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TitleWhy do you stifle?                                                                                      Slight Crimes of Grindlewald SPOILERS   (it's only the first sentence)

Characters: Newt and Theseus (sneezer) Scamander

⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ Trigger Warning⚠️⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ Mentions of PTSD and sound sensitivity (only mentions due to Theseus war veteran status)

Since Newt has been denied travel abroad, he spends quite a bit of time in Theseus' office and other parts of the ministry trying to find a way to repeal his travel ban. Now he was climbing out of his case, which was just to the right in front of Theseus' desk when he saw his brother stifle a sneeze into his wrist, "stop that."

Theseus looked up through bleary eyes, obvious about to sneeze again, "st'hah..hiih'hingk-- tew...uh." He sighed and finally put his wrist down, "Stop what? sneezing?" Theseus raised an eyebrow, sniffling lightly.

"No~" Newt seemed to think better of his answer, assuming his response meant that he wanted Theseus to keep sneezing, "I mean.. yes.." But now it could mean that his sneezing was bothering him and he was upset, but that wasn't true either. 

"my stifling." Theseus tried not to smile, finding it adorable how his brother sometimes stumbled over his words, but he didn't want to make him anxious, "I've always stifled, and you do it too." 

Newt just got out of the case, glancing at Theseus through his bangs as he closed the case and set it on his desk, "I only stifle when I'm near a frightened creature." He finally looked up at him, but didn't meet his eyes, "loud noises tend to spook them, and that could be the difference between coming back unharmed and getting my head ripped off." Theseus muttered something under his breath, "sorry?" 

Theseus just put up a finger before ducking into his elbow, "hih..empt-iew...  hiih..himmp--euhh." He sniffed and scrunched up his nose, "I said I understand that feeling." 

"are you getting a cold?" Newt looked at him directly, "I haven't touched a cat...and what feeling?" 

"I'm probably getting a cold, I really don't know." he took out his handkerchief and wiped his nose, "I've been stifling for years, a habit of the war, I guess." Theseus was a war hero, and he was trying to play off the stifling as a means to stay silent on reconnaissance missions or something. 

"you know you always block your mouth when you're lying to people you like." Newt put his hands in his pockets, "like your body doesn't really want to say this, but you say it anyway." 

Theseus put the handkerchief down and sighed, "You'd be a brilliant Auror." When he saw Newt open his mouth he put up a hand, "I know, I'm avoiding the question." he smiled a bit when Newt closed his mouth. His nose was running, rather terrible timing, "You know stifling doesn't hurt me."  His nose was tickling again so he brought the cloth back up to blow. 

"you're still not answering." Newt sat on his desk, still feeling uncomfortable, but this was really bothering him, "I know Leta tries to get you to stop, she's afraid you'll pop a blood vessel or give yourself a migraine." 

"ya, I know. She gave me the speech this morning." He wiggled his nose and sighed, "I'm gonna sneeze, I think." He leaned back in his chair, looking up at the light, hoping it would help, "hih.." It wasn't enough to finish the job and he just kept hitching,  eyes tearing up. 

Newt felt a pang of sympathy for his brother and took a quill from his brother's inkwell and ran the feather under his nose. 

Theseus immediately reacted to the feather and ducked away from Newt, "HINGt--chiew..HEH'ng-" The stifling was getting harder to do and he ended up muffling the sneezes into the handkerchief, trying to dull the sound, even though his natural sneezes weren't very loud, "EHH'shiew..Heagh'schiew..HEagh'mmph!shew.." He blew his nose to try to rid himself of the tickle, sneezing again between blows, "Hur'Emph!shew"

"There's no one here but us, there's no reason to suppress them like that." Newt took a deep breath, being bolder than he would have liked with his older brother, "you'll get dizzy and nauseous this way." 

Theseus sat back up and looked at his baby brother with worried eyes, scanning him, before sighing, "sorry.." 

Newt looked even more confused, "I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on." he looked down at his brother's hands, "What aren't you telling me because you're giving me that worried look you used to give me when I was scared ~" something clicked in his mind, "Theseus.. I'm not..you don't think.." 

Theseus sighed and leaned back, "My sneezes used to scare you when you were little. I guess they were too loud or too sudden, I don't really know." He rubbed his nose, "I stifle because I don't want to scare anyone. I know friends who jump at the slam of a door or raised voices. Army buddies who stay indoors and put earmuffs on when they're shooting off fireworks. Newt, you used to hate loud noises, going so far as to run crying into my room whenever our parents.." He shook his head, "I know the creatures are different... It's a human thing for you, and I don't ever want to scare you." 

Theseus quieting himself for the sake of other, made Newt wonder if he could also be doing it for himself, "Theseus.. we never talked about.. after." 

Theseus knew exactly where he was going with this, "I'm fine, Newt. I saw a therapist after the war and we never got anywhere. I came back with scars, sure, but I don't have PTSD, but I know a lot of people that do." 

"And you don't want to startle them, like panicked creatures." Newt walked forward until he was right in front of Theseus, "Your sneezes aren't very loud, to begin with, just so you know." 

Theseus smiled a bit, "and you're not that scared little kid anymore." His nose still tickled, and he scrunched up his nose, hoping to stop the sneeze. 

"you won't scare me." Newt poked his nose, sending Theseus into his elbow.

"hih'Ehh'shiew..hihhh'AhSchuh." He sniffed and looked up at Newt, "poind daken." His nose felt stuffy and he blew his nose, "I'm still going to stifle, but maybe not with a head cold." He leaned his head against his brother's stomach, noticing Newt tense a bit before relaxing, having not expected that, "you ok?" 

Newt nodded and put a hand on his forehead, "you're running a fever." Newt looked into his case, "I can make you something for that back at the house." 

"sounds great, Newt." Theseus smiled to himself, glad that Newt was finally warming back up to him again, and glad to have such a smart little brother willing to take care of him while sick. Now how was he going to tell Leta that he went to work with a head cold; he shivered at the thought. 

Newt thought the shiver was from the fever, "alright, you're going home." Newt went and grabbed his coat, holding it to him, "come on, you'll feel better. " 

He already did feel better, Newt had no idea. 

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@AngelEyes thank you!! ❤️ 

@MeForeverI love it too!! Thank you!

@matilda3948 thank you! I noticed the lack of FBAWTFT so I thought I'd make it myself :P

@HakunaMatata  I did! ❤️ thank you for looking it over for me!


