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So... I was looking through the games section of another forum I go on every so often, and I found one that's really fun biggrin.png

The main point of the game is for someone to ask a question, and the next person gives a silly answer that may or may not have anything to do with the question, but the answer must be wrong. Then, after answering the first question, the person asks another question at the bottom of their post to be somewhat answered


Person 1: Why is the sky blue

Person 2: Because my cookies are burning

(skipping to bottom of person 2's post) If Bob has 2 apples and eats one, how many does he have left

And it goes so on...

So, let's begin, shall we?

Since there's no one exactly above me... I'll just ask a question to begin the game:

Why is it so difficult to find chocolate milk in the store?

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Because chocolate cows are an endangered species.

Why is there no ice cream in my freezer? O_O

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Caeser ate everything in your freezer. Afterwhich revealed himself to be a stripteaser. Quite the crowd pleaser, actually.

Why does nothing rhyme with orange? confused.gif

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Because the cookie-dough fell out the window. DUH!

Why are there no dinosaurs nowadays?

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Because they ran out of ginger ale.

Why are people afraid of thunder?

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Because I'll do anything for a friggin Klondike Bar!

Why is my cat obsessed with his raccoon?

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A bunch of chickens chasing a flock of Northern Gannets.

Why does the Robin sing?

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Under the bed with all the monsters, having a grand old time.

(That was not meant to sound as dirty as it does. Gulp.)

Why do evergreen needles go brown?

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The Pythagorean Theroem

Why is Facebook so addicting? >.<

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Because the squirrel in my backyard likes potatoes

Which cupcake flavor is better: chocolate or lemon?

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Macaroni and Cheese.

(I'm gonna start coming here for advice, guys. :D)

Why do Apple headphones ALWAYS BREAK??

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Cement Blocks

How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?

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Only one, but the lightbulb has to WANT to change.

What do the proclaimers proclaim?

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Because you dropped the pie when you were scuba diving. :P

Why am I sick again? :(

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