the building as Todd vanished behind the elevator doors.

For a while there, he’d been so caught up in his stalker routine that he’d forgotten about his damn cold. Now he remembered. Vividly.

Coughing like a chain-smoker, he hurried up to the elevator in time to see the little light for floor number three light up. He didn’t wait. He took the stairs two at a time, then slowed as he reached the third floor. He was still coughing, only now he couldn’t breathe and flashes of pain kept flaring behind his eyes.

He felt the familiar sensation of a sneeze prickling in his nose, and quickly mashed his face into his shoulder--as if he hadn’t just been coughing loudly enough to wake a deaf grandma alien in outer-space. “Ihp’tchshh!

Dashing irritated tears from his eyes, Cam stepped out into the hall. Todd was nowhere in sight. He skulked along, listening…until he heard what he was waiting for: an excited yipping--the yipping of a certain Saint Bernard puppy, he hoped.

He stopped outside the door, waiting. Todd’s voice came through, slightly annoyed, but Cam could sense the smile behind the words.

“Shh. Stop that. You’re not supposed to be here, little guy.”

Guy. The man couldn’t even get the gender right.

Outside, thunder crashed, and Cam flinched. Hell. He hated thunder. And lighting. And howling wind. Dammit. He had no choice. He knocked on the door.

It swung open a few seconds later, and Todd stood there, his expression shifting from curious to coldly composed. “What are you doing here?”

“I followed you,” Cam replied. He wouldn’t lie.

Todd’s eyes narrowed. “You followed me. Why the hell would you do something so stupid? Did I not make it perfectly clear that I never want to see you again?”

“Oh, no.” Cam cleared his throat, swiping the sopping hair from his face. Nyssa was right. He really needed a haircut. “You made that very clear. I just chose to ignore you.”

“Well. I’ll say it again, then.” Todd stabbed him with a lethal glare. “I do. Not. Want. To. See. Your. Face. Ever. Again. Clear?”

Cam shivered, and the urge to cough returned with claws that raked down his throat and drew figurative blood. He spun away from Todd, spitting out wet, rib-cracking coughs into the crook of his arm. His chest throbbed with a dull ache while his throat screamed in fiery agony and black swirls snowed over his vision. Finally, after what felt like hours, it was over, and Cam slumped back against the wall, depleted.

Todd stared at him, and for the briefest of instants Cam thought he saw…something…in those otherwise iron eyes, but it was gone in a blink. “Goodbye, Cameron.” And he slammed the door.

“Shit,” Cam said. Digging his trembling hands into his pockets.

He turned tail and fled like the coward he’d always been. It wasn’t until he was outside he remembered it was raining--no, not raining. Pouring. With thunder. And lighting. And howling wind. The trees were being tossed about like marbles in a jar.

A metal band tightened around his chest as fear choked him. He rushed to his car, yanked on the door handle, and--double shit. It was locked. He’d left the keys in the ignition.

“FUCK!” He screamed, pounding on the window with balled fists, kicking the door with so much force his toes nearly snapped off like icicles. “Hehhuhh…hih…ihh…”

Cam sagged against the van, cheek smashed against the slick glass of the window as shivers ricocheted up and down his spine. “Hut’SSCHh-iuue!

Rain sheeted down over and around him, soaking through his hair and clothes. Another clap of thunder clanged, and Cam jumped, his throat starting to close.

“I’m…sorry,” he forced out.

The rain didn’t reply.


Not much sneezing, I know. More next time! *crosses heart*

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Oh god, I think i'm really gonna cry... :drool: Cam, I mean I loved him in Unbroken Glass and now.... You. Touched. My. Heart. I love this story so far and I seriously can not wait for the next part!! Keep up the emotion filled goodness and anticipation!!! :wub::laugh::D

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So, this is my first time commenting on your stories, but I've been reading them forever :wub: I was just a little nervous to jump in there because you seem to have a pretty solid group of commenters here xD anywho, I love every single story of yours and I love this on already too :laugh: I'm already in love with Cam! And once I get some money, I'm definitely going to get your book. :D

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Awww poor Cam and his cough and his sneezing and his cold. This is so awesome. I am enjoying his relationship with Nyssa and how you mentioned that she thought he needed a haircut. That is super cute to me for some reason hahaha. AND AS ALWAYS, the writing is spectacular, the idea is unique, and the characters react realistically and interestingly. THERE IS REAL CHEMISTRY, and I want more! Of course, all of that is kind of a given.