Title:    Suprise 

Characters: Newt (✔️)/ Tina, Theseus, Tom (OC), Michael (OC)

Spoilers? NONE


Tina was walking through the corridor, eager to get to Newt's office having just arrived from a mission from M.A.C.U.S.A. She walked through the door and noticed only Newt's partner Tom was there, "Have you seen Mr. Scamander?" 

Newt came around from behind the bookshelf, looking surprised to see her, "Tina!"

His hair was a mess and she noticed behind his hand, where he fingers were pressed slightly against his nose, his nose was pink too, "I got in early." she gave him a soft smile before coming closer, putting a hand on his forehead, "When you mentioned you had a cold, I should have figured you'd be working through it." she frowned slightly, "why were you behind the bookshelf?" 

Newt wiggled his nose and glanced at Tom, who gave him a disapproving look, "Theseus is looking for me." 

"Ok.." Tina nodded, "do you know what he wants?"  Newt's breathe started hitching, and he slightly pushed her back, surprising her slightly, "oh.." 

He gave an apologetic look before ducking into his elbow with some soft and high pitch sneezes, "hih'kiew-ih'kiew..eh'kiew..hih'tieew..hih'tiew..hih..hi'chew-chiew..hih'ikchew..itchiew..iktiew..hih..hih'chew'chiew'chiew..Schiew." he came back up with a soft sniffled and blinked a bit, "sorry." 

"goodness." Tina had never heard him sneeze before and was surprised at the fit, "bless you. You should be in bed." 

Tom pipped up from his desk, "That's how he always sneezes, in fits." Newt blushed a bright pink, "his record is 30."

Newt looked really embarrassed now and hid his face in his hands, unable to see Tina's surprised reactions, "stop counting, you're as bad as 'Seus." 

"speaking of~" Tom put his file down and motioned for Newt to hide again, "He still hasn't come back, did you check the holding room?" 

"Of course, I che~ Tina!" Theseus finally noticed her, "I'm sorry, I was expecting your arrival tonight. How are you?" 

Tina moved to block the ending of the bookcase, less Theo comes closer and look around it, "I'm good. I was just looking for Newt." 

"Small world.." Theo gave her a smile, "Been looking for him all day, but if Newt doesn't want to be found, he won't be." He sighed, "I'm sure you'll have better luck than I. If you see him, you two should come over for dinner. Leta's excited to see you again." 

"I'll work it out with Newt." she leaned against the case, gently nudging Newt from behind it. 

"Brilliant. It really is nice to see you again, I'm sure Newt's ecstatic." He nodded his goodbye and walked down the hall. 

"coasts clear." Tom rolled his eyes and went through his files again.

Tina turned on Newt, "why are you avoiding him this time?" 

Newt bit his lip and looked at her right shoulder, "He doesn't know I have a cold~" he sniffed and cleared his throat, "He has a big meeting at the end of the week." Tina could tell there was more, so she gently raised her eyebrows and pressed her lips together, looking him in the eye, "He always tries to take care of me, and if he catches my cold, he won't go to the meeting. He needs to go to that meeting." 

"Do you know what's so important about this meeting?" She couldn't help but smile a bit, " you're not supposed to know, are you?" 

Newt shook his head lightly, "He's getting a promotion. It's a surprise." he brought his hand up to rub his nose, "I don't want him to miss that because I have the sniffles." 

Tina couldn't help but smile, taking out a handkerchief and handing it to him, "come on, let's sneak you out so you can rest in bed." 

Tom waved his wand and Newt's things were all packed. Newt's blush moved to his ears as he wiped his nose with the handkerchief and grabbed his case. They walked to the elevator and when the door open, Theseus was on the other side. 

"So you did find him." The tone he used made them both believe he knew that Newt was behind the shelf, "Did you get the papers I left on your desk?" 

Newt was afraid to talk, less Theo notice he sounded stuffy, simply nodding his head.

"Great. I don't need them back in a hurry, take your time. I just thought I'd give you a headstart." Theseus switched places with them, "and Tina, take care of him?" 

"What?" Newt looked up shocked, eyes wide. 

Theseus chuckled and turned around, "I practically raised you. Do you really think I don't know when you have a cold?" He winked at them as the elevator doors closed, walking away with Michael, his partner. 

Tina couldn't help but smile and glance at Newt, "that wasn't so bad, was it?" 

"He knew you would be early." Newt sniffed and scrunched up his nose, "He can see the future." his eyes were slightly wide.

Tina turned towards him and frowned slightly, "I think you're getting a fever." 

Newt looked back in the general direction of his office, "I thought Tom put that tea there.." He looked back at Tina looking horrified, "How did he do that.." he held his briefcase tighter and coughed into his elbow, "I don't like that." 

Tina smiled despite herself and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "He's your brother... older siblings just know these things." Newt just looked so cute all bewildered and flushed, "come on, let's get you in bed, and I'll start the hot cocoa." 



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Hooooly shit. I think I love you. That was absolutely beautiful!! Do you have any idea what it was like to wake up to this?! I squeaked out loud when I realised you wrote the thing we talked about yesterday!!

I absolutely loved this! Newt hiding behind the shelf? I could totally imagine that! He's so freaking adorable! I loved Tina in this as well and I was really excited that Tom was there! I also loved the moment when they finally met Theseus, it was so funny to imagine that!

Thank you sooooo much for writing this!! 💕

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@HakunaMatata I love you tooo! I am so glad you liked it! I did promise you some sick Newt! ❤️ ahh! I love making you squeal ;) Newt and tina are the OTP, honestly. SHe's your girl so I hoped to do her right :D Newt is the cutest, obv :P TOMM!!!! I couldn't help myself... I couldn't. Best partner ever.  I'm so glad I could paint such a nice picture :D Theseus is nice to imagine. You are sooo welcome! thank you so much for reading! I love you so much ❤️ 

@AngelEyes thank you!

Title: G, as in Greene

Characters: Newt, Leta/ Theseus(✔️)

Spoilers: None


Leta and Theseus were heading down to the records room, Stopping and saying hello to the secretary before walking in. Theseus put his hands in his pockets, "well, where shall we start." 

Leta tilted her head, "well, all you had to go on was the last name, Greene. So The G's." She huffed and used her wand to bring the G's closer.

"oh dear." Theseus looked at the several bookcases of G's, and several rows of different Greene families, "We will have to look through them all. I'm sorry, it could be in an..any of~" his voice trailed off as he geared up for a sneeze, "oh.." He lost it, and simply sniffed before continuing, "sorry, thought I had to sneeze." he shook his head, "like I was saying, it could be in any of these." 

Leta looked at her Fiance and tried not to smile at his sneezy expression, "well, this might take a while." 

