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This will be a pinned topic where you can add to the list and refference your sources. Such as wether you read it in text, on the internet or heard the star her/himself talk about it. If you can supply the link to anything on the net, it would be appreciated.

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Okay, here are a couple that I know of..

Tommy Stinson (current bass player with Guns N’ Roses and ex-Replacements) has hayfever as reported in Kerrang magazine when asked to name 10 things that make his blood boil


"I drove through Minneapolis coming back to LA from the Bahamas and it was terrible. Los Angeles is so dry and it has this really high pollen count. I guess it's not a problem you have in London. What's the worst thing there right now? Is it mould spores with all that rain? Seriously, I was kidding. I like the UK really."

Dizzy Reed (keyboard player in Guns N’ Roses) is reportedly allergic to cats according to his wife. She posts on a Dizzy messageboard and commented about Dizzy’s cat allergy in one of the pet threads.

Trent Reznor apparently has a million and one allergies to his name.

Trent is waiting for a cortisone shot form a doctor. (As a child he had bad allergies-cats and dust and ragweed and grass and corn-and his ears were all messed up. His doctor put tubes in Trent's ears to equalize the pressure, and when Trent went swimming at the Mercer public pool he had to wear a tan bathing cap. "That was the source of much childhood trauma," he recalls.) Today, Trent has a deep red rash running all the way up his right arm. It's on his legs too. He thinks it might have been the hotel sheets in New York. A slightly dippy girl on the other side of the dressing room says, "Maybe you're allergic to me." Trent doesn't look impressed.

Jon Bon Jovi apparently has hayfever. I remember reading this in a magazine many years ago (possibly around 1993ish when I was a huge fan) and they commented that he had to go get a cortisone shot before a concert in England. I googled it and found this

The gig was in an open field with flat fields all around. Bit concerned that the field of rape right next to the stage wouldn't do Jon's hayfever any favours.

And this

During spring he has allergies and hay fever.

Jack Ryder who acted Jamie Mitchell in Eastenders, and maybe can't really be described as a celebrity, has hayfever. There was a photo of him a few months back in Heat magazine taken by a fan and he had cucumber on his eyes in a night club because, the fan said, he was sneezing so much from allergies.

*sinks into a pleasure coma* :P

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Debra Messing, flowers dust and strong smells. I read this in an internet article which I lost the link to and also heard a refference to it on an entertainment show. There is also this mention in a Bed Bath And Beyond article. Click here to hear Debra talk about her allergies.

Kate Winslet, hayfever. Found a refference on this fan site.

Britney Spears, lillies. Read it in a print article which claimed Pink knowing of Britney's allergies sent her a bouquet of lillies when they were feuding.

Sandra Bullock, horses. Refferenced in this on line blurb.

Marisa Tomei, hayfever. It was once sited by a visitor here that he had a connection, family or somewhat to her and mentioned that she had terrible hayfever and the sneezes in "The Paper" were real.

Drew Barrymore, perfume. Found it here on this movie buff website.

Cameron Diaz, flowers, hayfever. A mention was made here on the forum. No refference was given as to how the person verified the information.

Steffi Graf, hayfever. Mentioned in several web articles.

Gillian Anderson, cats. Mentioned in a print article in TV Guide where there was an X-Files episode in which she had to work with one. She also talks about it here.

Kate Lawler, hayfever. Many sneeze scenes and mentions in her stint on Big Brother UK.

Trista Rhen, hayfever, horses. Mentioned it in this web interview. Also a mention from this entertainment site.

Alicia Silverstone, cats. Mentioned in this AOL live chat.

Debra Winger, hayfever. This one is unconfirmed but there is random sneezing in these films that were not part of the story line and are not explained. "Betrayed", "Terms Of Endearment" and "Forget Paris."

Joan Lunden, hayfever. She's a spokes person for Claritin.

Tonya Harding. Mentioned several times in different articles and interviews that her allergies were driving her crazy at the Olympis when she recieved flowers.

Jodie Foster, hayfever. She makes mention of it in this interview.

Brad Pitt, dogs. Found here in this on line snippett.

Catherine Hicks, cats. Heavy Metal made a refference here.

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Just a couple that I know of, and one that heard a rumor of.