ALSO, in addition to being ridiculously impressed with your fast updates, I really envy your talent for giving them unique and fitting names. I LOVE ALL OF YOUR CHARACTERS' NAMES. They always fit them SO WELL but they are usually very unconventional and that's fantastic and so hard to do. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE.

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Scion, this story is so awesome so far! I'm loving it. :wub:

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Awwwwww. Awwwww. Awwwwww. Awwww. why?????? why is life so cruel? Why cant they just be happy? Now he's stuck in the pouring rain all alone without anybody to care. He's sick and his (love?) just left him for shit. Bwahhhhhhhhh!!! Awwwwww. :shy::drool::bawl::omg::bawl::):bawl: :bawl: :bawl: :bawl: :bawl: It makes me so sad!!!!!!!!!!!! But still- it's good writing. But can't you be kind to them you karmic woman. Mrrmmph. Bye bye!

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:drool: ohhhh boy i really feel sooooo damn SAD :shy: for cam right now...

want to get him out of the rain and warm him up :)

please more...:omg:

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OMG! This is awesome! :bawl: I can not wait for the next chapter! This is so good! :omg: I feel really, really sorry for Cam! But again, no rain no rainbow! :bawl: But I do already like Todd. I don't know why I like him :bawl: I just do! :bawl: And OMG! Look what I found --> :shy::drool: SO COOL!!! :bawl: Well... anyway... GREAT STORY! Update soon! :) BYE!!! :bawl:

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Grey on a Sunday: Aww! Thank you! That's so sweet! I'm glad you like Cam. And I'll do my best!

Going_Nuts: Hi! I'm really glad you decided to comment. There are a few awesome people who pretty much stick with me for all my stories comment-wise, but I love new people, too! But yeah, thank you so much! It makes so so so happy! And awww! THANK YOU! That's amazing. :wub:

Sen Beret: Thank you, baby! :D :D I know what you mean about the Nyssa/haircut comment. I love putting those little things in that imply close relationships, I guess...if you know what I mean lol. But ahhhhh, why do you say these things to me???? You're seriously turning me into a puddle of gooey love. Lol, yeah, I've always had a thing for name-picking...meaning I usually spend at LEAST an hour figuring them out, but usually more like three hours. That makes me sound crazy. ANYWAY! You're incredible and amazing and ALL THAT!

sillystarsmoons: Thank you so much! :laugh2:

Rachiella44: Thank you! Glad you like it!

Tassielli: Hahahaha, awww! Life has to be cruel so that when it's not cruel it's that much more special. I guess. Yup. And thank you! And I promise I will be nice to them...some time soon.

Ciuty80: Aww, hehe! You will get your wish. Promise. :D *hugs*

Bubbles!: Haha, thank you so much! Exactly! Things have to be bad before they get good. And hmm, that's interesting! Maybe you can sense Todd's inner-niceness lol. Bahaha, I love how obsessed you are with the smiley thingies. But really, that dragon one is pretty awesome. And random.

Lalena: Aw, thank you! I appreciate it.

sneezytwilight: Hehe, I love that you went from hating Cam to feeling sorry for him. Good stuff. :heart:

obsessed: Hehe, I like how all your comments reflect my evilness.

Part Three:

After slamming the door on Cam, Todd shambled over to the window, waiting to be sure he was really leaving. He watched as Cam’s distant figure approached an old, ugly minivan that Todd recognized as once belonging to Cam’s mom.

After failing to open the door, Cam began pounding on the window and battering the tires with his feet. Eventually, he slumped against the car, coiling forward with what might have been a sneeze. He had been coughing a lot, Todd recalled as he clenched his jaw.

Cam spent a few seconds searching through his pockets, then just collapsed to the ground, curling his arms around upraised knees. Around him, the rain continued to fall in heavy sheets.

Well, that was fine. What did he care?

So he went to watch TV.

That lasted about five seconds. Then he was up again, peering out the window. Cam hadn’t moved. Todd began to pace back and forth in front of the damned window. Half-a-freaking-hour passed and still…the idiot refused to move.

God. Dammit.

Outside, Cam was attempting to keep his teeth from shattering. Funny, it had been a pretty warm day. At least he thought it had.

He tried to swallow, which elicited another round of coughing. He hunched his shoulders, squeezed his eyes shut, and dreamed about getting blackout drunk.