Newt came in a back way, hiding when he heard Leta and Theseus talking. A cat had snuck into the ministry and he was trying to catch it before Theseus found out. He snuck a peak from above them, on the second floor, and noticed that Theseus was rubbing his nose. 

Theseus was about to pick up a box when the tickle came back, and he ducked to the side and into his elbow, "heh..Ehh'schiew...hihh'EhhSChiew." He sniffed and came back up, "sorry, excuse me." he took out his handkerchief and wiped his nose, then at his watery eyes, "blimey.." his eyes were starting to feel itchy.

Leta looked concerned when she noticed him rub his eyes, "bless you. Are you alright?" She moved closer and gently took her face in his hands, "you're eyes are getting red." she was slightly alarmed. 

Theseus quickly turned away from her to sneeze again, "heh'EHcho, sorry." He sniffed and turned back to her, "I must be allergic to something." 

Leta put a hand on his cheek, looking sympathetic, "we can get someone else to do this.." She did, however, find his little nose wiggle endearing. 

"no, it's my case.." he brought a fist to his mouth and cleared his throat, "hopefully it won't t'take..l- hih.." he brought his jacket up and over his face, "Ehhschiew..hih..hur'eschiew." 

Leta turned to look at the cases and noticed Newt's head poking out. As Theseus was blowing his nose, Leta looked at Newt with a quizzical expression, silently asking what was going on.

Newt put two hands over his head, making them look like ears, and mouth -Cat-. Leta didn't get it at first, misunderstanding him. 

Theseus, who has slightly turned away from her, unable to see Newt, snuffled into his handkerchief, "I think it's the dust.." 

Newt then licked the back of his hand, then did the ears again. Leta understood then, and accidentally said out loud, "what!?"

it wasn't very loud but enough to make Theseus turn in question, "Sorry?" 

Leta backtracked quickly, giving him an innocent face, "what?" She raised an eyebrow making it seem like she was questioning him, "You're not allergic to dust." 

Theseus seemed to take that as a logical answer, "well, not to my knowledge, but I can't think of another reason.." He sniffed again and sighed, "I'm gonna sneeze again." He closed his eyes and kept the handkerchief to his nose, as he hitched. Leta rubbing his back, while looked at newt and mouthing -find it!- giving him an urgent look.

Newt ducked back behind the bookshelves and went searching, all while trying to stay out of sight of his very, very allergic brother. 

Leta tried to make something up so Theo wouldn't suspect, "I think I saw a vase full of tulips by her desk. Maybe that's what's bothering you." it was not the time of year for tulips. 

Theseus muffled a few sneezes into the folds before replying, "I didn't see any." he sniffed and rubbed his nose, "Her birthday isn't until April, right?" He was slightly worried that he'd missed something. 

Leta rolled her eyes, of course, that's what he's worried about right now, forgetting a coworkers birthday, "honestly Theseus, there are other reasons to give someone flowers." 

Theseus blushed and was about to mutter an apology when he ducked back into his handkerchief with some wet sneezes, "hur'Ekkschiew..hih..Heh'sxchiew." he blew his nose, and sighed, rubbing his eyes.

"stop rubbing." She pulled him one way, "let's sit~," she noticed the tail of a cat in that direction and immediately pulled him the other way, "over here." 

Theseus was slightly taken aback by the change in direction and forcefulness of her pulling, "alright..alright." he let her put him in a chair.

"I'll get the boxes, you just rest." Leta kissed his forehead and went back to the shelf, hoping to find the right box quickly.

Theseus nodded a bit before sneezing into his hands, caught off guard, "Hur'esxch'SHEW..hih'Yeschiew..hih..Ehh'sxchiew!XCHiew!" he coughed a bit afterward, and the wetness to them really shocked Theseus, freaked out Newt, and Made Leta want to pull him out of there. 

Leta grabbed Newt's arm from behind the shelf, "get it out... now!" she whisper-yelled. 

Newt took out a catnip wand with a little bell and went to look behind the desk. 

"whad is thad?" Theseus started to sound congested. 

"It's just me." Leta widened her eyes at Newt, "just moving things around in these boxes." She really was looking in them, but also keeping an eye out for that cat.

After a few more minutes of looking, and an increasing amount of sneezes from Theseus, Newt came back to Leta, stumped, "I can't find it.." 

"it has to be here, He's getting worse." There was a meow somewhere in the room, and the two of them froze. 

Theseus fell into a rather rapid fit, making both Leta and Newt wince, "Hur'isch-isch-isch..Hurischiew-ischiew-ehschiew..hih..Reshchiew-eschiew-ekxchiew!" he coughed a bit before speaking in a low, scratchy voice, "Newton.." 

Newt closed his eyes and scrunched up his features, knowing he was caught. The bookshelf moved slowly to reveal Theseus holding a cat up by magic, "I believe dhis.. belogs do you." He coughed wetly into his fist, trying to keep the glare up, but his eyes were all red and swollen, tears threatening to fall down his cheeks. 

"oh, honey." Leta walked over and put a hand on his chest, noticing the hives along his neck and hands, "Merlin.." 

Newt came back in and quickly put the cat in his case, giving Theseus a sympathetic look, "I have something for that.." 

Theseus gave him a half-hearted glare before ducking into his elbow, "TSchiew.." 

"it wasn't Newt's cat... He was just trying to avoid this." Leta rubbed his back, trying to defend Newt. 

Theseus cleared his throat, sounding all itchy, "I don'd care.." he pinched the bridge of his nose. 

Newt looked guilty and pulled out a blue potion bottle and put it in Theseus's hands, "potions, then lying down?" He bit his lip.

"yup..." He brought his elbow back up, "hur'ESchiew..hih..Ahschiew." He sniffed wetly, barely able to open his eyes.

"Bless you." Leta held his arm, afraid he'd fall over or bump into something, "let's get you back to your office, hm." she gave Newt a look and he grabbed Theo's other arm, "you lay down and ill get a cold cloth for your eyes." Newt was looking at Theseus's hives, making a mental note as to what he should get him for that. They made it back to Theseus's office and laid him on the couch, stuffing him with medicine, and Newt actually found the box they were looking for earlier.


Now if there were flowers on Leta's desk the next morning, neither one of them mentioned it. 

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YES!! YOU WROTE MORE!! Oh my god, I can't tell you how excited I am right now! I'm all giddy and I can't stop grinning right now! That was just perfect in every sense!! I loved the mental image of Newt trying to mimic a cat and Leta's reaction to it!

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@AngelEyes Yay! poor dear indeed ;)  thank you!