The one that I know of is Dominic Monaghan (of Lord of the Rings and now ABC's "Lost" fame). He mentions it in the commentaries for each of the first two Lord of the Rings movies. Here is a link which contains the written out commentary of the Fellowship of the Ring. I haven't been able to find anything for Two Towers, but if you have the extended DVD, listen to the cast commentary for the scene near the beginning of the movie when Merry and Pippin are being carried off by the Uruk Hai.

One that is only a rumor is I have heard that Orlando Bloom has hayfever. Unfortunately I don't have a link for this one. I did read it on a website one time, but that site no longer exists. :P But I do have a link to a picture of Orlando as Legolas where his nose is a bit pinkish. :nosad:

One more that I know of is the Backstreet Boys Nick Carter. I have seen several links with this info including this one and this one. I'm not really a fan of his, but someone else might find it interesting. :nosad:

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Tiger Woods. Apparently allergic to the whole outdoors. This is one of a few articles where it was mentioned in how it affects his game.

Leah Remi. She sneezed twice on a VH1 show documenting her pregnancy and made quick mention of her pregnancy making her allergies worse. There are clips in Celluloid Sneezing. There is also a quick mention by her in this web interview by Stuff magazine.

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Tori Spelling, cats. Found this article saying "...cats were never part of the Spelling home because of severe allergies suffered by Tori and her mom..."

Ty Pennington of Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has allergies. Found

this article and also this one saying that he is a spokesman for Claritan and has allergies, but the articles don't specify to what.

James Cromwell, cats. Found article at The Pet Press

Eric Balfour, cats. In another article from The Pet Press , Eric says that he used to be allergic to dogs but isn't anymore, although he is still allergic to cats.

Mario López, cats. This article says that he "immediately started itching, sneezing and coughing" when a cat pounced on his shoulder.

I don't want to just copy other people's posts, so I will just add this link to a thread on this forum from a while ago where other celebrity allergies were mentioned.

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Didn't I read somewhere that Jane Seymour (dr. Quinn) is allergic to some kind of pollen? Or did I dream that up too? :drool:

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A great idea ! I have been putting away snippets of information for years about celebrities with hayfever. I'll put it into alphabetical order and post. And the great thing is, that in spite of already having a scrap book full of references, about half those just posted are new to me.

In the meantime, perhaps not eveyone knows that there is a scrapbook on sportsmen (and some women) with hayfever on the Males4males sneezing site :


It is ordered by sport, so doesnt have general things, such as a discovery I recently made :

"Coe, Sebastian, English long distance runner of the 1970’s “ Seb was a continual sufferer with hay fever”

www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtml?xml=/ sport/2002/03/21/soski222.xml

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Andy Richter, mold, trees and grass. He mentions it in this AOL live chat.

Howard Stern, dogs. Howard talks about it during his show. A fan site has a transcript.

Beyonce', perfume. It's mentioned in this on-line bio.

Lindsay Lohan, cats. She mentions in an on-line interview that she didn't like working with a cheetah because she was scared and allergic.She mentions her allergies again here.

Joe Lando, grass pollen and horses. It was mentioned in this Canadian magazine article.

Christopher Reeve, horses. Mentioned on his home page.

Alan Jackson, hay. Mentioned on CMT's website that he put bales of hay on one of his sets even though he's allergic to it.

Lee Ann Womack, allergies. While talking to CMT about recording her album in California, she mentions it was tough for her at times being there because of allergies. Pollen and hayfever would be implied here.

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Brittany Murphy, feathered down. She mentioned it in this article about moving into fellow allergic Brittney Spears old house.

Maile from Edens Crush, perfume. She mentioned in in a live chat on Yahoo's Launch.

Tom Cruise, cats. As reported by the National Enquier.

Bernadette Peters, dogs. Yorkies were specificially made refference to in this Playbill article.

Celine Dion, smoke and "other products." Her husband describing her nose as blocked and the reason she had to cancel a few shows.

Alanis Morrisette, cats and scented things. The refference was made on this fan page and in a few other articles.

Tina Arena, lillies. She makes mention of it on a live chat hosted by Sony records to promote her new album. Another interesting mention is that Natalie Imbruglia, is allegedly a rival of Tina's. This is why Natalie named her new album White Lillie Island.

Clint Eastwood, horses. I found this refference on a triva page.

Rachel Sterling, cats. Mentioned on this bio page.

