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What do you always order from McDonalds?


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I'm one of those people who ALWAYS order the same thing when I go to places such as McDonalds.

I always get a double cheeseburger with large fries and small coke. I'll occasionally get a sundae or mcflurry.

So, if any of you are the same as me- what do you always (or usually) order?

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I go through phases at every food store I go to where I'll ONLY order a certain food item and sides for a few months :wub: I used to get a Quarter Pounder, if I wanted more I'd get medium fries; if I wanted a drink, I'd get a medium chocolate milkshake (though not with anything else, I can't fit that much food xP). Now I tend to get Big Macs :D With the same sides. If I get a chance, I also luuurve their sausage and egg McMuffin...sooo good! I want one now. I'm blaming you if I buy one on the way in to Uni tomorrow xP

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Food usually.......

Seriously, I don't go very often, but when I do it's always a cheeseburger and fries


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I only ever really go to get coffee or pick something up for my boyfriend.

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I never buy anything from McDonalds. It's a matter of principle.

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9 times out of 10- Southwest salad w/ grilled chicken, balsamic dressing , and med. diet coke. *yeah... boring :wub: *

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I normally change it up at Mickey D's! aha, although I do go through phases with food.

Whenever I get a soft drink there, it's always 75% coca cola, and mixed with Fanta, Dr. Pepper, and Sprite. :wub:

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For breakfast: Egg McMuffins, baby. Ain't no other breakfast food at McDonald's.

For everything else: Chicken Selects. I'm pretty sure it's the only meat they sell that they guarantee to actually be what they say it is, so I'm at least slightly more likely to not be eating sawdust.

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QP Menue (I feel so unhealthy compared to the avarege person here :D )

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big mac meal, chips and cola cola... :D

Finally someone with the same "bad" habbit as me :blink:

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big mac meal, chips and cola cola... :)

Finally someone with the same "bad" habbit as me :)

Same here. Either that or one single hamburger and a small strawberry milkshake.

But I never buy anything from Burger King. :D

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I'm a cheap date. :D A McDouble [from the dollar menu] and a diet coke. Ocasionally a small order of fries. For breakfast I'm addicted to the sausage biscuit. [also a buck]

P.S. The McChicken sandwich is also good

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It really depends on how hungry I am and if I'm in the mood for something sweet.

I usually just get large fries - sometimes with either a vanilla cone or small oreo McFlurry.

Yeah, there really isn't that much variety over there for a vegetarian. Even all of their salads have meat. ;)

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Sometimes a Quater Pounder, I did try there chicken burgers I wasn't a real lover for them now it's back to my favorite a Big Mac and medium fries and sometimes a Chocolate Sunday mmm yum!

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I rarely go to McDonalds because it's so fattening, but it's suuuuch a guilty pleasure of mine. I only go about once a month, usually longer, but every time I get a Quarter Pounder with Cheese (ketchup only! :( ), a large fry, and a lemonade. It's been that way since I was seven years old. XD

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Bic Mac combo, lmfao. I love big macs to like NO end.

But I do get the occasional happy meal if I want something small. (...and if the toy is awesome :D )

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I hardly ever eat McDonalds because its so bad, but if I'm gonna eat fast food this is my first pick place.

I love the filet of fish sandwich! When I go I either get that and a diet coke or a 6 piece nugget and diet coke. I never get fries, though, because I hate all kinds of potatoes.

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I've been craving McDonalds, so this isn't exactly a great topic according to my husband (who hates the place and refuses to eat there)...

I used to go there often with my dad. It was a special thing for us (and eventually it became a trend -- we'd always go out for some sort of fast food, the same thing for months or years). Call him irresponsible if you want, but I loved it. B)

Anyway, we used to get Quarter Pounder meals (usually double QP, no onions, with fries and Coke) and occasionally an apple pie for dessert.

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Usually a McDouble with ketchup and pickles ONLY!!!! (I'm very picky), a large fry, a small Hi-C punch, and either a chicken nugget or cheeseburger happy meal. :):rolleyes::heart:

I'm such a child. :)

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