@queenie     thank you so much!! that really means a lot ❤️

@HakunaMatata I did! Yaayy!! I'm excited you're excited! ❤️ :D babe, you slay me. I thought that would be cute. He'd really go for it lol So glad I painted a good image ❤️ thank you so much!

Title: Don't Piss Off Your Brother

Characters: Theseus(✔️)/Leta, Newt/Tina, Michael (OC)

Spoilers: none


Theseus knocked on Newt's door, pinching the bridge of his nose, really not ready for this conversation. Leta put a hand on his shoulder, "you're doing the right thing." She tried to console him, moving her hand from his shoulder to gently rub his back; slipping her hand into his the moment newt opened the door.

Newt opened the door a crack and looked through it before opening the door fully and letting them in, "quickly, before Dougal gets out. He's been a bit antsy lately."

Theseus bowed his head and came in, still holding Leta's hand. He cleared his throat, "Leta... perhaps.." He looked apprehensive. 

"I'll go see about some tea." She smiled and left the brother's alone. 

Newt looked up at Theseus through his bangs, feeling this wasn't a happy visit. 

Theseus took a step closer, wanting to hug him, but thought better of it and put his hands in his pocket, "Can you sit?" 

Newt watched him move and was confused when Theseus stopped himself, this was bad, "I think I'd rather stand." 

Theseus took a breath, "Newt, the minister.." He stopped and sucked in his bottom lip and rocked on his heels, trying to think how to phrase this, "He is apprehensive about magic creatures being in the ministry, and he has ordered..." he shook his head and just said it a bit too bluntly, "He has ordered your case be checked for any harmful creatures, but Newt~" 

before Theseus could continue Newt took out his wand and flicked it. 

"Newt, please listen.." At first, he didn't feel anything, but suddenly this tickle grew in his nose, "Hur'ESch'ew.." he ducked into his elbow, "I'm not... hih..HUReschiew-Hureschiew-Ehh'schiew!" He coughed into his elbow and pulled a face, eyes beginning to itch like mad, "hih.." He tried to stand straight again but the tickle wasn't stopping, "HEEH'schiew..EAGh'schiew..HAH'schiew." 

Newt began to walk off, heading towards his bedroom. 

"Newt...Hahschiew..wai~EHHSchiew." Theseus coughed harshly into his elbow. 

Leta came out, "OH, honey." He quickly began to dust off the hair, "cats?" 

Theseus would have answered her but he needed to sneeze again, ducking back into his elbow, "Heeh'schiew..hih..hur'ESCH'eew" he coughed again. 

Tina came in and immediately went into the bedroom, closing the door, "Why is Theseus sneezing?" She gave him a raised eyebrow.

Newt, who was sitting on the bed clutching his case, answered while twirling his wand, "Cat dander." 

Tina frowned, "he's allergic." 

"not severely." Newt tried to excuse.

"HUR'ESChiew.." Theseus coughs were getting wetter, "HEH'schiew..AHH'scheeew."  and his sneezes were getting louder. 

Newt had the decency to look guilty, "he does seem to be having a more severe reaction than what I've seen from him." 

"you'd know his allergy got worse if you'd talk to your brother." Tina came over and sat with him, "He was trying to tell you, that he offered to look and check out the case."

Newt furrowed his brow, "I don't want them near my creatures.."

"They aren't going near them, Theseus is." Tina slowly rubbed his back, "Better him than a stranger, right? You know Theseus read your book." she smiled when Newt looked shocked, "He's really proud of you. I heard him gushing about you to some interns."  Tina watched Newt grab something from the cabinet and rush out of the room, smiling to herself.

Leta was pushing him out the door and into the fresh air before putting a cleaning charm on his suit, "breath.. darling.. breath." 

Theseus was wheezing rather harshly in between sneezes, "Heehschiew..hiih..Heah'schew." His face was red, along with his eyes, which were starting to tear up.

Newt came outside and grabbed Theseus by the shoulder before injecting something into his chest, to which his brother gasped and started coughing harshly towards the ground, "breathe this in, come on." Newt had something in his hand that was smoking light blue in Theseus' face, "it will stop the wheezing."

Theseus did as he was told and breathed it in, feeling his lungs expand, and his throat was starting to open back up, "thagks.." He sniffed and put a hand on his chest. 

Newt took Leta's place on the steps, sitting beside his ailing brother, "There are cats in the case... "

Theseus glanced at his brother through teary and swollen eyes, a small smile gracing his lips as he coughed into his fists, "Bichael cad do th'hah.." He lifted his arm up and ducked away from his brother, "HEAGH'sxch" 

Newt looked at his brother, brows furrowed, feeling really guilty, hand coming to gently rub his brother's back, "ok.." He felt his brother relax against his touch, "just you and Michael, and I want to be there." 

Theseus nodded, moving his hand out to Newt, "Deal.." 

Instead of taking his brother's hand, he laid his head down on his shoulder, " I'm sorry you're allergic to cats." 

It wasn't exactly an apology, but he'd take it, "be too." He sniffed and rubbed his nose.

"I'm sorry I made you sick." Newt conjured up a handkerchief, a peace offering.

Theseus took it and blew his swollen nose, coughing into the folds a bit, now sounding a bit less congested, "It's ok, you didn't know." He cleared his throat and kept the handkerchief to the underside of his nose, "tschiew.."He sighed, glad Newt didn't move his head from his shoulder, "sorry I didn't make my intentions clearer."

Newt shrugged, "I wasn't exactly listening." He sat back up, "come and get some tea." He stood up, then looked back at him, "I want to make sure your throat doesn't close up again."

Theseus could see the concern in his eyes and stood up, "sounds great." His breath hitched and he stifled into the folds, "HIh'ngsxcht."

"bless you." Newt rubbed his back again and lead him inside and to a chair by a window, "try to keep breathing."

"I'll do my best." He smiled at Newt's response, missing his brother's blunt attitude.


The following day, the ministry was shocked by how compliant Newt was being about his case being checked. Michael figured it had something to do with Theseus mysterious illness, as Newt seemed to flinch everytime he coughed. It didn't take that long, Michael and Theseus being a bit biased towards Newt's mission, and things actually went smoothly. Newt seemed to steer Theseus away from some enclosures, even making him wear his scarf to breathe into; Michael thought it was cute, and never asked. 

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Awww. Dear Newt, overreact much? Poor Theseus. (But, mmmm...) I like the way they make up though.

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Oh god, Theseus.. poor guy, I actually feel bad for him! And Newt, Jesus f. Christ, let your brother finish speaking before you mess him up completely!