Mariska Hargitay, cats. Mentioned in the trivia section on a web page about her.

Sara Rue, cats and dogs. This on line biography mentions she's allergic to her four animals. Another page mentions she has two dogs and two cats.

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This is the list of celebrities I have record of having allergies (hayfever, anything sneezy!), except sportsmen, which are found here :


There is some repetition of what has already been posted, as I haven’t had time to prune appropriately, so I apologize for that. Apologies are also due since I have not checked all the URL’s – these worked at the time, but some must be obsolete. In general, I have a copy of what was actually said or written, so I can probably supply the odd juicy detail.

Adams, Bryan, Winter 1997 Bryan Adams has been rocking the music scene for nearly fifteen years. When I was in France last year I had a bit of hayfever because the pollen was out

Arm, Mark Mark Arm (Mudhoney) Mark Arm has allergies. Sitting on the dining room table of Arm's modest Seattle home, among stacks of books and CDs of Mudhoney's new album, Tomorrow Hit Today, are several bottles of prescription allergy medication. They all bear Arm's real last name, which surprises me less than the fact that he takes the same medication that I do. Arm is allergic to grasses and molds; I am allergic to grasses, molds and the allergen that is contained in the saliva of pets. In the few minutes I have been sitting here, Arm's dog has virtually painted my leg with saliva. I'm worried that if the dog doesn't stop using me as a salt lick, I'll have to steal some of Mark Arm's expensive medication

Mark Arm of Mudhoney- http://www.unofficial-mudhoney.com/press/980923.htm

Bayley, Blaze Iron Maiden - Heavy metallers Iron Maiden were forced to cancel three gigs in California earlier this week after singer Blaze Bayley succumbed to a nasty bout of hay fever! As the band travelled through the desert on their way to the west coast, the unfortunate Blaze allegedly suffered an allergic reaction to the local cacti (not a problem back home in Tamworth, we believe!), which was severe enough to keep him from performing. The band have apologised to fans hoping to catch them on this summer's Metal Mania tour, and have already rescheduled their LA date for early next month.


Bocelli, Andrea, Italian singer

I am allowed to remind that I always liked to ride horses and yet I suffered from hay-fever. http://bocelli.net/TVI_0397_Stern_page4.htm

Bon Jovi, Jon

9th July 2000 issue of the British 'Now' magazine has a spread on Party in the Park, there are no pics of BJ, but the article mentionw the guys. "American rocker Jon Bon Jovi said he was delighted by the rain. 'I get terrible hay fever, so this has got rid of the pollen. I always hope it'll rain when we play. Otherwise, I have to take lots of medicine and try to cover my streaming eyes with dark shades. This is perfect Bon Jovi weather'. http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Club/2188/news.htm

Voodoo, Hocus Pocus into the lot! Jon Bon Jovi told me: " I’d eat dog s**t if someone could prove to me that it would cure my hay fever! 1999


Jon, 38, said: "When you are about to play in a huge grass field and you have allergies, what do you do? "I have been in pollen hell. I'd take anything you gave me to beat it. "I've tried acupuncture, steroid shots, all the drugs you can buy, chiropractors and voodoo. < http://www.megastar.co.uk/archive/today/fe...0821z_jovi.html

Bourne, James Elliot, British singer 'Hay Fever Changed My Life' – interview, with many details about this singer’s terrible hayfever http://groups.msn.com/bestbustedsiteeva/jameshayfever.msnw

Buchanan, Paul, Scottish musician (The Blue Nile)

Paul Buchanan sniffing his way through a bout of hay fever exacerbated by our stroll through Kelvinside’s botanic gardens http://www.psiron.demon.co.uk/press_cuttin..._contenders.htm

Clooney, George (I think George better stop working with animals. He says he paid for the cow that blew up in Three Kings & I recall reading somewhere that he's allergic to cats & sneezed on the cat from One Fine day…. http://tazmania.topcities.com/funnystory.html

Fans of George Clooney should look at George Clooney world. Here someone has put up what is mouthwateringly entitled:A sneezing fit<br>http://www.fortunecity.com/skyscraper/copland/1915/id243.htm George Clooney world. A sneezing fit