He forced himself to his feet. His legs felt like rubber. Knowing it was fruitless, he went back the building’s main entrance and tried the doors. Both locked. Shivering uncontrollably, he started walking. If he could just get to a store, maybe they’d let him use a phone to call Nyssa.

Lightning sliced through the sky, followed by a grumble of thunder, then another fast boom as the sky flashed with white light.

Panic hit him in a rush and his knees gave out, sending him toppling to the ground. His face smashed into a puddle of muddy water and pain speared through his chest.

No. Stop! Stooooooooop!

More thunder, more lighting, more wind. Cam’s mind shrieked in terror and he clawed at his ears as if that would just make everything…stop.

Todd saw Cam go down from inside his apartment, and his heart literally skipped a beat--not in a good way. Fear gripped him so fast and with so much force he had no choice but to listen to it. He tore out of his apartment, down two flights of stairs, and through the main doors into the outer parking lot.

His gaze zeroed in on Cam, who was sprawled across the gravel, clutching at his head. For a moment, Ali’s face flashed through his mind, and he paused. But the sight of Cam lying there in the middle of a rainstorm was too much.

Cam heard footsteps thudding from somewhere behind him. He tried to lift his head, but he was so dizzy he couldn’t figure out which way was up. Something--a hand--skimmed over his back, coming to rest on his neck.

“Cam. Hey.” A soft, gentle voice in his ear. It sounded like Todd, but that was impossible. Todd hadn’t used that soft tone with him in…so, so long. “Let’s get you out of the rain.”

Cam closed his eyes as tears threatened. Todd. Oh, God. This had to be a dream. Or maybe he was dead. But then, why was Todd here? Was he dead, too? Oh, GOD!

Todd made to haul Cam to his feet, but suddenly Cam began thrashing about. He whacked Todd in the chin with his elbow as he flailed into a half-assed slump.

“Todd! No! You can’t be dead, too! Nononono! Oh, God, please.” Cam mashed his fists into his eyes, shuddering with suppressed sobs. His chest jerked and he began to cough…and cough…and cough…and cough.

“Jesus God. Cam. Cameron.” Todd, feeling like he was being strangled, forced Cam’s hands away from his face. “Hey. CAM. Open your eyes for a second.”

Cam shook his head, still trembling as he tried not to cough.

“Do it.”

Cam’s eyes opened; they were red and slightly unfocused. His eyelids drooped a little as the echo of a frown shaded his brow. He steepled his hands over his nose, folding forward with a sneeze as wet as the rain splattering down around them.

Ahktsschhshhah!” He stayed hunched over, his shoulders rising and falling in rapid jerks. “Hihh…hihhh…UTSSH’chshh! Hhb’Ptsshchuu!” With muffled gasps of breath, Cam started to slide to the ground, his cheekbones dashed with scarlet.

Todd caught him and drew Cam to his chest before he knew what he was doing. Cam was a dead weight, completely limp, his cheek cushioned by Todd’s shoulder.

“You’re crazy,” Todd muttered to himself as he cradled Cam in his arms and stood. Cam had always been taller than him, but Todd was the one with the brawn. It wasn’t any strain to carry Cam across the lot and into the building. He took the elevator up to his floor.

Cam kept mumbling nonsense into Todd’s shoulder, twitching occasionally and coughing on and off; his whole body trembled.

“Hush up,” Todd murmured, lowering Cam down to the floor in front of the couch.

Slightly more lucid now, Cam remained upright as Todd took off his wet clothes and replaced them with a set of dry ones. He slipped a thick pair of socks onto Cam’s feet, then lifted him up onto the sofa and mummified him with the blanket.

Cam sucked in a sharp breath through his nose, lazily raising a hand to his face. “Hah’UPTSCHnng!” He coughed a few times, then a few more, wriggling onto his side with a congested sigh. “Todd,” breathed. “Please don’t be dead.”

Todd crouched next to him. “I’m not dead, Cameron.” With light fingers, he stroked the soggy strands of raven hair from the boy’s flushed face. “I’m right here.”

“Stay,” Cam whispered. Perspiration glossed his brow. “Todd. Todd. So sorry. Love you. Please stay. Please.”

Pain flared in Todd’s heart and he clenched his jaw so hard his teeth actually creaked. “You can never be sorry enough,” he said.


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THE SUSPENSE!! And can I just tell you how happy I am I caught this update right as you posted? Yay good timing! :laugh2:

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