Again, I absolutely loved this and I'm very very happy you share these amazing little things with us!!

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@AngelEyes When it comes to his creatures, he's a bit over-protective lol ;)  I'm so glad you liked it! thank you!

@HakunaMatata I felt bad for him while writing; lol even worse with this one. Newt's a bit impatient when it comes to Theseus and the ministry :P  Thank you!! I'm happy to share these with yall! ❤️ 


Warning: NO sneeze in this one, Just Whump, and Anaphylaxis

Title: Pears

Characters: Jacob, Newt, Michael (OC), Theseus (✔️), and a doctor


Newt and Jacob, whom he'd brought to give him a little taste of what the ministry was like in London, where he was welcome, as long as he was accompanied by a wizard; mostly for safety reasons, were in Theseus' office waiting for his 'visitor' pass to come in. Newt was sitting on Theseus' desk, staring down at his case as he waited, while Jacob was smiling and watching the paper doves fly in and lay documents on Theseus' desk.

"wow.." Jacob giggled and watched the files move around, jumping from one box to another and opening up to allow other documents to fly in, "that.. is so cool." 

Newt was amused by Jacob's reaction to things, liking his laugh, "you're very easily excited." 

"Hey, you would be too if you were a.." he made a face "watcha guys call me? No-Maj.. mag..mig.." 

"muggle."  Newt smiled behind his bangs, "just muggle." 

"muggle, right." he laughed again, "Things don't usually fly around like this. We gotta file this by hand." His eyes had a sparkle to them.

Michael came in first with his cup of coffee and smiled at them, "morning." he nodded at Jacob, "Mr. Kawalski, ya? Michael," He put out his hand, "It's nice to finally meet you." he looked at Newt, "he talks about you all the time. Well, you and.. Tina.." He winked at Newt, watching him blush.

"Jacob." He shook his hand then smiled at Newt, "aw, thanks, Buddy." He looked a little touched.

"Yes, well.." Newt looked away and fixed his coat, "This is my brother's partner.. and friend." 

Michael smiled warmly, "I served with Theseus, and known Newt since he was about 5." He took a picture off his desk of the three of them, right after they got home from the war, "I went to Hogwarts with Theseus, same year."

Jacob watched the moving picture with aw in his eyes, "Newt, this picture is moving!"

Newt was glad for the distraction, "He's still new to all this..." 

Michael nodded in understanding, putting the picture back, "Things are a bit different here than New York, I'm sure you noticed." 

Jacob huffed, "ya. Yous guys don't mind hanging around muggles. I don't get as many dirty looks around here." He still smiled, not really offended either way. 

"We find that muggles tend to be more accepting when they've fallen in love with a witch or wizard. They'll keep a secret for those they love. As long as you keep our secret, we have no problems. We marry muggles all the time." He shrugged and stood up straighter, "where is Theseus?"

As if on cue, the door opened, "sorry, The minister pulled me aside." He handed Michael a file, "We have another problem." He looked at Jacob, "Yes, Hello." He handed Jacob a sheet of paper, his whole demeanor seemed rushed and stressed but hidden behind a wall of a soldier,  "I'm sorry I can't tour you around, but we just recieved~"

"you're busy, I get it." Jacob nodded, "Catch up over dinner?" he looked at Newt, who was glaring at him slightly.

"Perhaps another time," Theseus gave a sympathetic smile, then turned to Michael, "there's been another breach." He quickly took a sip of his tea that was on the desk, before kissing Newt's forehead and rushing out, with Michael on his heels. 

Newt looked confused and sniffed the air, brows furrowed.

"you alright?" Jacob was giving him a half smile half confused face, "I know you're not a fan of... What are you doing?" He huffed and raised an eyebrow at Newt, who was now sniffing Theseus' teacup.

"What does this smell like?" He shoved it in Jacob's face, half startling him, "Umm... Bergamont, citrus.. is this earl grey?" The look on Newt's face told him to keep going, silently telling him it's correct "oh uh... honey?" he took the cup, assuming this was important to Newt, "I can't really put my finger on it, but something else.." He looked confused, "like apple.. or.." 

Newt took the tea back and sniffed it, "pear?" he almost looked panicked, hoping he was wrong.

"ya!" Jacob nodded.

Newt's face fell and he dropped the tea, the cup smashing and tea everywhere, before hopping over the desk and frantically looking through draws, "where is it!"

"Woah, Newt... what's wrong." Jacob was concerned after a reaction like that, "what are you looking for." 

"Theseus is highly allergic to pears." He started to look panicked.

"like.. shock, bad?" Jacob went over and started going through drawers too, "THis?" it was a black bag.

Newt grabbed it, "Yes!" and sprinted out of the room, Jacob on his heals, "THESEUS!"


The moment Theseus left the room, he started to feel a bit warm, "He wants us to check the records room again," he cleared his throat and started moving his tongue around his mouth, feeling odd. 

Michael glanced at him, then did a double take, "woah... " They were already halfway down the hall by now, "You're flushed.." He made Theseus stop walking and put a hand on his forehead, "do you have a fever?" 

Theseus coughed a bit off to the side, "I felt fine.. a minute.. ago." He started wheezing, not able to breathe. 

"Shit shit.." Michael caught him as he fell, Theseus clutching his throat, "NEWTON!" He yelled down the hall while holding Theseus upright.

Michael could see Newt running, holding the black bag, "THESEUS!"  

He slides down onto the floor, noticing how red and splotchy Theseus had become in such a short time. 

"he can't breathe." Michael tried not to sound as freaked out as he was, "He hasn't eaten anything.. how?" 

"The tea.. it had pears in it." Newt uncapped the pen and stabbed it into his thigh, "breathe, 'Seus.. breathe." 

"What?!" Michael looked furious, "how did.." he stopped when Theseus started coughing, medicine working, "You're ok.. just breathe." He helped Theseus sit up and let him lean against his chest. 

Theseus coughed into Michael's chest. A doctor came running in and began to check him, putting a mask over his face to help him breathe, "you're alright, son.." 

Michael looked at Newt, "find out how that happened. It has to be related to the breach." 

Newt eventually found out how pear got into his tea, the secretary had been duped, distracted by a man while another changed out the cups. She felt horrible about it, but they found the man, a Grindelwald supporter.

Theseus was out of the hospital wing within the hour, able to breathe, but his throat was sore and he couldn't speak very well. Red patches ran along his neck and chest, face pale and lips slightly swollen.  Michael had him laying down on the couch with a cold cloth on his eyes, hoping it would make him feel better.

Newt came in a few minutes later, volunteering to help with the case while his brother got some rest.