Colley, Joe Crawl Unit has hayfever

What follows is an edited version of my travel journal from the Scot Jenerik/Crawl Unit 1996 US tour. Joe Colley and I performed 23 shows from September 26th through November 2nd, coast to coast. Trying to call Daryll Hell for info but no answer, just as well since some guy is blasting his lawn mower right outside the window. Starting to feel the hayfever that I've never had come on. Joe has it bad, needed some medical. http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/2305/traveljournal.html

Cruise, Tom, American actor Tom Cruise is allergic to pussycats! That's why honey Penelope Cruz gave her kitties to her makeup artist when she moved in with Tom. (Gesundheit!) http://www1.excite.com/home/entertainment/...2_19965,00.html

Darke, Ian, British TV presenter “ Ian Darke couldn't pat his horse Protagonist when

it won at Kempton - because an allergy gives him sneezing fits ” www.sundaymirror.co.uk/homepage/news/index.cfm - 79k

Davies, Jason, British painter/singer 1985 Radioactive sparrow

The live recordings still demonstrate the band's inability to handle total improvisation in a public concert, though Davies' paean to hayfever, while suffering from it horribly, is impressive. http://www.kakutopia.btinternet.co.uk/RS1985.html

Doyle, Josh, Josh was suffering with Hayfever and kept producing disturbing amounts of flem and sneezing throughout the interview DUM DUMS are Josh Doyle (vocals, guitars)


Unofficial site http://www.everythingdumdums.co.uk/

Estes, Simon Opera singer Simon Estes is performing again following a bout with hay fever Estes was forced to step off stage last week for the first time in 33 years when his bass-baritone voice cracked during a concert in Iowa City. An allergic reaction to ragweed was blamed for his voice problems.


Finnen, Chris, Australian musician : lyric praises & damns Adelaide's spring from a hay-fever-sufferer's perspective)

Furuholmen, Magne, singer in Aha boys band e 01/11/1962 à Oslo (Norvège)

: http://magne-f.aha-fr.com

Geissen, Oliver, German TV star


Grant, Hugh British actor : hayfever


Grissom, Gus

Detailed Biographies of Apollo I Crew - Gus Grissom

Grissom was nearly disqualified when doctors d that he suffered from hay fever. Without missing a beat, Grissom informed them that his allergies would not be a problem because "there won't be any ragweed pollen in space". (14) Since no one could argue that point, they passed him on to the next series of tests.


Hannon, Neil Neil Hannon He's a sneezy lover

THE DIVINE COMEDY's new single 'The Pop Singer's Fear Of The Pollen Count' is released on August 9, the first to be taken from their forthcoming album 'A Secret History...The Best Of The Divine Comedy', although the original was on the DC's debut album 'Liberation' http://www.nme.com/newsdesk/19990516140454news.html

Harket, Morten, Aha Norwegian boys band

14/09/1959: http://mortenharket.aha-fr.com

Hayes, Darren "what does darren think about cats ? Darren Hayes: I'm TOTALLY allergic to them.. but they're kind of cool aren't they? I'll never really know as I can't even be in the same room without exploding into a fit of sneezes www.darrenhayesmusic.com/live_chat.php

HOFFMAN: I had hayfever, and you don't want to go to Napa Valley in the springtime. I didn't know it was the hayfever hell capital of the world. I had to have steroids finally. http://www.boxoff.com/feb98story1.html

Jones, Gareth, Welsh pop musician Tetra SplendourGareth Jones gets hay fever really bad in the summer - it just kills him.

Laner, Brad, American singer, group Amnesia NYQUIL MAN: or An Explication of the Album's Seemingly Nonsensical Title "I'm a Nyquil man. I'm extremely allergenic, almost anything makes me sneeze, and Nyquil, if taken at night, will not only konk me out but will dry me out for days. So it's always been a central thing in my life http://imusic.artistdirect.com/showcase/indie/amnesia.html

Lück, Ingolf, German TV presenter

Explains that he is allergic to horses: Da wußte ich, daß ich gegen Pferde allergisch bin. .. www.fan-news.de/a_ingolf.htm - 19k

If anyone even looks like a horse, it makes him sneeze !'Ich bin furchtbar allergisch. Besonders Pferde sind ganz schlimm. Wenn ich nur eins sehe oder jemand aussieht wie ein Pferd, muß ich schon niesen!' www.dietmar-roedl.de/zitate/schmidt3.htm

