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At 3:18 someone sneezes off-camera, I think it might be Lizzy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc4CQjnwyfM

Rhett and Link answer questions about being sick :) It includes a rap about being sick (with coughing/beat-boxing) and both R&L using neti pots, which is really amusing: https://www.vessel.com/videos/VNyiMXiK8 (this one is on vessel, so it'll be on youtube tomorrow)

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I stumbled upon some really old videos from 2008 where Link is sick!


In the video on the bottom, Link is sick and he coughs and sniffles a lot. Rhett also sneezes at about 8:25 and says that Link made him sick. Link also leaves to blow his nose at 14:55


No sneezing in this one, but Rhett and Link both cough regularly and talk about how sick Link was near the beginning. It's an hour long, so it might not be worth it to watch unless you're super obsessed with them, like me =)


This video is also an hour long and I didn't watch the whole thing yet, but Link talks about how he got sick at the Sundance festival and he coughs a bit.

Oh my gosh I totally thought these were gone forever when R&L updated their website, but the videos are also on ustream!! :D

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/185276 -- 3

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/185939 -- 1

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/202920 -- 2

I put the links in chronological order. The numbers on the right correspond to the order in which pkmnfan posted them (i.e. the first link in my post is the the third link in pkmnfan's post).

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Haha, I figured someone would beat me to it--

Chase! What a cutie. And pretty sneezy, as these things go. :exhappysmiley: The idea of him trying desperately to hold in the sneeze for "a minute... it was a good minute"... mmm. Hopefully the next one will be on camera, but hey, we always have that amazing Good Mythical More.

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So I thought Link sounded kinda stuffy in tomorrow's episode of GMM (on Vessel): https://www.vessel.com/videos/NtVtkVOTy (throughout)

And then in GMMore, they talk about Link's COLD :D -- https://www.vessel.com/videos/GTwT9rjHN

5:01 Rhett tells Link about clearing up his cold, 5:26 Link sniffles and says his nose is running and then blows his nose, 6:04 more talk about his cold

15:55 Link gets a tickle in his throat and coughs (it was pretty cute, and I know some people are into coughing, as am I :D)

GUYS THIS IS INSANE! Both Rhett and Link got sick pretty recently...and now they're sick AGAIN. Merry Christmas to me XD

I'll post the youtube links tomorrow (unless Musical_Dork beats me to it lol)

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Ohhh thank you! I've seen the Rhett one, but I was hoping for a Jen sneeze on camera, she's adorable. :D Love the buildups!

Let us know if there's any others we've missed! ;)

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No sneezes, but Rhett is SUPER sniffly in the latest GMM: Weirdest Animal Jobs (heads up: there be giant snakes *on people,* if that's not your thing). Very sniffly in the first half, slightly less so in the second; has that just-barely-off resonance and you-can-hear-the-pull-of-every-inhale thing going on throughout; tissues at his elbow, just off screen (but he'd rather sniff and snort, apparently); coughing/throat-clearing; kinda washed out... you can bet I'm gonna be watching tomorrow's GMM verrry closely. 

ETA: GMMore = more of the same. :exhappysmiley:

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I noticed that! He must have such a low immune system, he seems to get colds ALL the time. (Sadly colds/sniffing do nothing for me...)

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On 21/12/2015 at 7:40 AM, Midnight said:

GUYS THIS IS INSANE! Both Rhett and Link got sick pretty recently...and now they're sick AGAIN. Merry Christmas to me XD

And now Rhett is sick AGAIN a few months later! Wow, his immune system must be terrible. 

In yesterday's GMMore starting around 2:10, Rhett talks about how he's been sick, and how he thought Link might catch it.

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On 3/8/2016 at 0:33 PM, Musical_Dork said:

In yesterday's GMMore starting around 2:10, Rhett talks about how he's been sick, and how he thought Link might catch it.

And also at 5:48 Link rubs at his nose and then wipes it with some toilet paper lol

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In a recent GMMore, one of the crew members sneezes off-camera, idk who it is is though.

Toy Stuck in Dog for 7 Years (sneeze at 10:39)


ALSO... Link sounds congested in GMM: Testing Instant Beauty Products, as well as in the GMMore for the episode. Maybe he's getting sick??? *super hopeful*


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Well, I don't know if you guys saw the discussion from today that mentions this, but just in case, Link sneezes three times in a row in today's GMMore! Here's the link. It's at 2:09. Enjoy! 


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