Theseus pipped up, "How did you know?" His voice was barely audible, but newt heard him.

"When you kissed me," Newt shrugged, "you smelled like pears." 

Theseus took off the cloth to look at him, confused, "what?"

Michael stood up and nodded at Jacob, knowing these two needed a minute to themselves. 

"I didn't even notice the pear taste in the tea, and you could.. smell.. it?" He coughed a bit into his fist, sitting up and turning towards him, wincing as his leg was a tad sore.

"I don't like pears.." Newt looked down, head turned slightly away from Theo, "I was 13.. when you found out." 

"Mom brought home pears, we'd never had them before." Theseus nodded.

"dad didn't like pears-"

"and when he left, mom made everything he hated." Theseus came closer, "You never liked pears after that."  He was starting to understand where this was going.

"You were ok.. then you just~" Newt shook his head, "you just fell, and your face went blue." 

"and that really scared you..." Theseus Knelled by his chair, "you could smell the pears, and it brought back that memory." When Newt nodded, he opened his arms and hugged his little brother, "you saved my life.

"stop needing saving." Newt hugged him back, gripping his shirt, "check your food." he sounded so small

"I promise." Theseus didn't know Newt was so scared from that reaction, having not thought about that day in years. He had an allergy, but it never really came up as pears were an easy thing to avoid, "everything's going to be ok.

Newt nodded and let go, still not a fan of hugs, but he did put a hand on Theseus's chest, feeling it rise and fall with each breath, "as long as you stay away from pears."

Theseus chuckled a bit, "ya, little one." Theseus ignored the face he got for using his childhood nickname, "as long as I stay away from pears." 


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Holy shit.. you won't let him catch a break, huh? That was really nice to read and your descriptions are amazing as always! I love the dynamic between them and how observant Newt is!

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@AngelEyesI know, I'm sorry. ❤️ 

@HakunaMatata Nope, never ;) Aw thank you so much! you'e too sweet! 

You Sneeze Like Your Brother

Characters: Theseus (first)/Leta, Newt (Second)/ Tina

This is going to be a 2 part thing, but it'll be all in one post. (2 stories, in one post)

No spoilers


It was early on a Saturday morning, a day when neither one of them needed to work and they could sleep in as late as they pleased, but Leta woke up anyway, body used to early rising. Theseus still seemed to be fast asleep, soft breathing through his mouth, arm wrapped around her hips lazily, fingers grazing her rear. His face looked so peaceful and soft, no facades or hardness to it that usually came with being an Auror. 

Propping herself up on her elbow, she gently traced a finger along his hairline, stopping just above his ear as she noticed him stir a bit, only continuing when he didn't wake up. She didn't want to wake him just yet, relieved to see him without stress or worry for once. Her nail gently traced his jaw, coming up to his lips when she reached his chin. She could feel his warm breath on her finger as she moved along his bottom lip. Tracing up to his cheekbone, she bit her lip, surprised at how smooth his skin was, and how sharp his cheekbone was. She loved his face, every freckle and worry line, especially the feel of his lips when he kissed her palm, always sending shivers down her spine.

Her train of thought was broken when she heard a faint sniff come from him and noticed his nose twitch a bit. She had to restrain herself from "aww" ing, knowing he was going to have the morning sniffles; no wonder he was breathing through his mouth. She looked around the room and saw his handkerchief on the nightstand. With a soft, "accio" she had the white cloth in her hands. her eyes crinkled with uncertainty, thinking this was probably a bad idea, not wanting him to get mad at her, but he was just too cute. She placed the cloth on the duvet, knowing he'd need it when he wakes, and slowly traced her finger along the bridge of his nose.

Theseus's eyelids started to flutter, even though they remained closed, and his nostrils began to flare as the tickle formed in his sensitive nose. His breathing came in short pants, as he geared up for the coming sneeze, "tsh-tsh-tsh-tsch-tsch-tsch-tsch-ktsch-ktsch..sxchiew..hih..scxchiew." The sneezes started out small and dainty, almost inaudible, then slowly became more aggressive and louder, but nothing compared to his normal sneezes. With the last sneeze, he slowly blinked his eyes open and rubbed his nose, "Hih'isxchiew..oh.. bless me." He sniffed wetly and gladly took the handkerchief from her, "sorry, did I get you?" 

"just a bit." She tried not to laugh, "that was so cute. Since when do you sneeze like that?" Her eyes were filled with amusement.

"I was asleep." he yawned a bit, "my body wasn't ready to be induced." he pulled her closer, "was I snoring?" he was trying to figure out what he did to deserve being tickled.

"No," she had an innocent smile, "I just woke up earlier and I didn't want to be alone." She bent down and kissed his lips lightly, "you were sniffling though." 

"uh.." he sighed and sniffed, "sorry, allergies try to kill me in the night." he buried his face in her chest, still sniffling.

"you're so sensitive." Leta teased. 

"i'm sorry for having allergies." He groaned into her chest, "ugh, now my nose is itchy." 

"well don't~ ew.." She giggled anyway, not as concerned as she tried to sound, "Don't wipe on me." 

"you started this," his shoulders tensed, "itsch..itsch..Yistchiew." His sniffling was becoming wet again.

"blow your nose." she handed him a handkerchief, kissing the top of his head fondly, "you sneeze like your brother when you're asleep." 

Theseus chuckled, "I never noticed." He blew his nose and sat up in bed, letting Leta lean against him, "never been awake to hear them."

"Sorry for waking you." She sounded genuinely sorry.

'It's ok. I'd rather be up with you anyway."  He looked down at her, "Shower?"

Leta looked up at him with a playful smirk, "Seeing as you sneezed on me, absolutely." 



Tina was woken up by a loud noise coming from the next room. In her sleep state, she couldn't place it, and half of her wanted to jump up and get her wand out. Instead, she just blearily opened her eyes, checked the clock, frowned at the time, and listened. Her frown deepened when she noticed it was the sound of coughs; wet and hacking coughs, coming from the kitchen. Her heart sunk as she noticed Newt, wasn't in bed, and she got out of bed, slipping on her slippers, and slowly walked out of the bedroom. Her eyes fell on her boyfriend in the kitchen, bent over with the force of the coughs, back to her. 

"Newt..?" Tina slowly got closer, "Newt, are you alright?" Her hand gently touched his back, brows furrowed in concern. She could feel how tense he was, and noticed he turned away from her, even more, when she tried to get in front of him, "Hey.. drink some water." she rubbed his back as she summoned a glass to him, "Breathe, Newt...you're alright." 