McConachie, Niall, British singer, Hay fever sufferer dreading the pollen season as he has just undergone surgery http://www.thisislancashire.co.uk/archive/.../NEWS3-2VQ.html

O’Connell, Jerry American TV actor “I'm allergic [to cats] . I start sneezing like crazy….” http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Se...iders/usfc.html

Oldman, Gary, British actor

While in England I saw an oblique reference to Gary Oldman http://www.magdeburg-online.de/movies/star...an_gary/in1.jpg as having hayfever, and looked on the web. This is what I found : “ Like anyone going through a traumatic period, Oldman found solace in work. 'It's Doctor Theatre, isn't it. You can have hay fever and go on stage to play Hamlet and you won't sneeze once. The moment you come offstage you start sneezing again. It's the same with emotion. You forget everything else, and just act.'


Slusarenko Chris, Portland musician "I've had allergies since I was a baby … My vision's impaired, my thinking's impaired, I'm sneezing 20 times in a row …


Waaktaar-Savoy, Paal, 06/09/1961 Norwegian band member Aha - also Morten and Magne –all three sneeze in innumerable takes of the introduction to the ‘Take on me’ video. Warner brothers in the USA were amazed when they saw it – they had never seen so many sneezes!


Woore, Colin, British guitarist Yes, apart from the fact that Ferg was quite ill and so couldn't be there for the first few days, and Steve and I were suffering badly from hay fever in the middle of the Welsh countryside at Rockfield Studios in the middle of June. http://www.btinternet.com/~europeans/wooint.htm

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Bill and Hilary Clinton, cats. Found a refference on a Chelsea Clinton tivia page. There was another mention in this PDF document.

Adam Gaynor, dogs. Found it on a background information page on the band.

Jonathan Silverman, cats. A refference was made to it on an episode guide.

Alison Sweeny, cats. Found on a fascinating facts page about the soap opera she's on.

Esta Terblanche, cats. Mentions it in Soap Opera Digest.

J.K. Rowlings, cats. Makes a refference to her allergy in a live on-line chat.

Breckin Meyer, cats. He mentions it in an interview about his movie "Garfield."

Billy Zane, cats. According to Celebritywonder.com.

Jewel, smoke. There's a mention on this celebrity fan page.

Melissa Archer, cats. Mention on another soap opera trivia page.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, cats and hayfever. There was a refference made to in on this fan page and on this Buffy forum. The hayfever mention was spotted here.

Natalie Merchant, ciggarette smoke. According to Music Express Magazine.

Robert Iler, cats. It was on his IMDb triva information.

Hayden Panettiere, cats. Mention in this on-line interview.

Ian Gomez, cats. A refference was made on this entertainment page.

Kathy Lee Gifford, flowers. It's been mentioned here that she has talked about her allergies on her old TV show Regis and Kathy Lee.

Mandy Moore, smoke. This page mentions it and she herself mentioned it in an on-line interview.

Ethel Merman, flowers. There was this refference on this performers website.

Anna Kournikova, flowers. On her official message board there is a thread that makes refference to it.

Shanai Twain, nothing specificly mentioned. On this fan page the webmaster writes that while making the "You're Still The One" video: "Shania's eyes were very watery during this shoot because of her allergies but in some shots in the video she actually liked how the effect looked and so she let those shots remain in the video. You'll notice at some places, that she has little water drops at the corners of her eyes. That's because of the allergy!"

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Erin Daniel, cats. She mentioned it herself in this on line chat.

Rosario Dawson, cats. She mentioned it herself in an on line interview.

Morgan Webb, cats. She lists it on her bio on Playboy.com.

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Sigourney Weaver, cats. I read it on a site where you could buy the "Alien quadrology" or whatever they call it. There's apparently some extra material that is about the problems in making the film. "Weaver's allergies to cats" was one of them. :hug:

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Here is the Sigourney Weaver link.

Here is another mention of Debra Messings allergies and how she prepared for her outdoor wedding.

Karen Pickering, hayfever. She mentioned it in an on line question and answer session.

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Simon and Garfunkel - both of them !

OK, it is a bit late in the piece for this, but who knows? there may be some sneezes in an old concert recording

"One of the few things that Art and Paul have in common nowadays is that they both suffer from hay fever, so the park's grass has had to be temporarily removed and replaced with astro-turf. "


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