His coughs slowly died down after he took some sips of the water, body still turned away, "you really dod'd wadd do see be." (you really don't want to see me.) 

It took a second for her to understand what he was saying, "Are you sick?" Her hand moved to the back of his neck, checking to see if he was warm.

"do.." Newt took out his handkerchief and blew his nose wetly a few times, sounding less congested now, "By hayfever is really bad, Tida.. I cad barely breathe." He coughed again. 

"Oh, honey.." She finally got him to turn around, and her eyes widened a bit as she noticed his swollen eyes, all red and itchy looking, "sweet Mary Eastey." 

Newt looked embarrassed and turned away again, "Tida, go back to bed..." He rubbed his eyes.

"hey, no.." She took his hands and held them at his sides, "ok, how about you go back to bed, and I'll put a cold cloth on your eyes? did you take something?"

Newt nodded a bit, "It's not workigg." He sniffed and scrunched up his nose. 

"i'm sorry." she looked sympathetic, "I'll put that medicine you used last time on the cloth, will that help?" 

Newt nodded and sniffed, "it's on the dightstadd." (nightstand). 

"ok, come on." She grabbed his arm and helped him back, not letting him bump into anything, "anything e-"

"YIHschiew...hih..EHHSchiew." He ducked away from her, before coming back up with some wet sniffles, looking miserable.

She was slightly startled by the surprising loud interruption, "bless, wow." she bit her lip, "come on, lay down." 

Newt flopped onto the bed and put his arm over his eyes, "I'b sorry I woke you up." He coughed again, making her wince at how congested it was.

"I've never seen you this... allergic." 


"or this loud." She looked really surprised. 

"sorry." Newt's voice was starting to sound rough, "I rad out of by dorbal bedicide, had to use a substitute." (normal medicine) 

"does your throat hurt?" she didn't like how rough he sounded.

"y-hih...HAHschiew." he coughed a bit, "yes.."  he groaned and let his arm fall.

She felt so bad for him, pouting a bit as he looked at her, "poor baby..." She summoned the cloth and went to wet it and put the other medicine on it before coming back, "see if this helps?" 

Newt sighed with relief when it touched his eyes, moaning when it was fully on.

"I'll take that as 'it helps'" She couldn't help but giggle a bit.

"That feels abazigg."  (amazing)

Newt opened his arms up and Tina laid back down, deciding to cuddle him instead of the other way around, "nope, you're sick. come here." 

Newt blindly moved his hand along her torso so he knew where to lay down, burying his face in her chest.

Tina didn't mind the little bit of wetness from the cloth against her chest, "better?" 

Newt nodded and sniffed, wiggling his nose before sneezing again, "HEH'schiew..YIschiew." 

"bless you, sweetheart." she took a handkerchief and wiped his nose for him. 

"Thagk you." he cleared his throat wetly, "how does Theseus sdeeze like this?" 

"He sneezes like that?" Tina cocked her head, smiling a little.

"It's terrifyigg." Newt sniffed and rubbed his nose against her chest, "Wake up the deighbors."  (neighbors) 

"Aww, he can't be that loud." She rolled her eyes, but the noise Newt did made it seem like it was a possibility, "well, his throat is probably used to it. While yours is used to tiny kitten fits." 

"I sdeeze like a kitted?" He looked confused.

"Well, right now, you sneeze like your brother." She chuckled a bit when he groaned, "but yes, you do. You'd think Mr. big top Magizoologist, would know that." 

"I dod't pay attedtiod to by owd sdeezes." (I don't pay attention to my own sneezes) Newt reasoned.

"of course you don't." Tina said fondly before kissing his forehead. The paper came in, flown from the fireplace, and landed right next to her. "oh, would you look at that." She nudged Newt a bit, who just whined in question, and looked at the front page, "New record high for pollen count." 

"do Shit.."  Newt coughed.

"Newton!" She'd never heard him curse before, stifling some giggles.

"sorry, just dod't feel good." He sniffled and whined.

"it's ok." she laughed a bit, reading the newspaper at her side, while she gently rubbed his back "just get some rest. I've got you." 

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OMG. This is freaking Adorable!!! I'm finally getting to see the movie tomorrow night, and after reading your stories, I'm dying to meet Theseus!

3 hours ago, WolfsBane said:

"blow your nose." she handed him a handkerchief, kissing the top of his head fondly, "you sneeze like your brother when you're asleep." 

Theseus chuckled, "I never noticed." He blew his nose and sat up in bed, letting Leta lean against him, "never been awake to hear them."



3 hours ago, WolfsBane said:

"Well, right now, you sneeze like your brother." She chuckled a bit when he groaned, "but yes, you do. You'd think Mr. big top Magizoologist, would know that." 

"I dod't pay attedtiod to by owd sdeezes." (I don't pay attention to my own sneezes) Newt reasoned.

"of course you don't." Tina said fondly before kissing his forehead.


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Seriously though, that was the cutest thing ever!!! They're both so goddamn adorable!! 

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This is the best thread on this site. I’m refreshing it constantly. You are an incredible writer! Looking forward to more! Theseus is my new fav 

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As always: please comment anything you wanna read next! Prompts, Scenarios, which characters :P pairings, etc! I love you all! and thank you all so much for your wonderful comments! y'all keep me posting!


@HakunaMatata I LOVE YOU

On 12/9/2018 at 3:48 PM, Strong_and_Wild said:

This is the best thread on this site. I’m refreshing it constantly. You are an incredible writer! Looking forward to more! Theseus is my new fav 

I'M SOBBING STOP ITTTTTT! (don't 😜 ) I LOVE YOU! High key my fav too. :P thank you soooo much, you have no idea how much this means to me!

@Thatonestranger   Thank you so much!! Newt really is adorable, ain't he? 

Needless to say, this was ridiculously self indulgent..

Title: Baby It's Cold Outside

Characters: Theseus/ Leta . (or put your name in there instead ;) ) 


It was a blizzard outside, window howling, and the news had been warning people to not drive, fly, or leave the house for that matter. Leta had just made herself a nice cup of hot cocoa and was going to sit down by the fire, listening to the snow storm outside. Theseus and she had a rather large fight this morning and she had left him in a bit of a hurry. She hated leaving Theseus angry, making her feel a bit sad, especially since she couldn't apparate to his place with a storm like this.  Her thoughts were interrupted by some knocking on her door.

"Who...?" She quickly put her drink down and went to the door, opening it just in time to see Theseus get out from in his arm, having sneezed from the cold, "What on earth are you doing out in this weather!" she pulled him into the house and closed the door, turning on him, "are you trying to catch your death!"

Theseus shivered and wrapped his arms around himself, "I d-didn't like how..w'w'we'hih.." his eyes got unfocused and he ducked into his elbow again, "YeeSH" he sniffed and came back up, "left things.." 

"so you apprated here and gave yourself a cold, just so we could make up after a stupid little fight?" She helped him out of his coat and used magic to dry him, "Have you lost your mind?" 

"Absolutely." he sniffed and rubbed his nose, smiling a stupid little guilty smile that drove her nuts. 

"I wish I could hate you." she just pulled him in and kissed him, frowning at how cold his face was, "you need a hot shower, and you're staying here tonight." There was no room for argument in her tone.

"alright." Theseus's nose wiggled and he scrunched it up. 

"stop being so cute, I'm supposed to be mad at you."  Leta gave him a glare that fell flat when her lips twitched up in a smile. 

"I haven't done anything." he wiggled his nose again and half-stifled into his wrist, "hingt-schiiew." The way he stifled made it sound higher pitched and soft.

"you did that on purpose." Leta took his hand and pulled him towards her bedroom and the shower. At his confused face, "you don't normally sneeze like that, you're trying to be cute."

Theseus looked genuinely confused, " I'm honestly trying not to sneeze, but I'm really cold." he cleared his throat again and wiggled his nose again. 

"stop it!" she giggled and pulled him into the bathroom.

"I can't help it, it's itchy."  he pouted slightly and walked in with her, stepping into the hot shower and relaxing against the wall. 

"I can't believe you came out in the snow. You're like allergic to the cold." Leta stepped in with him and tried to warm him up.

"how can one be allergic to the cold?"  Theseus smiled a bit, brows furrowed. 

Leta stepped closer and put her arms around his neck, his hands on her hips, "the slightest windchill and your nose gets all pink, and you have these little tickly sneezes into your scarf. Not to mention you are ridiculously prone to colds. Never the flu, or fever, or stomach bug, always a cold when it's chilly out." 

"am I really that sneezy during winter?" he scrunched up his nose and blushed, "I never noticed." 

"That's because you worry about everyone else, except yourself." she half glared and tried to scrunch up her nose with a pout, "how do you even do that?" 

He laughed at her attempt and grinned, "I dunno." she reached up and poked his nose for laughing at her, "Ingkt-hiuh.." He sniffed after stifling against her wrist, since he had nowhere else to sneeze, "hey, no fair. I'm sensitive." 

"I know." she stood up on her tippy toes and kissed his lips, "it's adorable." 

"So you keep saying." he wrapped his arms a bit tighter around her and deepened the kiss, glad to finally be warm again, "i'm sorry for fighting." 

"What were we even fighting about?" Leta had a lopsided smile on her face, pressing her nose against his.

"I hih.. don't rem..member.." He sniffed and scrunched up his nose, "leta.." 

"Theseus?" Her smile turned wicked and she pushed his nose up a bit with hers, watching it twitch and wiggle.

Theseus hitched and sneezed against her shoulder, "itch!chew..hih..hih'kschiew..itch!schew." he sniffed and rubbed his nose along her shoulder, nuzzling her arm, "ugh, so itchy.." 

Leta giggled and kissed his neck, sucking and biting slightly, "is the steam helping or making it worse?" 

"your Eskimo kisses made it worse." He sniffed and moved his head to the side to give her more access, "but this is definitely helping." 

"Hmm." She smiled and moved down.

After thirty more minutes in the shower, They both got dressed and brought hot cocoa to a big chair by the fire, Leta sitting in Theseus' lap.

"warmer?" Leta twirled a strand of his hair between her fingers and looked down lovingly at him.

"significantly." his arms were wrapped around her, cups floating near them and marshmallow spiders jumping in. 

"I love you." Leta smiled down at him, watching his nose wiggle again, "you and your wiggly nose." 

Theseus chuckled and buried his face in her chest, "I love you too, and your obsession with my nose." 

"it's cute and you know it." she gently ran her finger down his nose.

"HIH..." his features scrunched up as he gave tiny little ticklish sneezes as her finger went down, "ksch-ksch-ksch-ksch-ksch-ksch..hih.." once her finger touched the ball of his nose he fully sneezed, "hiH'YIShschiew!" he sniffed and rubbed his nose, "ugh.." 

"Bless you, kitten." she blushed and smiled.

"itsschiew!" he sniffed again, "thank you." 

"did you just sneeze because I said..." she raised a brow, waiting to see if it was just a lingering itch from the fit. When he didn't seem to be itchy, "kitten?" he ducked into her chest with a silent sneeze, but she could feel his entire body spasm with it, "oh my god, you're kidding?" 

"Usually, this doesn't happen.."  Theseus blushed. 

"you're just really on the edge aren't you?" Leta looked so surprised, "Aww baby, you're really allergic to cold weather.." 

"so it seems." He sniffed, "once you said ...it... I just saw an image and the fur...ktsch!ue...merlin." He rubbed his nose.

"I had no idea you had so many allergies." She was trying so hard not to giggle, she was irrationally overjoyed by this.

"Three things aren't a lot.." He sniffed again.

"Four if you count Hayfever." She bit her lip, "pears, cold, hayfever.." she kissed his forehead in apology, "and cats."

right on cue: "hih'Yishchiew." 

"bless you." She will totally pay for this later, but she was having too much fun, "please don't hate me?" 

"never.." Theseus kissed her hand before burying himself in her chest. she was so warm.

""Seus?" He hmmed, in response, "cats." 


"little soft balls of tickly fur."










"pu~" she was cut off when he kissed her, nose a little wet from sneezing so much, but it was sweet none the less, "Sorry." 

"'s ok." he sniffled and wiggled his nose, "my throat's just starting to hurt." 

"Aww baby." she pouted and put a hand on his throat, checking for something, she didn't know.

"I'm ok," he sniffed again, "make it up to me?" 

"absolutely." she put a scarf around his neck and pulled him back up, and towards the bedroom, letting the door shut behind them. Needless to say, To cold didn't bother Theseus anymore. 

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16 hours ago, WolfsBane said:

That's because you worry about everyone else, except yourself." she half glared and tried to scrunch up her nose with a pout, "how do you even do that?" 

Girl. Ok first, amazing addition. I had that HC about Theseus sneezing when he heard the word ‘cat’ and seeing you write it made me screech 😂 

secondly, the quote above gave me a prompt idea: what if leta has a cold and Theseus is so caught up in taking care of her that he ignores his own illness and ends up way sicker than her? 

Anyway! Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to read more!!! I’ll keep refreshing 😘

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